Saturday, January 26, 2013


How do bears learn, problem solve, communicate, and respond to their environment? Join us at Advancing Bear Care 2013 - Understanding Bears to explore the cognitive and physical needs of captive bears, and learn how to provide stimulating complex natural environments to meet those needs.

Some of our compelling speakers are;

Dr. John Beecham - Bear Rehabilitation Research

Dr. Gay Bradshaw - Theory and practice animal psychological rehabilitation and conservation

Gabriella Fredriksson - Sun Bear Environmental Education Facility, Indonesian

Dr. Jill Robinson MBE - Animals Asia Foundation

Advancing Bear Care 2013 will be held at the Holiday Inn in Clinton, New Jersey in partnership with the Woodlands Wildlife Refuge in Clinton, New Jersey on October 3rd to 6th 2013, inclusive. In addition, there will be two post conference trips held on Oct 7th, Zoo Day and Oct 8th Helping Hands-On Building Project at the Woodlands Wildlife Refuge.

Go to Bear Care Group for an update on guest speakers, problem solving workshops, hike into bear habitat to understand how bears live and learn in the wild, visit Woodlands Wildlife Refuge, poster presentations, Bear Book and Art Den, and Silent Auction.

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