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Diploma in the Management of Zoo and Aquarium Animals

Diploma in the Management of Zoo and Aquarium Animals

Course induction at Al Bustan Zoological Centre UAE 
Monday 4th April 2016. 

Al Bustan Zoological Centre and Sparsholt College Hampshire are pleased to announce that the next enrolment to the DMZAA International course will be on the above date. 

The course is a two year distance learning programme uniquely designed for those employed in the Zoo or Aquarium community and which is principally delivered on line. The course was originally designed in the UK in 2002 for British and Irish Zoos and this will be the fourth year that the course is offered in Arabia via the Al Bustan centre. It is largely delivered through a Virtual Learning Environment via the internet where course materials, relevant resources can be accessed as well as various electronic resources including e books, journals and presentations. 

The intention of the course is to provide an understanding of the key principles and practices of working within a zoological collection including its core activities, managing the captive environment, participating in conservation breeding, research and education, maintaining animal health and wellbeing through nutrition, keeping records and demonstrating the essential features of good practice which are expected to be part of modern zoological collection’s animal husbandry and management. 

The course content is as follows: 

Year 1 

Unit No Core Unit Titles 

  • Unit 1 Roles, Organisation & Administration of Zoos and Aquariums 
  • Unit 2 Research in Zoos & Aquariums 
  • Unit 3 Education & Learning in Zoos and Aquariums 
  • Unit 4 Conservation and Collection Planning in Zoos and Aquariums 
  • Unit 5 Enclosure Design and Maintenance in Zoos & Aquariums 
  • Unit 6 Conservation Breeding in Zoos & Aquariums 
  • Unit 7 Animal Records & Transportation in Zoos & Aquariums 
  • Unit 8 Nutrition in Zoos & Aquariums 
  • Unit 9 Principles & Practice of Horticulture in Zoos & Aquariums 
  • Unit 10 Animal Health Strategies in Zoos & Aquariums

All year 1 units are core and thus studied by all enrolled learners. 

Year 2 

In year 2 there is the possibility to select 6 option units from a range of 20 in addition to completing 2 cores units. 

Unit No Option Unit Titles 

  • Unit 12 Management of Invertebrates in Zoos and Aquariums 
  • Unit 13 Management of Freshwater Fish in Zoos and Aquariums 
  • Unit 14 Management of Live Food Culture in Zoos and Aquariums 
  • Unit 15 Management of Marine Fish in Zoos and Aquariums 
  • Unit 16 Management of Elasmobranchs in Zoos and Aquariums 
  • Unit 17 Management of Coral Reef Aquariums in Zoos and Aquariums 
  • Unit 18 Management of Aquatic Mammals in Zoos and Aquariums 
  • Unit 19 Management of Chelonia and Crocodilians in Zoos and Aquariums 
  • Unit 20 Management of Snakes and Reptile – like – Lizards in Zoos and Aquariums 
  • Unit 21 Management of Amphibians in Zoos and Aquariums 
  • Unit 22 Management of Aviary Birds in Zoos and Aquariums 
  • Unit 23 Management of Aquatic Birds in Zoos and Aquariums 
  • Unit 24 Management of Raptors in Zoos and Aquariums 
  • Unit 25 Management of Paddock Birds in Zoos and Aquariums 
  • Unit 26 Management of Primates in Zoos 
  • Unit 27 Management of Small Mammals in Zoos 
  • Unit 28 Management of Carnivores in Zoos 
  • Unit 29 Management of Ungulates in Zoos 
  • Unit 30 Management of Elephants in Zoos 
  • Unit 32 Training and Enrichment in Zoos and Aquariums 

Unit No 

Core Unit Titles 

  • Unit 11 Animal Research Project 
  • Unit 31 Specialist Husbandry Portfolio 

The research assignment is an in depth personal study of an agreed subject relevant to zoo animal management and the husbandry portfolio is a series of evidence based artefacts which confirm practical competence in record keeping and practical husbandry activities within the range of experience of zoological collections that learners enrolled on the course participate in. 

Apart the year 1 and 2 induction days at Al Bustan, the only other requirement to attend during the whole course is an exam at the end of the first year. All other study is done remotely. 

Further information and application forms are available from Andy Beer at Sparsholt College Hampshire: or +447860797536. 

Further information about the course and al Bustan are available from Meyer de Kock:

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