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What can we do TODAY to improve the well being of animals?

People are passionate about animals, and this is reflected in the diverse opinions surrounding animal issues. Underlying all the spirited discussions is a common desire to make a positive difference in the lives of animals. EXCELLENCE BEYOND COMPLIANCE: Enhancing Animal Welfare Through the Constructive Use of the Animal Welfare Act helps zoological professionals and organizations make such a difference, and in doing so reframes the conversation about animal welfare.

Excellence Beyond Compliance presents a voluntary, non-regulatory plan for attaining compliance with the federal Animal Welfare Act—and moving beyond it to embrace excellence in animal welfare.

Zoological professionals and organizations engage daily with countless challenges and opportunities. Excellence Beyond Compliance empowers them to channel their passion and dedication into concrete actions to better serve the animals in their care. It is an essential guidebook that will improve—and even transform—those who put its principles into practice.

Some of the key items addressed for zoological organizations include:

• Creating an outstanding leadership team, including a dedicated Animal Welfare Officer
• Preparing for inspections, with tips on creating inspection checklists, conducting entrance briefings and ensuring key staff availability during the inspection
• Interacting with inspectors during and after inspections, including advice on how to respectfully address differences of opinion with an inspector
• Utilizing self-certified compliance reporting to maintain compliance and document improvements between inspections and accreditation reviews
• Designing Animal Welfare Enhancement Plans and Zoo, Aquarium and Park Improvement Plans
• Addressing serious incidents and emergencies to ensure the safety of animals and people
• Handling investigations, complaints, and other challenges in a manner that promotes exceptional animal welfare and organizational excellence
• Developing an organizational culture where everyone shares responsibility for—and can make a difference in—the lives of animals.
For twenty-five years, author and attorney James F. Gesualdi has dedicated himself to legal, regulatory and strategic engagement with animal welfare and wildlife conservation issues. Excellence Beyond Compliance distills the experience and wisdom he has gained along the way into an inspiring yet eminently practical guide to bring people together to enhance the lives and welfare of animals.

Advance recognition for EXCELLENCE BEYOND COMPLIANCE: Enhancing Animal Welfare Through the Constructive Use of the Animal Welfare Act
“Jim Gesualdi is a knowledgeable, tireless, and enthusiastic advocate for improving the welfare of animals in human care. His Excellence Beyond Compliance program is a unique resource, full of advice and useful tools gleaned from decades of experience, to help those of us dedicated to caring for animals do our very best each day. As he frequently says: ‘It's all about the animals.’ ”

Wendy Bulger, Esq.
General Counsel
San Diego Zoo Global

“Gesualdi’s primer is a ‘must have’ for anyone or any facility attempting to navigate the Animal Welfare Act. His team approach to welfare challenges every staff member to recognize that their performance, no matter what the task, should translate to improving the welfare of the animals in their care. My favorite quote: ‘EXCELLENCE BEYOND COMPLIANCE is an ongoing process rather than a destination.’ His challenge of continuous improvement takes us from just meeting requirements to developing a culture dedicated to welfare, health and safety for animals and their caregivers.”

Yvonne Nadler, DVM, MPH
Consultant to the Zoological community on all hazards contingency planning

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