Saturday, February 12, 2011

International Save Bears Day

The 21st February 2011 is
International Save Bears Day

Just over a week to go. If your zoo maintains bears (or even if it does not) please use this day to draw your visitors attention to the plight of bears the world over.

There are a number of Bear related charities that you could raise money to support on this special day. Choose one or choose them all. Every little bit helps. I have seen something of the wonderful work being done by groups in China, Vietnam and Cambodia. If you ask me if it is worthwhile. I say a definite YES!

Koala? Yes, that puzzled me too. Possibly it was included back in 2007 to strimulate debate. Who knows?

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'No Mirrors Involved'
Snow Leopards
Photo supplied by Peter Litherland of the



  1. Am I to understand that the logo for International Save Bears Day actually features a koala? What organization is responsible for that?

  2. Hi Jack, yes the Koala puzzled me too. I thought perhaps it had been included in the 2007 poster to stimulate debate. Not a bad idea if it attracts attention. This was the poster put by the Ursa Freedom Project
    I thought I would do the same. It has sparked some interest I am pleased to say. I have now added the new poster.