Monday, August 8, 2011

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes 2011

I am not one for doing movie reviews and in fact it was a bit of a toss up whether I went to see this at all. Money is so tight it comes down to entertainment or eating. But I wanted to see Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes. I had seen the original movie back in 1968 (the year I started work in zoos) and was really keen to see how they would work this in, the latest, but a prequel. Added expense was that Dao wanted to go as well. Ex-girlfriend/Adopted daughter I am never quite sure of our relationship. I managed to purchase a couple of Patoo and some sticky rice quite cheaply so going to the movie was go. But to the cheapest seats.

I did not really expect it but the Rise Of Planet Of The Apes turned out not only to be an interesting and exciting movie but an emotional journey as well. Everyone will see it differently but for me it was painful in parts. One of my sons 'Tanner' was a chimpanzee. He joined me and my family when he was just two days old. He slept alongside my wife and I in the same way as my human children had done. He lived as and was a member of my family. I have had gorillas and other primates in the house over the years (as well as numerous other species) and know the need to avoid personal attachment. They have to go back after all.

If you have a heart though it is impossible not to become emotionally involved with a loving, trusting creature which you bottle feed, bring wind up and change nappies day and night for long months. Then there are also the many other Chimpanzees, Orangutans and Gorillas I have known and loved. Yes, that is the word....loved. Zoo Keepers care.

Knowing these species well I was able to enjoy and appreciate how much care and attention had been put into this excellent movie to make it as realistic as possible. I give them nine out of ten. At the same time, knowing the species well it is possible to criticise some of the things they got wrong. But really, why be picky? It is just a movie, it is fiction. The apes here are the heroes and I think that most people are going to side with them. Dao loved it and was on the edge of her seat a lot of the time. "Clever ling" was her verdict. They were too.

I highly recommend the movie. I am so glad I saw it. I am all for watching the 1968 movie once again but know I will be disappointed. Better I think to wait for the re-make.


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