Saturday, June 22, 2013

World Camel Day

World Camel Day

The 22nd of June is World Camel Day. This gives recognition to the undisputable fact that camels are very important to many people around the world.

Within the United Arab Emirates the Dromedary Camel has always been looked upon with great affection. Today it is more popular than ever. In the modern UAE there are probably more camels than there ever have been in history. Now they are bred for racing, for meat, for tourists, for esteem and increasingly to supply the vastly expanding dairy industry. Surprisingly World Camel Day was overlooked in the UAE during 2013. Perhaps next year.

  • There are three species of camel
  • Dromedary Camel Camelus dromedarius
  • Domestic Bactrian Camel Camelus bactrianus
  • Wild Bactrian Camel Camelus ferus

Camel meat is healthy and is higher in protein with less than half the fat of beef

There are no wild Dromedary Camels. There are feral Dromedary Camels, especially in Australia.
Most Bactrian Camels are domesticated.

The only truly wild camels are the Bactrians in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. They are a threatened species and classified as Critically Endangered.

The wild Bactrian Camels have been classified a different species to the domestic animals.

There are less than 20 Wild Bactrian Camels in captivity. All of these are held in Mongolia and China.

Do you fancy trying some camel milk? You can.

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