Friday, July 17, 2015

How Seriously Do You Take TripAdvisor?

How Seriously Do You Take TripAdvisor?

With the latest release from TripAdvisor, zoos and aquariums around the world or their local newspapers are shouting out that they are this, that or the next position. TripAdvisor do get it right occasionally but these ratings are not gauged by their peers but by Joe and Jane Public who have an entirely different idea of what makes a good zoo.

Even within the zoo world opinions differ and my opinion is probably not shared by everybody. No is MY opinion. Personally I would not like any zoo that I worked in to be included in the same list as a collection that is way way down of what I consider is a good zoo. What would really rub salt into the wound would be if my zoo was further down the list than the zoo which offended my personal criteria.

Before I name the collection my opinion in no way reflects the staff working there who I am sure are caring and dedicated professionals. Even the worst zoo has such staff. They stay because they care, they love their work and the animals and, regrettably sometimes because they know no better.

The zoo I would not like to see on the list is number 9, The Zoological Wildlife Foundation. Why? Because it carries out so many activities that I believe should not take place in a Good Zoo.

I am against the breeding or keeping of white lions or color morphs of big cats. I am against the public posing with big cat cubs or walking in with big cats on chains. I am against anybody posing with primates with perhaps the exception of some Lemurs. Cubs and young primates should be with their mothers....and if not then their husbandry needs a serious review. Breeding or keeping Tiligers is so very wrong as is having any dealings with places who deliberately breed such creatures. Primates dressed in wrong. I could go on but you can visit their website yourself. Again remember, this is MY opinion but I would not include this place in my top 100.

You can learn a bit more below...which did not come from their website:

Mario Tabruae Zoological Wildlife Foundation FKA Zoological Imports

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