Sunday, February 18, 2001

ZooNews Digest 12th February - 18th February 2001 (Zoo News 142)

Dear Colleague,

A bit of a struggle to meet deadlines this week. I was finally struck
down by a flu bug which has laid so many of our staff low over the
past month. I thought I was going to get away with it but it sneaked
up on me last Sunday evening. In spite of five days rest I have still
to shake off the headache , cough and lethargy.
Taking advantage of the good weather we released two seals back into
the Irish Sea today. After some hesitation they swam off strongly.
With a bit of luck We will let another go tomorrow.
I am pleased to learn of the excellent response that collections are
getting from employment advertisements placed here. Success of ads
can only be determined by those who state where they saw the post
advertised. If you saw it here, please say so. Thanks.

Animals in Gir had inkling of the quake

Butterfly conservatory may cost $25 million

Kangaroo's escape has sad ending

Chicago's Shedd Aquarium Leads the Profession in Animal Training

Bark-Stripping Monkeys

Elephant Called a Danger

Poachers continue to play havoc at Corbett Park

Japan's bouncing baby killer whale
(Kamogawa Sea World)

'New' Vietnamese animal species a fake, magazine says

Zoo Shows Off Sea Otter Pup
(Oregon Zoo)

Madison zoo starts work on new aviary
(Henry Vilas Zoo)

But rescue center helps cure winter wanderers
(Marine Mammal Stranding Center),2110,355329,00.html

Zoo soon may get director
(Oklahoma City Zoo)

Conservationists fail to stop wolf hunt

Vanishing Vulture Linked to Rise in Human Anthrax

German panther hunt to resume today

Panda Dying of Hunger and Illness Rescued in China

Lynx attacks tourist in Switzerland

Young humpback jumps, falls on tourist


If you know a story I have missed this week do drop me a line with
the full web address and I will try and include it next week.

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The following is definitely worth a visit. Both interesting and fun
with a great future potential. If you do visit please follow
instructions and complete the evaluation form. Your input is
essential for further development. Thanks, Peter.

European Zoo Information Technology Training Project (EZITT) Update.

We are please to announce the launch date for the EZITT project
website and invite you to partake in any way you can.

Launch date Monday 12th February 2001

The EZITT website is currently available under the following web
address: and the password is ezitt.

The site includes two study modules at the time of this article but
will soon include two further, all equipped with self study quizzes
where users can test their knowledge and get instant feedback on
their answers.

There is a links board where many interesting websites have been
entered as potential places to visit, all of which are related to
animal husbandry in some way.

There is also a chat room and the opportunity to talk live to keepers
and students from all over Europe.

A bulletin board enables users to ask questions of anyone on any
given subject and the archive facility will be for the up and
downloading of any keeper related materials.

Items to come include video casts, audio taped materials, animations

Many of the above listed items have been translated into Hungarian,
German and Czech with the main language being English.

This pilot project will be on line for evaluation until the end of
March/April and an evaluation form will be posted on the website for
users to complete and e-mail to the co ordinators. We ask for all
evaluations to be done around this time and not before as the website
will be developing and improving throughout the transmission period.

Anyone with an interest can access the site and it may be of special
significance to students taking part in any animal care
qualifications as well as trainee and qualified keepers.

A basic knowledge of how to access the internet is recommended
although a paper based quick reference guide will be provided as well
as an online help facility.

All those who wish to participate in this pilot project will be asked:

to complete a simple questionnaire before commencing,

to monitor and use the website throughout the entire period of

to complete an evaluation at the end of this period.

For any further information regarding the EZITT project please
Gill Wright at Paignton Zoo on

EZITT is a collaboration between: Budapest Zoo, Hungary – Decin Zoo,
Czech Republic – Dresden Zoo, Germany – Dublin Zoo, Ireland – EAZA,
Netherlands – Paignton Zoo, UK – Plymouth University, UK.

Ezitt is partially funded by the European Union's Leonardo da Vinci

International School for Elephant Management Course Prospectus


Skeletal Structure
Reproductive System

Emotional and Intellectual Characteristics
Behavior in Captive Environments
Human and Elephant Relationships

Physical Maintenance:

Rope and Chaincraft:
Knots and Splicing Rope
Proper Use of Ropes and Chains
Proper Chain Hardware
Safe and Humane Application for Positive Results

Handling of Difficult or Dangerous Elephants:
General Safety Practices in Proximity to Elephants
Behavior Reinforcement

Elephant Handling Techniques:
Hands-on Experience with Asian and African Elephants
Restricted Contact Techniques

Medication and Disease:
New Advances in Research

Elephant Reproduction:
Basics of Elephant Reproduction
Blood Work* and Other Techniques (i.e. Ultra-Sound, Semen Collection)
for Gauging Estrous Cycles and Fertility
Managing a Mixed Gender Herd
Managing Multiple Males
*Adjunct blood analysis work for Riddle's Elephant and Wildlife
Sanctuary developed and conducted by the Chemistry Department of
Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas.


Scott W. Riddle, Instructor
Executive Director of Riddle's Elephant and Wildlife
Sanctuary with extensive knowledge and experience in handling and
training elephants in a variety of environments. Professional
Consultant to many elephant facilities throughout the world.

Heidi S. Riddle, Instructor
Director of Operations of Riddle's Elephant and Wildlife
Sanctuary. Accomplished presenter at international meetings and
symposia. Past President of the Elephant Managers Association.

Robert "Smokey" Jones, Advisor
Internationally known expert in elephant handling and
training. Developed many of the elephant management techniques in use

Dr. Bets Rasmussen Ph.D., Guest Speaker
Elephant Researcher, conducts extensive studies on chemical
communication between elephants in an effort to help humans
peacefully co-exist with wild elephants.

Dr. Tom Goodwin Ph.D., Guest Speaker
Elephant Researcher, manages elephant blood hormone analysis.
Collaborates with Dr. Rasmussen in chemical communication studies.

Dr. Dennis Schmitt DVM Ph.D., Guest Speaker
Elephant Veterinarian, a leading specialist in the
reproductive challenges associated with elephants. Performed the
first successful artificial insemination of an elephant to result in
a live birth.

Dr. Carl Fulton DVM, Guest Speaker
Consulting Veterinarian for Riddle's Elephant and Wildlife
Sanctuary. Deals with varied medical situations associated with
elephants in human care.

With additional invited Guest Speakers.
Course Philosophy

Elephants present very special challenges in the areas of training,
handling and safety procedures, due to their great size and strength
in combination with their high intelligence.
The founders of Riddle's Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary, a non-
profit organization for the preservation and survival of the African
and Asian elephant, believe that improper management will lead to
suffering and danger for both elephants and their handlers, and
restrict opportunities for education and scientific studies.
Therefore, Riddle's Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary has developed a
curriculum and in 1994 began conducting, on an annual basis, a formal
school for elephant managers and enthusiasts.
This hands-on course in humane care, handling, and safety procedures
for elephants delves into acceptable parameters in which elephants
and humans can co-exist. We teach:
elephant management from the ground up

creating an environment of success in dealing with all types of

hands-on practices in tried-and-true handling techniques

enhancing the effectiveness of any future techniques an individual or
institution may adopt in the handling of elephants

emphasizing positive reinforcement rather than punitive or negative

This course is not targeted at any level of student. All levels are
welcomed and will gain valuable information and experience.

Course Attendance Details

Course length: Two weeks. Students are expected to enroll for the
entire two-week session.
Location: Riddle's Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary, a 330 acre refuge
in the rolling Ozark Mountain foothills is located 60 miles north of
Little Rock, Arkansas.
Lodging: Dormitory housing (2 per room) and all meals are provided
for participants.
Enrollment information: For updated schedules, dates and fees, please
contact the office at Riddle's Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary.

P.O. Box 715
Greenbrier AR 72058
501-589-3291 Phone
501-589-2248 Fax


The Organization for Reinforcement Contingencies with Animals (ORCA)
University of North Texas
Free Lecture by Karen Pryor (author of Don't Shoot the Dog)
Friday, March 9th, 2001 at 4:00 pm
Anyone in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area (or those who are up for a
drive!) are more than welcome to come.
It should be a great talk, and you'd also get a chance to see the
research ORCA has been conducting over the past year.
For further information or questions e-mail:

Internships of Interest

Theater of the sea


Cat Tales Zoological Park


Gorilla Gazette Volume 14, No.1 December 2000

The Little Rock Zoo - Social Gorilla Groups

Surveying Chimpanzees - The Goualougo Triangle in Northern Congo

Mbeli Bai - Gorilla Study, Northern Congo

The Gorillas - at Apenheul, the Netherlands

Getting Acquainted - Gorilla Introductions at Apenheul, the

Zoos and their Role in Great Ape Conservation

Formation of a Bachelor Group - Gorillas at Loro Parque

Introducing Gorillas to a Naturalistic Environment

Bonobo Nursery - Sanctuary of the Democratic Republic of Congo

H.E.L.P. - Habitat Ecologique et Libertes des Primates

Support from an Anonymous Donor at the Columbus Zoo _ The Sulatalu

Democratic Republic of Congo - Parks Emergency Relief Mission

The Columbus Zoo : In Situ Support - for Great Ape Projects in Africa

The Gorilla Gazette is published by the Conservation staff and the
African Forest Great Apes staff of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium,
9990 Riverside Drive, P.O.Box 400, Powell, OH 43065-04000. USA



The Primate Foundation of Arizona is currently accepting
applications for their Behavioral Research Internship program. PFA
is a private, non-profit, corporation devoted to the preservation,
propagation, and study of the chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes). It is
currently home to more than 70 socially-housed chimpanzees and
conducts behavioral research with a goal of improving captive
management, environmental enrichment, and well-being of the
chimpanzees. The research is conducted on site.

The Behavioral Research Internship provides college students in the
behavioral and biological sciences the opportunity for behavioral
research experience. It includes three basic components: 1) an
introduction to chimpanzee behavior and behavioral observation data
collection, 2) chimpanzee psychological wellness program and
environmental enrichment training, and 3) research support tasks such
as data entry. The introduction to chimpanzee behavioral observation
is the primary component of the internship and includes data
collection on an assigned project, entering the data into a
spreadsheet program, conducting preliminary analysis and completion
of a background literature review. Results of the intern project are
presented at the end of the internship to the full staff to provide
presentation experience.

The internship is on a volunteer basis and provides no stipend.
Students should have completed at least two years of a four-year
program (Junior level standing) in the behavioral or biological
sciences. Both undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to
apply. Previous course work and/or experience in primatology/animal
behavior is required for all students. Applications are accepted for
three internship periods: Summer, Fall, and Spring. Each internship
is three months in duration: Summer - June 1 to August 31; Fall -
September 1 to November 28; Spring: March 1 to May 30. Applications
should be submitted at least 6 weeks in advance of the internship
start date. Please submit your application ASAP as we receive as
many as 100 applicants per position.

For further information and application materials, please send a
letter of request including your full name and mailing address to:

Sue Howell, Ph.D.
Research Director
Primate Foundation of Arizona
P.O. Box 20027
Mesa, AZ 85277-0027


Zoo Staff Personals Looking for work? Someone to travel with?
Somewhere to stay? Let me know and I will post it here.


Situations Vacant
(Please mention you saw the advertisement in ZooNews Digest should
you apply for any of these posts, many thanks) Do you have a vacancy
to advertise? Please email me.



We are looking for three experienced members of staff, preferably
with the City & Guilds Certificate in Animal Management, who are
familiar with accepted husbandry practices and standards, and have an
interest in breeding programmes and conservation:

BIRD KEEPER for the Tropical Bird House

AQUARIST for the Aquarium


Starting salary is dependent on relevant experience and

Please send a curriculum vitae with covering letter to the Personnel
Department, London Zoo, Regent's Park, London NW1 4RY. Tel:
0207-449-6253. Email -

Chessington World of Adventures has an opening for an experienced
Animal Presenter. Working largely with free-flying birds, including
Birds of Prey but also Penguins and Californian Sea-lions.
Ideally candidates will have Animal Mangement qualifications or their
equivalent and two to three years of practical zoo experience.
Experience of handling venomous animals would be an asset.
The post offers a competitive salary and a range of other benefits.

Please apply in writing enclosing full CV and stating current salary
Recruitment Manager, Human Resources Dept, Thorpe Park & Chessington
World of Adventures, P,O, Box 125, Chessington, KT9 2WL

Applications before 26th February please


The City of Topeka (KS, USA) Zoo is seeking Zoo Keepers.
This position is responsible for providing care to Zoo animals in the
zoological park. Duties include preparing diets, observing and
correcting animal behavior, providing assistance in administering
veterinary care and maintaining area facilities and equipment.
Cleans cages, holding pens and other confinement areas, makes repairs
as necessary. Prepares special project reports, researches and
gathers information for these projects and reports information to
management. This position will work first shift, rotating days,
primarily 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., hours subject to change during
spring/summer months, dependent upon established Zoo operating
hours. Includes weekend and holiday work.
REQUIREMENTS: Associate degree in Zoo Keeping or an Associates degree
in Biology, Zoology, or closely related field plus one (1) year of
experience caring for animals in a zoological park setting. Elephant
protected contact, great ape, aquarium, and/or experience in
educational programming preferred. To apply: send resume to City
of Topeka Human Resources, 215 SE 7th St., Room 170, Topeka, KS 66603
or fax resume to (785) 368-3605 or e-mail resume in MS Word format to


OFFICER to help improve the quality of animal care and exhibition in
NSW zoos, wildlife parks and circuses. This is an excellent
opportunity to play a critical role in developing standards for
keeping and displaying exhibited animals and in developing
appropriate standards of skill and qualification for industry members.

Orange. Position No: Ag 01/02/031. Total Remuneration package valued
up to $73,932 (Salary $35,203-$46,967 with progression to $67,610
subject to meeting certain criteria). Develops standards and training
for animal exhibitors and oversees review of licensing applications.
Selection Criteria: Degree level relevant tertiary qualifications or
equivalent. Commitment to improving animal care and exhibition in
zoos, wildlife parks, and circuses. Familiarity with wild animal
keeping/exhibition techniques. Awareness of factors which influence
animal welfare. Superior written and verbal communication skills,
including technical report-writing, liaison, presentation, and
ability to deal with sensitive issues. Supervision skills.
Demonstrated capacity to work within a team environment. Capacity and
willingness to be authorised as an Exhibited Animals Protection Act
(EAPA) inspector. Current drivers licence. Preferably you will have:
Appreciation of adult learning/education and administrative law
principles. Capacity to assess animal exhibits for compliance with
Contact: For common selection criteria see NSW Agriculture's website:
Inquires and Information Packages: Mr M Crane on 61-2- 63913716 or Mr
R Burton on 61-2-63913324. Applications marked "Confidential"
(quoting Pos No) to: Recruitment Manager, NSW Agriculture, Locked Bag
21, Orange NSW 2800 Australia. Closing date: 9 March 2001.


Volunteer required for project in Cambodia. Keeper experience
necessary. To assist at a rescue centre, for a period minimum of four
months. Starting date March. Accommodation, transport and small
stipend supplied. Please make contact to the following e-mail address
for further details.



2 Mammal Keepers needed to expand the growing team at South Lakes.
Some experience with White Rhino, Giraffe, Primates, Bears and Cats
an advantage. For further details and conditions contact: Roy Pirie,
Admin Dept.
South Lakes Wild Animal Park,Dalton-in Furness, Cumbria LA15 8JR.
Closing date for applications. MARCH 16th 2001

Internship Opportunity in Hawaii

Dolphin Quest Oahu is offering three internship opportunities this
summer. The description of the internship program can be found at


Der Zoo Dortmund gehört mit seiner landschaftlichen Ausprägung und
seiner Ausrichtung auf die Fauna des Südamerikanischen Subkontinentes
mit über 600 000 Besuchern zu den beliebtesten deutschen Großzoos.
Auf einer Fläche von 28 ha bietet er Lebensraum für mehr als 2 000
Tiere in über 300 Arten.

Der Zoo Dortmund hat eine interessante Perspektive: Als zukünftiger
eigenständiger Geschäftsbereich in einem neuen Eigenbetrieb eröffnet
sich die Chance einer dynamischen Weiterentwicklung. Neben der
mittelfristig angestrebten Erweiterung des Zoogeländes um über 8 ha
mit Betonung des Waldcharakters ist z. B. als herausragende Maßnahme
der Neubau eines "Urwaldhauses für Menschenaffen" projektiert,
(wodurch eine Neuordnung der Reviere möglich wird.)

Durch das Ausscheiden des jetzigen Stelleninhabers ist zum
nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt die Stelle für eine/n engagierte/n

für den Affenbereich
für den Huftierbereich
für verschiedene Bereiche

zu besetzen. Die Stelle ist nach Lohngruppe 6 a BMT-G bewertet; die
Bezahlung erfolgt mit den üblichen Leistungen des öffentlichen

Berufsausbildung als Zootierpfleger/in
(mehrjährige Erfahrung im Umgang mit Affen und Menschenaffen)
(mehrjährige Erfahrung im Umgang mit einheimischen und exotischen
(mehrjährige Erfahrung im Umgang mit einheimischen und exotischen
Teamfähigkeit und Flexibilität
Kreativität und Eigeninitiative
Überdurchschnittliche Leistungs- und Einsatzbereitschaft (z. B.
unregelmäßige Dienstzeiten und Arbeit zu ungünstigen Zeiten)
sehr gute Kommunikationsfähigkeit im Umgang mit Zoobesuchern
Englischkenntnisse in der Umgangssprache (erwünscht)
Kenntnisse neuer Medien als Unterstützung in der
Öffentlichkeitsarbeit (erwünscht)

Pflege und Fütterung von Huftieren
(Pflege und Fütterung aller im Zoo gehaltenen Tiere unter besonderer
Berücksichtigung der Säuger)
(Pflege und Fütterung von Affen und dem Revier angegliederten
Mithilfe bei tierärztlichen Behandlungen und bei der Vorbereitung von
Reinigung, Pflege und Ausgestaltung von Tieranlagen
Flexibler Einsatz in allen Tierrevieren
flexibler Einsatz bei Veranstaltungen und besucherfreundliche

Gesucht wird ein/e voll einsatzfähige/r Mitarbeiter/in mit der
Bereitschaft, die anfallenden Arbeiten selbständig und gewissenhaft

Bei Interesse richten Sie bitte Ihre aussagefähige Bewerbung mit
vollständigen Unterlagen (tabellarischer Lebenslauf, Lichtbild,
Zeugniskopien und Tätigkeitsnachweisen) bis zum xx.xx.2001 an das
Personalamt der Stadt Dortmund, Hohe Straße

(Apologies for any mix ups in editing this ad - Peter Dickinson)


Dublin Zoo are seeking applications for the post of Director due to
the forthcoming retirement of the current postholder.

Dublin zoo which has been open since 1830 can be found on the
outskirts of Dublin and covers about 55 acres. The attractive and
conservation/education minded collection attracts over half a million
visitors a year. The zoo has just recently completed an important and
exciting development programme.

Applicants for the position will be assessed on their experience in
zoo management, general management skills, communication skills,
track record and their qualifications in biological and/or business

For further information please write to:

Hon. Secretary, Zoological Society of Ireland, Dublin Zoo, Phoenix
Park, Dublin 8, Ireland

Fax +353 1 677 1660

Closing date for applications is 28th February 2001



Monkey World is looking for experienced keepers to join our team as
we embark upon a 40-acre expansion. Our small but dedicated team of
keepers (13 in all) already boasts over 120 years of experience. We
are interested in career animal keepers and the salaries will reflect
this. Monkey World is aiming to hire 2 Keepers and intends to pull
together the best team of primate keepers in Europe.

Salaries will start at £10,500 per annum and will be adjusted as to
experience. Primate experience is a benefit but we are also
interested in hearing experienced carnivore keepers as well. The job
will entail the daily husbandry of over 60 apes and 100 other
primates. Applicants will be trained to give talks to the public.
Monkey World assists foreign Governments to stop the smuggling of
primates from the wild and is a member of EAZA and several EEP
breeding programmes. For more information about us see our web site

Applications should be sent to or to Keeper
Application, Monkey World - Ape Rescue Centre, Wareham, Dorset BH20



Chester Zoo is one of Europe's leading zoological collections. Our
expanding Education Division is responsible for signage and
interpretation of both zoological and botanical exhibits. A position
has arisen for an experienced Interpretation Officer to assist the
Education Division contribute to our conservation and educational

The job - translation of information into attractive and educational
displays. Skills required - concept generation; research and liaison
with zoo staff, artists and craftspeople to produce displays;
discipline and administration skills to plan new and remedial work
programmes. Familiarity with WP and image manipulation software..
Candidates should have a Biology/Life Science degree or equivalent,
at least 2 years practical experience in a zoo/wildlife/museum
environment and must empathise with the Zoo's primary mission in
animal conservation.

Application by CV with a covering letter stating current or expected
salary to Jayne Quinn, Personnel Manager, The North of England
Zoological Society, Caughall Road, Upton by Chester, CH2 1LH.
Telephone enquiries 01244 650222.

Closing date for applications is 23rd February 2000.



Work Experience Placements (Animal Keeping / Research) at Chester Zoo
There are 12-month work experience placements available at Chester
Zoo, offering students the opportunity to gain practical experience
within a unique scientific/conservation environment. The placements
in animal keeping offer experience in animal husbandry and welfare by
assisting animal keeping staff on a particular section.
The placement in research offers the opportunity to gain knowledge of
various areas of zoo research by assisting the Research Officer.
Positions to start in September 2001.
For more information contact Jayne Quinn, Personnel Manager, Chester
Zoo, Caughall Road, Upton, Chester CH2 1LH, tel: 01244 650232,
closing date for applications is 28th Feb. 2001.




Requirements :-
Proven administration experience at a senior level, preferably gained
in business, diplomatic or scientific fields.

Experience in implementing and managing business plans.

Well developed liaison competence – good communication skills

Computer literacy.

Exposure to conservation issues

Willingness to travel is essential.

Willingness to settle in one of the following locations: Minneapolis
(USA), London (UK), Vienna (Austria) or Berne (Switzerland).


Facilitate an active relationship amongst all regions.

Co-ordinate all marketing activities.

Monitor and implement membership services and activities.

Lobby governents, international institutions and business.

Raise funds for the organisation.

Contact: Willie Labuschagne, President, World Association of Zoos
and Aquariums. P.O. Box 754, Pretoria, 0001, South Africa. Fax: +
2712 323-4540. E-mail: Closing date: 15th March 2001


Twycoss Zoo require an Experienced Keeper for Chimpanzee section .
For further details please telephone 01827 880250


For the most up to date links to sites advertising Zoo work go to:


Environmental Management Symposium
Aalborg Zoo
1 - 4 March 2001
For further info e-mail:

9th Annual International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators
Orlando, Florida
1 - 4 March 2001
For further information e-mail:
Or visit:

International Congress on Testudo
7 – 10 March 2001
For further info contact:
Or visit

13th Non-Domestic Neonatal Symposium
7th March 2001
San Diego
For further information contact:

The Dallas Zoo presents a
to study endangered wildlife in Mexico
March 10-23, 2001
For further information please contact Wanda Weaver at (214) 670-6833
or e-mail Leanne at

3rd IMATA Regional Meeting Europe
(International Marine Animal Trainers Association)
Genova Aquarium
13th March 2001
For further information please contact:
Sabrina Labberte
+39.039.6612829 phone / fax email

Seminar on keeping otters in captivity
14th - 16th March 2001
German Otter Centre
For further details please contact Aktion Fischotterschutz, OTTER-
ZENTRUM,29386 Hankensbüttel, Germany, Fax +49-5832-980851, e-mail:

23rd - 25th March 2001
Hosted by the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Colorado Springs, Colorado
To be held at the DoubleTree Hotel 1-800-222-TREE
For complete up to date information and/or registration, please
see our website at -or- the January 2001

2001 Annual ASZK/ARAZPA Conference
"Zoos as Ecotourism Destinations"
26th - 30th March 2001
Western Plains Zoo
Dubbo, New South Wales
For further information
or visit:

Riddle's Second Elephant Ultrasound Workshop
28 March - 1st April 2001
For further info please e-mail:

Second European Zoo Nutrition Conference
6 - 9th April 2001
United Kingdom
For further information contact:
or visit:
or by post/fax to: Zoo Nutrition 2001,
Marwell Zoological Park, Owslebury, Winchester, Hampshire, SO21 1JH,
United Kingdom. Fax: (0) 1962 777511.

AZA Central Workshop April 26-28, 2001
26th - 28th April 2001
Hosted by the Detroit Zoological Institute, Royal Oak,
To be held at the Hotel Pontchartrain in Detroit call
1-877-965-9464 for reservations. For complete up to date
information and/or registration, please see our Web site at –or- the January 2001 Communiqué.

26th Conference -- Animal Transportation Association
29 Apr - 2 May 2001
Toronto, Canada

Annual Conference and General Meeting of the Federation of Zoological
Gardens of Great Britain and Ireland
London Zoo
United Kingdom
10th - 13th May 2001
For further info contact:

British Veterinary Zoological Society
"Zoo & Wildlife Care in the 21st Century"
Bristol Zoo Gardens
Clifton, Bristol
United Kingdom
12th - 13th May 2001
For registration details contact Derek Lyon MRCVS at 7, Bridgewater
Mews, Gresford Heath, Pandy, Wrexham LL12 8EQ. Email
TEL NO:- 01978 852866 FAX: 01978 852065
To present a paper, or discuss how you can contribute to this
meeting, please contact Sharon Redrobe MRCVS at Bristol Zoo Gardens,
Bristol BS8 3HA, Email, Fax 0870 133 8308,
Tel 0117 970 6176
See also the British Veterinary Zoological Society Website at

Thirteenth International Conference on Bear Management and Research
Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA
21 - 25 May 2001
For further info visit:

29th - 31st May 2001
Simon Bolivar Zoo
For further info contact Sonia Alziper on:
Pre-registration e-mail address:
If you have questions about the workshop, housing or tours,
contact Pat Quillen at e-mail : or fax: (760)
749 - 1324

2001 International Conference on Exotics (ICE2001)
31 May - 3 June 2001
Lago Mar Resort
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
For further info contact:
or visit:

Attached to the above meeting on May 30th there be a wetlab on
Ultrasound Interpretation in Exotic Species. Contact: for further info.
And a TWO day exotic species endoscopy lab preceding the conference
program. For further info contact

3rd Regional Conference on Marketing in Zoos
Loro Parque
1 – 2 June 2001
For further info contact:

International Elephant and Rhino Research Symposium
Vienna Zoo Schoenbrunn
7 – 11 June 2001
For further info contact:
Or visit

Protea Keurbooms River Lodge near Plettenberg Bay
South Africa
19 - 22 JUNE 2001
For further info visit:

Riddle's Third Elephant Ultrasound Workshop
20 June - 24 June 2001
For further info please e-mail:

Endangered Species Conservation and Zoos
Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust Summer School
16 July - 3 August 2001
For further info contact:

The 8th International Waterfowl and Wetlands Symposium
Hyatt Regency, Washington
in Washington D. C.,
20 - 22 July 2001
For further info contact:
or visit: (after January 15, 2001).
or write to:
Brenda Carlson
Ducks Unlimited
One Waterfowl Way
Memphis, Tennessee 38120
(901) 758-3707
(A Latin American and Caribbean Waterfowl Conference Workshop will be
held on the day prior to the symposium

The International Society for Anthrozoology
2nd - 4th August 2001
Details about the conference and abstract submittal can be found at
the ISAZ website

1st – 5th September 2001

European Zoo Educators Congress 2001
Marwell Zoological Park
6 - 10 September 2001
For further info contact:

Amazon Ungulate Workshop
Cartagena de Indias
10 - 14 September 2001
For further info visit:

The 6th European Squirrel Workshop
11th to 13th September 2001
Acqui Terme (Alessandria)
For further info visit:

Zoo Collectors Meeting
15 - 16 September 2001
London, UK
(Details when I have them)

Incubation and Fertility Research Group 2001
17th - 18th September 2001
St Edmunds Hall
University of Oxford
For further info visit:
or e-mail:

Elasmobranch Husbandry Symposium
3 - 7th October 2001
For further info visit:

5th International Conference on Environmental Enrichment
Taronga Zoo
4 - 9 November 2001
For further info contact:
Or visit

First International Tapir Symposium
4th - 8th November 2001
San Jose
Costa Rica
For further info visit:

Committing to Conservation Conference
28th November - 2nd December 2001
Brevard Zoo
Melbourne, Florida
For further info contact:

Fourth World Congress of Herpetology
2 - 9 December 2001
Sri Lanka
Please pre-register at website:

23 International Ornithological Congress
11 - 17 August 2002
For further info contact:
or visit:
or write/phone/fax
Mr. LIU Feng, IOC2002/CICCST, 86 Xueyuan Nan Road, Beijing 100081,
Fax: (86-10) 6218 0142 Tel. (86-10) 6217 4952

Vth International Parrot Convention
19 – 22 September 2002
Puerto de la Cruz
Tenerife, Spain
For further info visit:

First International Conference on Zookeeping
The Netherlands
(Details when available)

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