Thursday, August 20, 1998

Zoo News Digest 20th August 1998 (ZooNews 13)

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Bridgeport mayor revives P.T. Barnum stunt by testing bridge with

Threatened wallabies thrive on island From AAP

Fort Myers doctor killed by elephant in Zambia

Alarming rise in Slaughter of Dolphins - Dr. Sriyani Miththapala

African elephants move trunks to new zoo home

Flood Report Aid plea by dolphin park

Father of first gorilla born in captivity dies of heart attack

Zoo plans offer animals new creature comforts

Two rare herons, blind three years, get eye surgery

Rescuing the rhino

Rhinos recovering, wildlife group says

Elephant conceives by artificial insemination

Rhinos recovering, wildlife group says

Emus and Wallabies and Pigs, Oh My! Zoobreakers Head to Swiss Woodlands

Nick's Big Help to drop in at zoo

Pill may save rhinos, tigers

Hundreds hope for peek at renegade crocodile relative

Zoo Chimps, Lions taking leave.

Monkeys, kangaroos are on the loose

An imported delicacy? Tiger eats Kangaroo.

Scientists hope to re-create extinct zebras

Rare Siberian Tigers Evacuated as Flood Waters Rise

'Captain Kangaroo' falls for keeper

The item below was forwarded to me by the Seal Conservation Society. I
include it as I expect the story to breaking as a news item in the
mainstream press before too long. I well remember all the problems we had
with this virus last time.

Date: Sat, 15 Aug 1998 19:55:22 -0000

This is a flash concerning high seal-mortality in Belgium.
Over the past 2 weeks 11 seals washed-up on the Belgian coast, most were
This is a highly unusual phenomenum as 7 is the normal average for a full
year, most arrivals occuring in spring. Yesterday another 5 washed-up, 4
dead. Scientists fear the same morbil-virus that a decade or so created
havoc among seals as a result of which large quantities perished. Are any
other unusual signs re: seal-mortality noticed in other Northsea
bordering countries?
Let's keep each other informed on this.

Oils soothe - and stimulate - the savage beast
b_NA- BEARS15.html

Ocean Park pandas anger campaigners

Savor exhibit at zoo before it flies away

Priming for primates

Chimp bites four people in West Covina

Keep the Zoo in Delaware Park! (Not strictly news)

About Shape (Thought I would include this as a reminder to those with a
special interest in behavioural enrichment). Well worth subscribing to the
paper edition. I do. Providing Enrichment at No Cost

Johannesburg Zoo serves worms, locusts, termites (Old news. Worth a look
if you did not read it the first time round. Can`t see it working in the

Don`t forget ZooChat, it has its moments!

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have pointed me to news items.

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