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ZooNews Digest 5th February - 11th February 2001 (Zoo News 141)

ZooNews Digest 5th February - 11th February 2001 (Zoo News 141)
Peter Dickinson :
Dear Colleague,

My thoughts today are with the Chester Zoo keeper badly injured the
other day. I hope and pray that he makes a full recovery.

Zoo keeper badly hurt in attack by elephant

Chimp apes human
(Tama Zoo)

Laughing thrushes slay mynah mom
(Milwaukee County Zoo)

Rare `cheetah billi' dies in Patna zoo

Koalas' Terror, Injuries Recalled
Zookeeper tells judge kidnap left marks
(San Francisco Zoo)

Animal-rights activist alleges elephant abuse; zoo says no
(Woodland Park Zoo/Springfield zoo/Dickerson Park Zoo)

Aquarium worker makes turtle stew
(Miami Seaquarium)

Zoos make historic exchange via Internet
(Taiping Zoo/Melbourne Zoo)

Nude Women Disrupt Primate Research Work

Pittsburgh zoo denizen makes a break for a taste of freedom and junk


If you know a story I have missed this week do drop me a line with
the full web address and I will try and include it next week.

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Call for fellow conference presenters: Animal Enrichment from an

Animal enrichment is not just for the animals on exhibit -- it can
also impacts your visitors! While enrichment programs are receiving
increasing research attention from the point of view of husbandry
impacts, there has been little published documentation of the effects
enrichment programs can have on visitors. The potential is enormous -
enrichment programs, properly interpreted, can help increase visitor
time at exhibits, become the bases for educational programming and
exhibits, help address animal rights concerns, and provide a way for
visitors to interact with exhibit animals.

I am looking for potential presenters for a moderated workshop
session at the AZA annual conference. In this proposed session I will
give an overview of my dissertation research (at the New England
Aquarium) dealing with this topic. Discussion will focus on the
possible avenues for linking enrichment programs and visitors. I
would invite others who have worked in this area to contact me. I
would be very interested in hearing any ideas, as well as to discuss
the session with others interested in presenting.

Please contact me:
Alexander Goldowsky, Senior Program Developer, New England Aquarium

Bactrian Camel is a rarity!

Work on the DNA of the wild Bactrian Camel suggests that it is a
different species from the domestic animal commonly seen in zoos.
Under threat in the wild it is heading down the road to becoming one
of the most endangered wild mammals on the planet. Read more about
this by visiting:

The Wild Bactrian Camel


Wild Camel Protection Foundation

Le plus simple est de visiter le site

C'est en fait une association qui a crée un journal "Pratique des
Animaux Sauvages et Exotiques" qui constitue en fait le premier
journal vétérinaire en langue française consacré aux animaux
exotiques pour les vétérinaires praticiens. La lette était une lettre
d'information et d'abonnement, mais vous trouverez tout sur le site.
Ce qui est intéressant c'est de promouvoir la littérature
scientifique en langue française aussi bien sur les animaux sauvages
que de zoo : actuellement gouverné par les anglo-saxons.

ZOOS' PRINT, Volume XVI, Number 2, February 2001

Articles include:

Two Week Capsule Course on Endangered Species and Zoo Management for
Zoo Directors

Wildlife Information Network and WILDPro

Worthwhile Websites for zoo and wild people

New Software helps species conservation

The Ninth Annual Conference of the South East Asian Zoos Association

Report of Selected Animal Facilities in Phillipines

Phillipines Zoos Breeding Centres and Rescue Centres visited by SEAZA
Conference Delegates

Indian Veterinary Doctor settled in Malaysia wins Fulbright


And More


or visit

ZOOS' PRINT JOURNAL Vol 16, No.2 February 2001

Articles include:

Study on causes of mortality in Lion-Tailed Macaque (Macaca silensus)
at Arignar Anna Zoological Park, Vandalur

Observations of Nesting Ecology of Black-Headed Munia (Lonchura
malacca malacca)

Pasteurellosis in a Chital deer (Axis axis) in captivity

Reduction of a fracture of the humerus of a Brahminy Kite ) Haliastur

Use of homeopathic medicine in acute tympanites in a Blue bull
(Boselaphus tragocamelus)

and much more

Bundled with the above there is the SAZARC Newsletter which includes
articles on:

Marghazar Zoo, Islamabad and the Zoological Gardens of Bahawalpur

Estimates of population of the White-backed vulture (Gyps
bengalensis) in urban Lahore and its feeding behaviour

South Asian Zoo Licensing and Legislation

and much more

Also included is the latest edition of "frog leg" the Newsletter of
the Declining Amphibian Populations Task Force - South Asia

This includes articles on:

Some basic techniques of keeping caecilians in captivity

Use of amphibia in food and medicine by various tribes in Arunachal
Pradesh, India


MAY 29 - 31, 2001

Speaker Panel :

Dr. Arturo Caso, field biologist - Mexico
Dr. Andrew Kitchener, biologist, author - Scotland
Dr. Mauro Lucherini, biologist - Argentina
Dr. Chuck Traisi, Rehab.& Release - USA
Dr. Jim Sanderson, Conservation International - USA
Dr. Mark Edwards, zoo nutritionist - USA
Dr. Gail Foreman, behaviorist - USA
Dr. David Fagan, felid oral diseases - USA
Dr. Stacie Wadsworth, veterinarian - USA
Dr. Steve Whipple, veterinarian - USA
Dr. Jaqueline Gallegos, veterinarian - Mexico
Dr. Danilo Leandro Loria, veterinarian - Costa Rica
Paula Anderson, museum curator -USA

Other presentations will include:

Education programs & tools
Enclosure design
Enrichment for stress reduction
Taxidermy,preserve for education
(Additional programs to be announced)


MEETING LOCATION : Simon Bolivar Zoo (the zoo is easy walking
distance from the hotels, and a printed map will be available to all
participants) If you are unable to attend, please respond and let me

HOTELS: There are several hotels in walking distance from the zoo
where the meetings will be held, but the following two hotels have
offered a special rate for the Workshop.

1) DUNN INN - single or double room...............US $35.00
(fans in rooms) phone: (506) 221 - 4596 fax: (506) 257 - 3733

2) AMON PLAZA - single or double.................US$69.00
(air conditioned....breakfast included) phone: (506) 257 - 4861 fax:
(506)257 - 0284


If your choice of hotel is fully booked, or if you wish a hotel with
a different rate you may contact:

SONIA ALPIZER at the Simon Bolivar Zoo
Phone: (506) 233 - 6707
Fax: (506) 223 - 1817

There are a number of optional Pre and Post Conference Tours

WORKSHOP FEE: US $200.--Payments, made payable to S.O.S. Care, must
be in US funds drawn on a US bank or International Money Order in US
funds. For further details and registration form contact:
Pre-registration e-mail address:

$200.US--(payments must be in US funds drawn on a US bank or
International Money Order in US funds made payable to S.O.S. Care)
and a copy of the completed registration form to:
Mr. Reggie Matz
5404 Cartaro Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89103

If you have questions about the workshop, housing or tours,
contact Pat Quillen at e-mail : or fax: (760)
749 - 1324

Join us for an exciting workshop…sign up now!

AZA Central Workshop, April 26-28, 2001

Hosted by the Detroit Zoological Institute, Royal Oak,

To be held at the Hotel Pontchartrain in Detroit call
1-877-965-9464 for reservations. For complete up to date
information and/or registration, please see our Web site at –or- the January 2001 Communiqué.

Who's coming:

Prosimian TAG

New World Primate TAG

Small Carnivore TAG

Bear TAG

Regional Conference Committee

Animal Welfare Committee

Diversity Committee

RATEL : Journal of the Association of British Wild Animal Keepers
Volume 28, No. 1 February 2001

ABWAK in America by Andrew Bagnall

Orang-utans in Zoos:Husbandry, Welfare and Management in an Atypical
Arboreal Solitary Mammal by Spartaco Gippoliti

Southern Exposure by Colin Oulton

An Investigation into Exudate Feeding of Geoffroy's Marmosets
(Callithrix geoffroyi) at Edinburgh Zoo by Charlotte O'Sullivan

For further details please visit

Zoo! Magazine of the Independent Zoo Enthusiasts Society
Issue Number 15 - Winter 2000

Editorial by Tim Brown

Rome Zoo by Sam Whitbread

How Many Ateles? by Mike Grayson

Two Notable Bird Gardens by Rosemary Low

Heidelberg Zoo by Mike Grayson

Dartmoor Wildlife Park by Matthew Peace

Tales from the Taxonomic Treasure Trove II by Mike Grayson

Three Forgotten Collections:
Thorney Wildlife Park
Kelling Park Aviaries
Brentwood Zoo by Bernard Sayers

Emmen Zoo by Tim Brown

Cursed Are The Meek by Mike Grayson

African Ungulates In The Czech Republic by Sam Witbread

And more.

(I always find the articles on zoos of the past of special interest.
Perhaps this is because three of the zoos I have worked in no longer
exist and two of the others have changed out of recognition,
including their names. - Peter Dickinson)

Anyhow this magazine is a good read. Worth subscribing to and has big
plans in the offing.
Write to the Independent Zoo enthusiasts Society, P.O.Box 4,
Todmorden, Lancashire, OL14 6DA

or e-mail:

If all goes according to plan Toronto Zoo's Gorillas should move into
the new Gorilla Rainforest this month. There will then need to be a
great deal of last minute work and polishing. The official media
opening will take place on April 11th and public opening the
following day. Sounds exciting. Wish I could be there.

(Source - Toronto zoo Browse)

The Welsh College of Horticulture presents a Herpetology Evening

Wednesday 25th April 2001 at 7.30 p.m.
Tickets £5.00

Lectures by two Special Guests

Chris Mattison (Well Known Author) who will speak on "Captive Care
and Breeding of Snakes"


Alan Humphreys BVSc MRCVS (Specialist Reptive Vet) who will talk
about "What the Veterinary Surgeon can do for Herpetologists"

For further information please contact Lindon Webb, Small Animal
Unit, Welsh College of Horticulture, Northop, Mold, Flintshire, CH7
Cheques should be made payable to "Welsh College of Horticulture"

Tel: 01352 841000

The Kiwi nurses a secret

It appears that the Kiwi originated in Australia. Scientists working
on the DNA of Cassowarys have found remarkable similarities. This
suggests a land bridge migration in Gondwanaland time.


Zoo Staff Personals Looking for work? Someone to travel with?
Somewhere to stay? Let me know and I will post it here.


Situations Vacant (Please mention you saw the advertisement in
ZooNews Digest should you apply for any of these posts, many thanks)
Do you have a vacancy to advertise? Please email me.

Volunteer required for project in Cambodia. Keeper experience
necessary. To assist at a rescue centre, for a period minimum of four
months. Starting date March. Accommodation, transport and small
stipend supplied. Please make contact to the following e-mail address
for further details.



2 Mammal Keepers needed to expand the growing team at South Lakes.
Some experience with White Rhino, Giraffe, Primates, Bears and Cats
an advantage. For further details and conditions contact: Roy Pirie,
Admin Dept.
South Lakes Wild Animal Park,Dalton-in Furness, Cumbria LA15 8JR.
Closing date for applications. MARCH 16th 2001

Internship Opportunity in Hawaii

Dolphin Quest Oahu is offering three internship opportunities this
summer. The description of the internship program can be found at


Der Zoo Dortmund gehört mit seiner landschaftlichen Ausprägung und
seiner Ausrichtung auf die Fauna des Südamerikanischen Subkontinentes
mit über 600 000 Besuchern zu den beliebtesten deutschen Großzoos.
Auf einer Fläche von 28 ha bietet er Lebensraum für mehr als 2 000
Tiere in über 300 Arten.

Der Zoo Dortmund hat eine interessante Perspektive: Als zukünftiger
eigenständiger Geschäftsbereich in einem neuen Eigenbetrieb eröffnet
sich die Chance einer dynamischen Weiterentwicklung. Neben der
mittelfristig angestrebten Erweiterung des Zoogeländes um über 8 ha
mit Betonung des Waldcharakters ist z. B. als herausragende Maßnahme
der Neubau eines "Urwaldhauses für Menschenaffen" projektiert,
(wodurch eine Neuordnung der Reviere möglich wird.)

Durch das Ausscheiden des jetzigen Stelleninhabers ist zum
nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt die Stelle für eine/n engagierte/n

für den Affenbereich
für den Huftierbereich
für verschiedene Bereiche

zu besetzen. Die Stelle ist nach Lohngruppe 6 a BMT-G bewertet; die
Bezahlung erfolgt mit den üblichen Leistungen des öffentlichen

Berufsausbildung als Zootierpfleger/in
(mehrjährige Erfahrung im Umgang mit Affen und Menschenaffen)
(mehrjährige Erfahrung im Umgang mit einheimischen und exotischen
(mehrjährige Erfahrung im Umgang mit einheimischen und exotischen
Teamfähigkeit und Flexibilität
Kreativität und Eigeninitiative
Überdurchschnittliche Leistungs- und Einsatzbereitschaft (z. B.
unregelmäßige Dienstzeiten und Arbeit zu ungünstigen Zeiten)
sehr gute Kommunikationsfähigkeit im Umgang mit Zoobesuchern
Englischkenntnisse in der Umgangssprache (erwünscht)
Kenntnisse neuer Medien als Unterstützung in der
Öffentlichkeitsarbeit (erwünscht)

Pflege und Fütterung von Huftieren
(Pflege und Fütterung aller im Zoo gehaltenen Tiere unter besonderer
Berücksichtigung der Säuger)
(Pflege und Fütterung von Affen und dem Revier angegliederten
Mithilfe bei tierärztlichen Behandlungen und bei der Vorbereitung von
Reinigung, Pflege und Ausgestaltung von Tieranlagen
Flexibler Einsatz in allen Tierrevieren
flexibler Einsatz bei Veranstaltungen und besucherfreundliche

Gesucht wird ein/e voll einsatzfähige/r Mitarbeiter/in mit der
Bereitschaft, die anfallenden Arbeiten selbständig und gewissenhaft

Bei Interesse richten Sie bitte Ihre aussagefähige Bewerbung mit
vollständigen Unterlagen (tabellarischer Lebenslauf, Lichtbild,
Zeugniskopien und Tätigkeitsnachweisen) bis zum xx.xx.2001 an das
Personalamt der Stadt Dortmund, Hohe Straße

(Apologies for any mix ups in editing this ad - Peter Dickinson)

The Denver Zoo Wildlife Show will have several paid internships
available beginning this spring and continuing until September. The
Denver Zoo presents a mixed species show that includes, reptiles,
mammals and both flighted and non-flighted birds. Interns will work
40hrs/wk and should be willing to work weekends and holidays. If you
are interested in one of these positions please send a resume
including availability to Public/Animal Programs, Denver Zoological
Foundation, Gates Center, 2300 Steele St., Denver, CO 80205 or
contact Brad Parks at
Ryan Knight, Wildlife Show Lead Trainer Denver Zoo 2300 Steele St.
Denver, CO 80205
phone 303-376-4833 fax 303-376-4839


Dublin Zoo are seeking applications for the post of Director due to
the forthcoming retirement of the current postholder.

Dublin zoo which has been open since 1830 can be found on the
outskirts of Dublin and covers about 55 acres. The attractive and
conservation/education minded collection attracts over half a million
visitors a year. The zoo has just recently completed an important and
exciting development programme.

Applicants for the position will be assessed on their experience in
zoo management, general management skills, communication skills,
track record and their qualifications in biological and/or business

For further information please write to:

Hon. Secretary, Zoological Society of Ireland, Dublin Zoo, Phoenix
Park, Dublin 8, Ireland

Fax +353 1 677 1660

Closing date for applications is 28th February 2001



Monkey World is looking for experienced keepers to join our team as
we embark upon a 40-acre expansion. Our small but dedicated team of
keepers (13 in all) already boasts over 120 years of experience. We
are interested in career animal keepers and the salaries will reflect
this. Monkey World is aiming to hire 2 Keepers and intends to pull
together the best team of primate keepers in Europe.

Salaries will start at £10,500 per annum and will be adjusted as to
experience. Primate experience is a benefit but we are also
interested in hearing experienced carnivore keepers as well. The job
will entail the daily husbandry of over 60 apes and 100 other
primates. Applicants will be trained to give talks to the public.
Monkey World assists foreign Governments to stop the smuggling of
primates from the wild and is a member of EAZA and several EEP
breeding programmes. For more information about us see our web site

Applications should be sent to or to Keeper
Application, Monkey World - Ape Rescue Centre, Wareham, Dorset BH20


GORILLA KEEPER (Assistant to the Director of Animal Care)…Gorilla
Haven is seeking an experienced ape keeper. Having preferably worked
with gorillas, the successful applicant will be familiar with
accepted husbandry practices and standards and have the maturity to
supervise volunteers and make decisions in a responsible manner.
Duties will be varied and include animal care and exhibit cleaning
plus overseeing the daily management of the facility in the absence
of the Director of Animal Care. Gorilla Haven is a new facility and
offers the opportunity to meet the challenges of growing with the
planned expansion to 4 habitats (totaling 25 acres) over 20 years.
The position will be available April 2001. Salary commensurate with
experience. Please send resume and references to: Pete Halliday,
Project Manager/Director of Animal Care, Gorilla Haven, PO Box 210,
Morganton, GA 30560 or e-mail to



Chester Zoo is one of Europe's leading zoological collections. Our
expanding Education Division is responsible for signage and
interpretation of both zoological and botanical exhibits. A position
has arisen for an experienced Interpretation Officer to assist the
Education Division contribute to our conservation and educational

The job - translation of information into attractive and educational
displays. Skills required - concept generation; research and liaison
with zoo staff, artists and craftspeople to produce displays;
discipline and administration skills to plan new and remedial work
programmes. Familiarity with WP and image manipulation software..
Candidates should have a Biology/Life Science degree or equivalent,
at least 2 years practical experience in a zoo/wildlife/museum
environment and must empathise with the Zoo's primary mission in
animal conservation.

Application by CV with a covering letter stating current or expected
salary to Jayne Quinn, Personnel Manager, The North of England
Zoological Society, Caughall Road, Upton by Chester, CH2 1LH.
Telephone enquiries 01244 650222.

Closing date for applications is 23rd February 2000.



St. Maarten Zoological & Botanical Garden Foundation, St. Maarten
(Netherlands Antilles) are loking for a new Animal Curator/Manager.
Position requires experience/interest in broad based Mixed Species
Exhibits. Focus on animals of the Caribbean and South America. Salary
U.S.$ 1100/month gross, plus car, insurance, accommodation and

For further details contact Neil Grant at: tel/fax ++599-543-2030 or



Animal Keeper...The Birmingham Zoo is working to grow and diversify
its applicant pool for Animal Keeper positions. A degree in biology,
or related field is preferred. Potential applicants are needed for
future openings in the Primate, Carnivore, Hoofed Stock, Pachyderm,
Bird, and Reptile departments. Please send cover letter and resume
to: Marcia Riedmiller, Mammal Curator, The Birmingham Zoo, 2630
Cahaba Road, Birmingham, AL 35223. E-mail:

Resumes will be kept on file for one year. EOE

Research Assistant post available.

International Zoo Veterinary Group has a vacancy for an additional
person for their research department. Basic requirements are a BSc
(or equivalent) in Zoology, Marine Biology or similar subject, some
zoo experience and good computer/internet skills. Personal traits
should include ability to work in a small team, good presentation
skills and personal appearance, and a keen interest in conservation
and zoo education. Car ownership essential. Further advantages
would be a strong interest (biological rather than sentimental) in
marine mammals, and European language ability.

This is an office rather than a field job, but some travel will be
involved. The applicant should be prepared to move to West Yorkshire.

Applications with c.v. and photograph by e-mail to or by mail to International Zoo Veterinary Group,
Keighley Business Centre, South Street, Keighley, West Yorkshire BD21


Work Experience Placements (Animal Keeping / Research) at Chester Zoo
There are 12-month work experience placements available at Chester
Zoo, offering students the opportunity to gain practical experience
within a unique scientific/conservation environment. The placements
in animal keeping offer experience in animal husbandry and welfare by
assisting animal keeping staff on a particular section.
The placement in research offers the opportunity to gain knowledge of
various areas of zoo research by assisting the Research Officer.
Positions to start in September 2001.
For more information contact Jayne Quinn, Personnel Manager, Chester
Zoo, Caughall Road, Upton, Chester CH2 1LH, tel: 01244 650232,
closing date for applications is 28th Feb. 2001.




Sea Lion Trainer. Full time job. To start training of 1-3-1 Sea Lions
for next tourist season. Good conditions and salary. Apply in writing
with C.V. and recent passport photo to :

The Director. MONDE SAUVAGE SAFARI. Fange de Deigne 3. 4920 AYWAILLE




Requirements :-
Proven administration experience at a senior level, preferably gained
in business, diplomatic or scientific fields.

Experience in implementing and managing business plans.

Well developed liaison competence – good communication skills

Computer literacy.

Exposure to conservation issues

Willingness to travel is essential.

Willingness to settle in one of the following locations: Minneapolis
(USA), London (UK), Vienna (Austria) or Berne (Switzerland).


Facilitate an active relationship amongst all regions.

Co-ordinate all marketing activities.

Monitor and implement membership services and activities.

Lobby governents, international institutions and business.

Raise funds for the organisation.

Contact: Willie Labuschagne, President, World Association of Zoos
and Aquariums. P.O. Box 754, Pretoria, 0001, South Africa. Fax: +
2712 323-4540. E-mail: Closing date: 15th March 2001


Twycoss Zoo require an Experienced Keeper for Chimpanzee section .
For further details please telephone 01827 880250



Carnivores and rodents
Due to maternity, a full-time, permanent keeping position will be
available within our carnivore and rodent section. The position
involves acting in the absence of the Head Keeper, working with a
small team and will include cross-over with other sections. Minimum
2 - 3 years experience with small carnivores and rodents required.

An exciting opportunity for an invertebrate specialist/enthusiast has
also become available within our presentations section. A senior
keeper, minimum 2 - 3 years experience, is required to develop the
new invertebrate exhibit. Good working knowledge of zoos and animals
necessary as position will include cross-over with other sections.
Additional responsibilities include acting in the absence of the Head
Keeper and public animal encounters sessions.

Plus ?
Newly created seasonal cover keeper position, April 1st - 31st
October 2001.

The successful candidates will ideally have the C & G Animal
Management qualification. Benefits for all positions include a
competitive wage rate and alternate weekends off (no accommodation
provided). For further information, a job description and
application form, please phone Rebecca Burroughs on 01323 874106


For the most up to date links to sites advertising Zoo work go to:


Ecology and Conservation of Mini-antelope
Hosted by the Marwell Zimbabwe Trust
12th - 17th February 2001
For further info contact:

Zoo-Kunft 2001
am 16., 17. und 18. Februar 2001
Schloss Horst, Gelsenkirchen
Programm und Online Anmeldung
Programm und Anmeldung anfördern =

Environmental Management Symposium
Aalborg Zoo
1 - 4 March 2001
For further info e-mail:

9th Annual International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators
Orlando, Florida
1 - 4 March 2001
For further information e-mail:
Or visit:

International Congress on Testudo
7 – 10 March 2001
For further info contact:
Or visit

13th Non-Domestic Neonatal Symposium
7th March 2001
San Diego
For further information contact:

The Dallas Zoo presents a
to study endangered wildlife in Mexico
March 10-23, 2001
For further information please contact Wanda Weaver at (214) 670-6833
or e-mail Leanne at

3rd IMATA Regional Meeting Europe
(International Marine Animal Trainers Association)
Genova Aquarium
13th March 2001
For further information please contact:
Sabrina Labberte
+39.039.6612829 phone / fax email

Seminar on keeping otters in captivity
14th - 16th March 2001
German Otter Centre
For further details please contact Aktion Fischotterschutz, OTTER-
ZENTRUM,29386 Hankensbüttel, Germany, Fax +49-5832-980851, e-mail:

23rd - 25th 2001
Hosted by the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Colorado Springs, Colorado
To be held at the DoubleTree Hotel 1-800-222-TREE
For complete up to date information and/or registration, please
see our website at -or- the January 2001

2001 Annual ASZK/ARAZPA Conference
"Zoos as Ecotourism Destinations"
26th - 30th March 2001
Western Plains Zoo
Dubbo, New South Wales
For further information
or visit:

Riddle's Second Elephant Ultrasound Workshop
28 March - 1st April 2001
For further info please e-mail:

Second European Zoo Nutrition Conference
6 - 9th April 2001
United Kingdom
For further information contact:
or visit:
or by post/fax to: Zoo Nutrition 2001,
Marwell Zoological Park, Owslebury, Winchester, Hampshire, SO21 1JH,
United Kingdom. Fax: (0) 1962 777511.

26th Conference -- Animal Transportation Association
29 Apr - 2 May 2001
Toronto, Canada

Annual Conference and General Meeting of the Federation of Zoological
Gardens of Great Britain and Ireland
London Zoo
United Kingdom
10th - 13th May 2001
For further info contact:

British Veterinary Zoological Society
"Zoo & Wildlife Care in the 21st Century"
Bristol Zoo Gardens
Clifton, Bristol
United Kingdom
12th - 13th May 2001
For registration details contact Derek Lyon MRCVS at 7, Bridgewater
Mews, Gresford Heath, Pandy, Wrexham LL12 8EQ. Email
TEL NO:- 01978 852866 FAX: 01978 852065
To present a paper, or discuss how you can contribute to this
meeting, please contact Sharon Redrobe MRCVS at Bristol Zoo Gardens,
Bristol BS8 3HA, Email, Fax 0870 133 8308,
Tel 0117 970 6176
See also the British Veterinary Zoological Society Website at

Thirteenth International Conference on Bear Management and Research
Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA
21 - 25 May 2001
For further info visit:

2001 International Conference on Exotics (ICE2001)
31 May - 3 June 2001
Lago Mar Resort
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
For further info contact:
or visit:

Attached to the above meeting on May 30th there be a wetlab on
Ultrasound Interpretation in Exotic Species. Contact: for further info.
And a TWO day exotic species endoscopy lab preceding the conference
program. For further info contact

3rd Regional Conference on Marketing in Zoos
Loro Parque
1 – 2 June 2001
For further info contact:

International Elephant and Rhino Research Symposium
Vienna Zoo Schoenbrunn
7 – 11 June 2001
For further info contact:
Or visit

Protea Keurbooms River Lodge near Plettenberg Bay
South Africa
19 - 22 JUNE 2001
For further info visit:

Riddle's Third Elephant Ultrasound Workshop
20 June - 24 June 2001
For further info please e-mail:

Endangered Species Conservation and Zoos
Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust Summer School
16 July - 3 August 2001
For further info contact:

The 8th International Waterfowl and Wetlands Symposium
Hyatt Regency, Washington
in Washington D. C.,
20 - 22 July 2001
For further info contact:
or visit: (after January 15, 2001).
or write to:
Brenda Carlson
Ducks Unlimited
One Waterfowl Way
Memphis, Tennessee 38120
(901) 758-3707
(A Latin American and Caribbean Waterfowl Conference Workshop will be
held on the day prior to the symposium

The International Society for Anthrozoology
2nd - 4th August 2001
Details about the conference and abstract submittal can be found at
the ISAZ website

1st – 5th September 2001

European Zoo Educators Congress 2001
Marwell Zoological Park
6 - 10 September 2001
For further info contact:

Amazon Ungulate Workshop
Cartagena de Indias
10 - 14 September 2001
For further info visit:

The 6th European Squirrel Workshop
11th to 13th September 2001
Acqui Terme (Alessandria)
For further info visit:

Zoo Collectors Meeting
15 - 16 September 2001
London, UK
(Details when I have them)

Incubation and Fertility Research Group 2001
17th - 18th September 2001
St Edmunds Hall
University of Oxford
For further info visit:
or e-mail:

Elasmobranch Husbandry Symposium
3 - 7th October 2001
For further info visit:

5th International Conference on Environmental Enrichment
Taronga Zoo
4 - 9 November 2001
For further info contact:
Or visit

First International Tapir Symposium
4th - 8th November 2001
San Jose
Costa Rica
For further info visit:

Committing to Conservation Conference
28th November - 2nd December 2001
Brevard Zoo
Melbourne, Florida
For further info contact:

Fourth World Congress of Herpetology
2 - 9 December 2001
Sri Lanka
Please pre-register at website:

23 International Ornithological Congress
11 - 17 August 2002
For further info contact:
or visit:
or write/phone/fax
Mr. LIU Feng, IOC2002/CICCST, 86 Xueyuan Nan Road, Beijing 100081,
Fax: (86-10) 6218 0142 Tel. (86-10) 6217 4952

Vth International Parrot Convention
19 – 22 September 2002
Puerto de la Cruz
Tenerife, Spain
For further info visit:

First International Conference on Zookeeping
The Netherlands
(Details when available)

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Need assistance? You could try Zoo Biology, it is probably your best
bet for animal information. However ZooNews Digest reaches more like
minded people, more often than any other similar publication on the
So you could try here. Let me know and I will post it.
Does anyone have any experience (bad or good) with regards to mixing
colobus with birds? Any info that you have would be greatly



Zoo Biology is a discussion, question and answer group dealing with
the diverse range of Zoo Sciences. The Zoo Biology Group is concerned
with all disciplines involved in the running of a Zoological Garden.
Captive breeding, husbandry, cage design and construction, diets,
enrichment, man management, record keeping, etc. Hediger described
this as "the science which embraced everything which was biologically
relevant to the management of the zoological garden." The more that
join up the more effective a management tool it will become. This
group is restricted to zoo professionals and is not advertised in the
egroup directory. It is specifically a forum for professional Zoo
Staff. Exceptions may be considered in the case of students or allied
professions. Do be prepared to receive from 1-30+ messages per day!!
There is a members only chat site attached to Zoo Biology. This
appears to work quite well. The useful archive section increases each
day. There are 950+ Zoo Biology subscribers to date.
More join each week. Do be prepared to get a lot of messages. If
there are more messages than you can manage...don't forget your
delete button. It take less than a second. This group is moderated.

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