Sunday, October 6, 2013

Keeper Error Strikes Again

Keeper Error Strikes Again

I have lost count of the number of keepers who have been killed or injured by Big Cats during 2013. It is a lot. Though entering an enclosure with a big cat is always 'an accident waiting to happen' so too is letting your attention waver or misjudging a situation from the outside of a cage.

The latest victim of keeper error was a female employee of the Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Park (G.W. Exotic Animal Park) which is owned by Joe Schreibvogel....the infamous 'Joe Exotic' who keeps and breeds Ligers and White Tigers. The collection has a very bad reputation.

The 20+ year old keeper had apparently placed her arm into the cage to work on a lock on a divider and was unable to extract it fast enough before she was grabbed by the tiger. Her arm was very badly mauled but it appears at this stage not to be permanently damaged. Details are scant. Some newsline headers have suggested her arm was ripped off whilst others say her arm was still attached and she was able to move her fingers.

Internet photographs suggest that staff at the collection do enter enclosures with some of the big cats and the owner, Joe Exotic is a mega poseur. G.W. Exotic Animal Park does nothing for conservation and earns part of its income breeding and selling tiger cubs to other second rate zoos.

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