Monday, January 26, 2015

Zoo and Wildlife Solutions Training Courses 2015

Zoo and Wildlife Solutions Training Courses 2015 
Run in Conjunction with BIAZA

Practical Implementation of  the Zoo Licensing
For Local Authority Officers and Zoo Professionals
3rd and 4th March at Twycross Zoo

£125 +VAT for BIAZA Members and £150 +VAT for Non- Members
This training course will provide participants with a full understanding of zoo licensing. The course describes the law and what is required by licensed zoos, explains the licensing and enforcement process and provides in depth insight into what inspectors are looking for and how to prove your zoo complies with the requirements of the Secretary of Sates Standards of Modern Zoo Practice. This is a highly interactive course based on small group exercises and practical tasks in the zoo.

Day 1
10.00 – Arrivals and Introductions

10.30 – The Zoo Licensing Act (1981) – Matt Hartley
Summary of the legislation including dispensations, powers of inspection and roles and responsibilities of the inspectors and the local authority. How to gain a new licence or modify your existing one.

11.30  - Coffee

11.45– Small Group Exercise 1

12.30 -  Lunch

1.15– Conservation, Education and Research
Statutory requirements for conservation, education and research. This often causes confusion when applying to small zoos and establishments with a 14.2 Dispensation.

2.00 – Small Group Exercise 2

2.30  – Visitor Experience, Animal Contact and Zoonoses
Covering the requirement regarding visitor safety in the zoo.

3.15 – Tea

3.30  - Small Group Exercise 3 - in the Zoo Assessing the Visitor Experience and Public Safety
Practical exercise in the zoo undertaking a mock inspection – will you identify the same issues as the zoo inspectors or will you find additional ones ?.

4.45 – Discussion Session

Day 2

9.30 – Zoo Management
Review of the aspects of zoo management under focus – staff competence, staff training, firearms and escapes, record keeping etc.

10.15  -  Small Group Exercise 4

10.45 – Coffee

11.00  -  Animal Husbandry, Welfare and Ethics and Animal Health 
How to inspectors assess animal husbandry, welfare and animal health at a one off ‘spot check’  ? What evidence should be provided ?

11.45 –  Small Group Exercise 5 – Mock Inspection in the Zoo
A second exercise in the zoo – you will undertake a mock inspection in areas of the zoo. We will come back and discuss your findings and how you would address any issues raised.

1.00– Lunch

1.45 – Enforcing the Zoo Licensing Act
What happens when conditions are needed ? What is a Direction Order ? Can the Local Authority close your zoo down. What are the aspects of the ZLA which you can get a criminal record for ? Matt shares his experiences of zoos gone bad !

2.45 – Small Group Exercise 6

3.15 - Tea

3.45- Final discussion session

4.30 – Finish


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