Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tiger Killed and Butchered in Itanagar Zoo in India

Tiger Killed and Butchered in Itanagar Zoo in India

So yet again we have a Tiger slaughtered within a zoo. The last one, to my recollection was in Taman Rimba Zoo in Indonesia back in August 2009. The only surprise to me is that it is not happening more frequently. I have called upon zoos on several occasions to beef up their security is not just tigers which need watching but the Rhinos too. Don't let it happen! Dummy cameras are not the answer. Night Keepers, constant supervision, alarms and training are.

This latest tiger was killed and butchered whilst the three guards were away for their evening meal. There is an obvious flaw in the system there....all three guards should not have been away at the same doubt changes will be made. The guards returned before the pieces of the unfortunate beast could be removed.

Reports on the incident differ in detail. The animal was apparently shot (did no one hear the gunfire?) and sliced up.....whatever the truth of the was killed in a zoo.

Please be aware that the prices for various animal body parts are now above Gold and Cocaine. Don't let your charges be the next victims.

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