Saturday, December 15, 2018

Gorillas Arrive in Al Ain Zoo

Gorillas Arrive in Al Ain Zoo

A bachelor group of four Western Lowland Gorillas recently arrived in Al Ain Zoo from Apenhleul Primate Park in the Netherlands. Here they will be part of the captive management breeding programme amongst good zoos. This group consists of ‘Jambo’ and his three sons and so will not actually be breeding but be an extremely important backup bachelor group.

These will be the first Gorillas in Al Ain since the death of the much loved “Lady” at 41 years of age in August 2016.

The new Gorillas are not yet on show to the public as they spend time settling in to their especially built enclosure.

There are two other Gorillas in the UAE in Dubai. There are rumors of four others in private hands but ZooNews Digest has been unable to find further information on these.

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