Thursday, May 2, 2013

BBC World News states that White Tigers are Extremely Rare

BBC World News states that White Tigers are Extremely Rare

On the 2nd May 2013 the BBC World News stated that White Tigers are Extremely Rare. The news item was accompanied by a video clip of the White Tiger cubs in Tobu Zoo in Japan which were making their first appearance.

Cute though the cubs are the BBC have joined the club of the ill informed and are serving to perpetuate a myth and do real damage to sincere Tiger Conservation around the world.

Their Childrens BBC Newsround site CBBC states “White tigers are incredibly rare with around 100 left in the wild.

The same story was given further credibility by ‘The Guardian’ newspaper who carried a video clip online and stated “White tigers are incredibly rare and it is estimated that there are only 200 remaining in the wild

There are at least 30 White Tigers in Japan and many thousands in Dysfunctional Zoos around the world. There are NO White Tigers left in the wild! White Tigers

Interesting to note that the Japan Daily Press which also reported the story included further information “"The reason why only a few survive is that this gene comes with other genetic mutations like deformities in the spine, club feet, and kidney problems." 

In the same week Bokaro Zoo in India lost one of their White Tigers, one of a litter where the other animals died shortly after birth. They include the information “"Tigers born due to inbreeding have very poor immunity, they fall sick easily. If you read about it the white tiger is not very strong from inside, due to which we face a lot of problems. People looking after white tigers generally face such issues," said Chatterjee
and go on to include
According to reports the white tiger was last spotted in the wild in 1958.

White Tigers are not rare or endangered or even a species. These are freaks of nature deliberately inbred by Dysfunctional Zoos to draw the public into their collections. Breeding or keeping them is not difficult but does nothing at all to aid Tiger Conservation. They are Conservationally Useless.

For more information Read White Tiger Breeding is Not Conservation

Reputable News Sources need to get their facts right and educate the public and not sell them a lie.

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