Friday, October 25, 2013

Asia for Animals (AFA) Conference

ACRES is delighted to announce that the Asia for Animals (AFA) Conference, the largest, most representative Asian animal welfare conference will be held in Singapore from 13th – 17th January 2014.

This dynamic conference is a platform for animal welfare experts, members of the public and government officials to consolidate and share experiences, with an eye to developing new strategies and facilitating long-term change.

To be held at the Furama RiverFront Hotel ( ), the theme of AFA 2014 is “Confronting Cruelty”.

There has undoubtedly been great progress in the animal protection movement in Asia in recent years, but there are still so many on-going and pressing animal protection issues, and challenges faced by all of us who are trying to address these issues. Many issues boil down to simple cruelty towards animals. By confronting this cruelty head-on, we can move the animal protection forward further, and relieve the suffering of countless animals.


There will be 12 presentations on “Campaigning for Change”. These sessions will explore effective campaign strategies by hearing from groups with campaigning experience and seek to inspire all groups helping animals to focus more on campaign work.


Apart from the presentations, workshops will be incorporated into the programme. The workshops will be conducted to actively involve all participants, bringing about the sharing of ideas and the discussion of methods solutions, in the anticipation of all animal protection bodies coming together to create a better future for all animals worldwide.

The following workshops will be conducted:

·         Advertising, Media and Social Media and Effective Campaign Strategies.
·         Alternatives to Animal Testing in Education.
·         Disaster Relief Management.
·         Farm Animal Welfare.
·         Fundraising.
·         Human-Wildlife Conflict.
·         Humane Companion Animal Management.
·         Humane Education.
·         Providing Optimal Veterinary Care.
·         Running Wildlife Rescue Centres.
·         Traditional Animal Sacrifices.
·         Volunteer Outreach.


At AFA 2014, we will have a whole day of the conference dedicated to forming Working Groups on some of the most pressing issues, so that collaborations can be forged and long-term solutions can be developed. The Working Groups will draft strategy documents to tackle the following animal cruelty issues:

·         Animal Testing.
·         Animals in Entertainment.
·         Cetaceans in Captivity.
·         Dog and Cat Meat Trade.
·         Stray Dogs Management.
·         Wildlife Trade.

More details will be available on the website which will be launched shortly.

We look forward to welcoming you to the AFA Conference 2014!

Yours sincerely,
Louis Ng (MSc)
Founder and Chief Executive

91 Jalan Lekar
Singapore 698917
(O): +65 6892 9821
(F): +65 6892 9721

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