Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Just Where Are Zoos Going?

Just Where Are Zoos Going?

I am all in favor of training zoo animals. It occupies their minds, it exercises their body and makes shifting and medical procedures so much easier. To my way of looking at it all good Zoo Keepers are Trainers and all good Trainers are Zoo Keepers. It is all about animal husbandry and complete care. Good training has the extra benefit of interesting the public and gives the opportunity to educate visitors. It is Edutainment and at its best can raise extra cash for the collection and for conservation.

Where I draw the line is when training becomes 'circus'. Where animals are pulled from their mothers and bottle raised for performances. Where freaks are used in shows. Where animals are presented in settings which do nothing for the natural.

Anyone who knows me is only to aware that I am wholly against hands on with big cats be it for 'walks' or using them as photographic stooges. So it will come as no surprise that when I read of the plans of Zoo d’Amnéville en Lorraine, an EAZA member I was both shocked and disappointed. Just what are they thinking about?

They have planned for 2015....'Tiger World'........ Okay I have said my piece, here is the Google translation and link to the article:

Tiger World Zoo Amneville Lorraine

The Amneville Zoo in April 2015 is expected to usher in a new space for tigers. Called "Tiger World" project, which is a private investment of $ 14 million, includes an arena 15 meters high with the 1854 seats. Show a single tiger in the world will be given in a breathtaking backdrop.

The tiger enclosures, host cats between two representations is already completed, so that the training of wild animals can already begin. The theater, which is itself under construction, should be ready in April 2014, a year before the public opening. Trainers will have time to work with animals in this new environment. They need to build a relationship of trust with the tigers at an early age.eleven or twelve tigers should be involved in future show.However, the training program was built with eighteen tigers. Some animals are indeed not suitable for training as they can be too aggressive or too unruly. Others have instead been brought to bottle and thus have easy contact with humansIt should be able to choose those that best lend themselves to the show. Fifteen of the eighteen tigers have already arrived at the zoo. These are Siberian tigers, Bengal tigers and white tigers who have less than a year. Three were born in Amneville, couples presented at the zoo. The others come from various zoos and circuses in Europe. Before entering the room, the public borrow a themed corridor in which it is aware of the protection of tigers. The circular arena will be completely hidden by a jungle landscape with vegetation, rocks, ponds and waterfalls. The show will take place in a setting of Khmer temples. The tiger cage is suspended from the ceiling and descend on the scene time representation. With this new investment,Amneville Zoo will have an indoor heated room that will make it more attractive in case of bad weather. The show will also be given during the Christmas season and be offered to business committees. The structure will finally host seminars and professional events. All should generate additional revenue for the zoo.

Tell me I've got it all wrong. I will sleep better. The only bit I like in the above is the "themed corridor".

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  1. Amneville are getting it so, so wrong. How can they be so out of touch with what their animals need, and what any decent, informed zoo-going visitor wants? I hope this ridiculous project is shelved as soon as possible.