Friday, February 28, 2014

Lack of Water Drys Up Aquarium Trade

Aquarium trade badly hit

IN DIRE STRAITS: Business operators are gasping for water as the dry spell is costing them thousands of ringgit in losses

BALAKONG: THE water disruptions plaguing Selangor are burning a big hole in the pockets of business owners whose enterprises rely heavily on water.
A check by Streets in Balakong and Seri Kembangan, among the areas hit worse by the disruptions, found business owners enraged and worried.
In Balakong, Qian Hu Aquarium and Pets, a fish farm that imports, exports and supplies fishes to aquarium shops said that the disruptions had badly affected its business.
"Since the disruption began 16 days ago, we have suffered losses of more than RM100,000," said its export coordinator, Vincent Goh.
Goh said the cuts meant the company had to reduce the import of fishes from China and Indonesia by more than half the usual quantity. "As water is scarce, we cannot operate as normal. We also cannot bring in the usual number of fishes to sell," he said, adding that the fishes were exported to Europe and other parts of Asia.
Goh said they also had to reduce the regular amount of fish feed to prevent the tanks from being polluted with faeces.
"Usually, we change the water daily, but now we do it once in three days." Goh said that the farm has three huge water tanks, but these were running low.
"We have less than 50 per cent now and if the situation gets worse, we will have to get help from Syabas."
The situation is even more serious for smaller aquarium businesses.
The business operator of Aquarium Yong Kong, who declined to be named, was furious at the situation in his area.
"I have lived here for 50 years and this is the first time this has happened." The operator said that in the

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