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My wife gave birth to a tortoise, man claims

My wife gave birth to a tortoise, man claims

Note: Ridiculous of course....but not the first time this has been claimed recently

The husband said doctors told them the foetus was not human.
A man, Emmanuel Abari, on Tuesday claimed that his wife, Catherine Emmanuel-Abari, gave birth to a tortoise in her Angwan Tiv II residence in Agyaragu town, headquarters of Jenkwe Development Area of Nasarawa State.
Mr. Abari said his wife gave birth to a “tortoise” around 12 a.m. on Saturday but the creature died shortly after 5 a.m.
“I was shocked, and then I shouted, which attracted other people. It took me a while before I called my elder brother who arrived the scene later to also contemplate our fate,” he said.
Mr. Abari said that his wife got pregnant sometime in March and started experiencing problems with the pregnancy during the fourth month.
“We noticed that, at about the fourth or fifth month, the pregnancy stopped growing and that was when I took her to a hospital,” he said.
He said he took her thrice to a hospital in Agyaragu, the Zhe Mighili Hospital, where doctors checked his wife, confirming she was indeed pregnant. However, on the third and final visit to the hospital, they were referred to another hospital in Lafia, the Sauki Hospital, located along Abuja Street.
It was there, Mr. Abari narrated, that doctors revealed that what Mrs. Abari was carrying in her belly wasn’t human.
He said on returning home to Agyaragu, he immediately summoned his elder brother to jointly discuss the matter. It was decided that they would consult a native doctor.
“The man checked her and promised us that he would do his best. She remained there for close to a week and when I visited, I saw some signs because she had already started bleeding”, he said.
Mr. Abari said that days after visiting the native doctor, his wife’s bleeding ceased and the oracle had to administer further medication. On a Thursday, nearly one week after she was taken to the native doctor, the wife went into labour and eventually delivered between 12 and 1 a.m. on Saturday morning.
Mr. Abari said they had, however, buried the tortoise.
No medical personnel could independently confirm the husband’s claim.

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