Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tiger Mauls Keeper

Tiger Mauls Keeper
Todays (4th September 2011) 'Bangkok Post' reports of a keeper at the Khaozon Wildlife Breeding Centre in Chom Bung being attacked and seriously injured by a tiger. The news does not seem to have gone much further so far.

It confused me....Khaozon? Where exactly was that? I had never heard of the place. I knew of the Khao Prathap Chang Wildlife Breeding Center in Chom Bueng. As there are no other Wildlife Breeding Centres in the area they simply have to be one and the same.

There is often a problem with animal collection names as I stated in ZOOS IN THAILAND :

"The identification of zoos within Thailand can be confusing for the Westerner. The Anglicisation of Thai words and the way they are written down is the first problem. Even something as simple as 'Dusit Zoo' could confuse especially if it is written down as 'Du Sit Zoo'. Just that little space, which is common enough could lead one to believe that it was an entirely different collection. At the other end of the scale is 'Nong Nooch Tropical Garden' which does not sound like a zoo at all (but there is one there) and this place is sometimes known as 'Nong Nut'. It really could not sound more different. Then we have the recognised common problem as a zoo being known by two different names as for example London Zoo and Regent's Park Zoo being one and the same. Here it is Nakhon Ratchasima Zoo which is also commonly known as Korat Zoo.”

The Khao Prathap Chang Wildlife Breeding Center is also known as the Khao Prathap Chang Open Safari and Wildlife Breeding Research Station.

Admission to this collection which comes under the responsibility of the Royal Forest Department is free. It is here that many confiscated and rescued animals will be brought. The variety of species held here is quite diverse and includes Leopards, Pangolins, Asiatic Bears, Asiatic Golden Cats, Flat-headed cats, Elephants, Gibbons and more. Some of the 50 or so smuggled Orangutans which were rescued from the Bangkok Safari were brought here.
There are breeding programmes in place for a number of species, including Tigers.

The 34 year old zoo keeper Somethai Chanthorn was attacked by a 24 year old tigress called 'Maliwan' as he opened the door to her enclosure whilst trying to transfer her to a new enclosure. Somechai sustained injuries to his head, face, arm and body and was taken to hospital.

The Zoo community wishes Somechai a speedy and complete recovery.


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