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Zoo News Digest 16 September 1998 (ZooNews 18)

Dear Colleagues,

Sorry to be a day or so late. Life complicated this week by an infected
seal bite on my right thumb, my wife falling off her horse and breaking
her arm and my need to complete an urgent report. Still I got there in the
end. I hope you find this weeks offering of interest. Please remember
though that some of these links are very short lived.

Zoobilee raises funds for lion exhibit

Cougar-poaching ring discovered

Squirrels red and dead

Half of our mammals facing extinction

Python that escaped from zoo cage is found
(Virginia Zoo)

Zoo operator, employee cited in bears' deaths
(Queen Wilhelmina petting zoo)

Flamingos crowd together in a room built for humans

(San Francisco)

Zoo society gives gift shop to Fresno
(Chaffee Zoological Garden),1225,42453,00.html

U.S. wants koala listed as threatened

Fossil Rim provides safe haven for wildlife

Australia acts to protect its marine mammals

Poachers kill 2 mountain gorillas

DNA samples used to study flightless birds

Species conservation agreement signed

Leakey Returns To Kenya Wildlife

2nd Population of Rare Fish Found

Endangered bat thwarts I-99 project

Miami zoos prepare for hurricane by putting flamingos in bathrooms,
gorillas in bunkers

Rehabilitated bear wobbles back into Miss. hardwoods
(Greater Baton Rouge Zoo)

Washington News Summary
Zoos Will Keep Petting Farms

Arkansas News Summary
Seventh Animal Lost

Even flamingos need shelter from Georges

Sunday at the zoo becomes a mitzvah for Isaiah volunteers

Helping Others: Wear a pith helmet to zoo's Wild Affair

Rhino dies on way to Columbus Zoo

Seattle elephant comes to Springfield looking for tryst with Big Mac

Newborn at zoo is five feet tall

No veterinary surgeon; elephant with gunshot injuries breathing her last

Hog deer re-emerge from near-extinction as pets

2nd Time's a Charm for Chimps' New Habitat

Hog Deer Thought Near Extinct Found

Death of tiger cub leads Zoo to reunite parents to try to breed another

Baby giraffe escapes serious injury after being attacked by her father.,1225,41827,00.html

Zoo's Siberian tiger dies while on trip
87002131E9 ?OpenDocument

Furry Fliers Have a Friend In Bat Woman

Sedgwick County Zoo's curators lead conservation efforts in Central and
South America.

Programs in South, Central America

Dad in a Packet , Freeze-Dried Sperm, Finally

Small zoos may close under new regulations on cruelty

Zoo Club inaugurated in Chennai

Palm Beach Zoo security beefed up,1136,6000000000037070,00.h

Kuwait's 'aristocat' tigers move into posh new digs

Remembering a little boy's trips into the jungle

The elephant telegraph

They Creep and Crawl at Insectarium

Situations Vacant
Experienced Keeper Needed for Middle East Collection
Vacancy for an experienced keeper, with a special interest in birds, to
work with British staff in a rapidly growing mixed collection. Usual
conditions apply, flights, accommodation, four weeks` annual leave
entitlement with return fare, etc. Salary dependent on experience. Apply
to International Zoo Veterinary Group, Monday to Friday, between 9 a.m. to
5 pm (UK time) on 01535 692000


British Chelonia Group
Annual Northern Symposium
Chester Zoo
17th October 1998
For further details contact :
Jon Chaston on
01253 691010

26th Annual I.M.A.T.A Conference
7 - 12 November 1998
For further details contact :
Geraldine Lacave on

Canadian Parrot Symposium
14th - 16th November 1998
For further details contact :
Mike Pearson on

Bringing Back the Bison
A Grazing Conference
Marwell Zoo
1 - 2 October 1998
For further details contact :
Michele Walton on

International Symposium on Physiology & Ethology of Wild & Zoo Animals
Berlin 7 - 10 October 1998 For further details contact :

International Conference on Wetlands & Development
Dakar, Senegal
8 - 14 November 1998
For further details contact :

British Zoo Educators` Conference
Bristol Zoo
20 - 22 November 1998
For further details contact :
Education Department on
0117 970 6176

Smithsonian Tiger Talk

The Smithsonian Institution has invited award-winning author Cory J
Meacham to appear at the National Zoological Park in Washington D.C. on
Thursday, October 1, 1998 for a discussion of his controversial book, "How
the Tiger Lost Its Stripes."

Meacham's presentation, which has been scheduled to coincide with the
opening of the Smithsonian's "Great Cats" exhibit, will begin at 8:00 p.m.
in the auditorium of the Zoo's education building. (Enter at Connecticut
Avenue and park in Lot A.)

The event is free, but attendees are asked to RSVP either by calling
202-673-4801 or by sending an e-mail to (Please note the
difference between that address and the one from which this e-mail was

Media representatives are invited to contact Margie Gibson at the National
Zoo for more information by calling 202-673-4866, ext. 4.

14th International Zoo Educators Conference
Tapei Zoo, Taiwan
Oct 1st-6th 1998
for more details contact:

7th World Conference on Breeding Endangered Species
May 22 - 26 1999
Cincinnati Zoo, Ohio, USA
for more details contact:
Grace Rettig (Fax 1-513-559-7791)

1st European Zoo Nutrition Conference
Jan 8 - 11 1999
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
for more details contact:

Joint Conference of Elephant Managers Association, Association of
Zoological Horticulture and American Association of Zoo Keepers Sept 26-30
1998 for more details contact:

American Association of Zoo Veterinarians Annual Conference
Oct 17-22 1998
for more details contact:

The Zoo Registrars Association
Oct 22-24 1998
For more details contact:

Fourth International Enrichment Conference
29th August-3rd September 1999
Edinburgh, Scotland.
Details as and when available from the Shape of Enrichment website:

Don`t forget ZooChat, it has its moments! Curators, Keepers, Vets,
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contacts and generally having fun.

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