Thursday, September 29, 2016

Arrest and Confiscation Follows Leopard Attack

Arrest and Confiscation Follows Leopard Attack

Following on from the tragic death of a nine year old girl (Amany Mohamed Fadeel)  being attacked and severely injured by an escaped leopard authorities quickly moved in on the Amr Saad breeding centre at Ayat - Giza and an immediate investigation took place. All the animals and the accommodation were found to be in extremely poor condition. Amany died in the ambulance on the way to hospital. After the leopard was scared off it made its way to Kafr Hameed but was tracked down and shot dead.

This door on this enclosure holding a tiger was held shut by a rock

It has been stated that the leopard had escaped days before the attack and had been wandering the neighborhood. The owner had tried to claim that the Amany had been on his private property. After she was killed villagers tried to break into the facility and kill all the remaining animals but were stopped after intervention by the police.

Fearing possible implication in the death of the young girl the keepers quickly disappeared and the owner of the facility was arrested and jailed.

After cries for help the Giza Zoo responded under the direction of Dr Raafat Hamed and a team of keepers and vets visited Amr Saad and all the animals were fed. Following a police order and instructions from the authorities all animals will be transported to Giza Zoo in the coming days.

The precise number and species held is unknown but there at least seven tigers and a lion.

Peter Dickinson
Independent International Zoo Consultant

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