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Date and venue

14th  March 2014 – Cotswold Wildlife Park, Burford. Oxfordshire 

The RZSS Academy has arranged a one day specialist course on incubation designed to cover the essentials of incubation. This is suitable for bird keepers in zoological collections, or enthusiasts seeking to understand the process, first timers or individuals wishing to do refresher training to update knowledge and skills.

The content will include the following areas including practical aspects where appropriate:

 Egg & embryological development
 Selection of eggs for incubation
 Essentials of incubation: setting eggs, temperature & humidity regulation
 Hatching
 Recording systems types and suitable location of incubators
 Measurement of eggs
 Candling
 Sterilisation
 Setting
 Hatching
 Post incubation rearing


Duncan Bolton
Duncan has extensive knowledge of the husbandry and management of many avian species from his career within the ‘zoo world’. Formerly senior curator at Bristol Zoo Gardens, he is now curator at Birdworld. During his career, Duncan has supervised breeding programmes for endangered species, liaised with academics and researchers in developing the technology of incubation and recording systems. He is well known in BIAZA and EAZA as an avian specialist.

Laura Gardner
Laura has had extensive experience as an aviculturist. Having grown up in Jersey she spent the majority of her school holidays volunteering at Jersey Zoo (now the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust). In 1988, Laura started working at Birdworld in Farnham where she gained experience in the incubation and rearing room eventually moving onto ratites and penguins. She then assumed curatorial responsibility for the specialist avian collection that was held at Leeds Castle in Kent until its dispersal in April 2012. Since then Laura has been
employed at ZSL with responsibility at both ZSL London and ZSL Whipsnade Zoo. She has a particular interest in softbill species such as turacos and toucans.

Cost of course
The fee is £132 (incl. VAT) for the day which includes refreshments throughout the day and course notes. An early discount of £120 (incl. VAT) exists for bookings confirmed before 23rd January 2014.

Booking places
To reserve a place on this course please contact Daniela Bennett, at RZSS on 0131-314 0315 or

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