Thursday, June 13, 2013

8th International Parrot Convention

8th International Parrot Convention

This Convention is the eighth in a series beginning in 1986.  It continues the tradition of bringing people with an interest in parrots together in an exciting and intense atmosphere to exchange information and ideas for the benefit of the world's parrots, wild or in captivity. Globally the most important forum for the broadest discussions on this family of birds, the eighth convention will again combine aspects of aviculture with topics concerning the conservation of parrots. 

The convention will be of interest to all persons with an interest in parrots and their well being, including   aviculturists, hobbyists and professionals maintaining and breeding parrots under captive conditions. The convention will deal with key aspects of management, care, breeding and welfare, with the objective to continue making significant advances for these widely-kept birds. The convention will also include presentations on the study and management of parrots in the wild, once again with the objective to highlight the relevance of field and captive in the conservation of psittacines. 

The speakers are all  internationally recognised in their fields.

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