Friday, July 8, 2016

To Advertise Vacancies on Zoo Jobs Please click HERE

How to Advertise Vacancies on Zoo Jobs

Zoo News Digest in its Web based and Facebook forms has over 108,000 readers, most of them working in or with a strong interest in zoos and zoo and wildlife care and conservation.

To post your vacancy please send it directly to Peter Dickinson at either  or and I will do the rest. I prefer if your ad is sent in Word or Docx.

I have been posting out vacancies as a service to Zoo News Digest Readers now for close on twenty years. I have never made a formal charge for doing this preferring to seek donations. Some zoos send Zoo News Digest something and some don't. I still post out as a service to readers in any case.

A donation is greatly appreciated and I thank you for it.

Sending a donation is as simple as heading up to the top left of this page or any Zoo Jobs advert and clicking on the donate button. It is quick and easy to do.

Your Vacancy will also be posted out on ZooNews Digest Facebook Page, The Zoo Jobs Blog, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest

Note: If you are an agency advertising on behalf of a client please don't insult me by donating $5. Knowing how much you are pocketing to reach more people in the zoo world than any other medium is a little hard to accept.

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