Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Idiot Lion Man Was Stopped!

The idiot Lion Man was stopped, but it was very much a last minute sort of thing and going by the photograph, a well attended event. I drew attention to the proposal of this idiotic spectacle some time ago and wrote it up in:

Not a pleasant video


This was followed up by my colleague Dina Zulficar in Cairo who alerted and reminded the authorities. Here is the message she sent me yesterday:

"Dear Peter

Please find updates from Egypt regarding the Essawi Case:

After maneouvers with authorities, all day today, Essawi gathered the press in Mansoura, at 1pm, all don't know where he would hold the alleged fight, at 3pm, all left Mansoura following Essawi by cars to unknown destination. After 2 hours driving Essawi stopped at "Kalabsha" a small district near "Gamasa" on the coast, turning right and left in between vegetations.. and there was the lion in a cage.

Egyptian Police Authorities were all alert, Essawi started the fight BUT was stopped shortly by the police and the fight was called off.

Currently the authorities are taking necessary actions. In time, shortly interrogations outcome will be declared by authorities.

at 7 pm fight was called off: someone called - twitted about it and uploaded some pictures, than he said that Essawy called off the fight and made a speech.

Essawi kept manouvering all day today, at last he stopped in the bushes of a vegetation area which no once could imagined. Thank God Police took action.


Dina Zulfikar"

Thank you Dina for you noble efforts to prevent this atrocity taking place.


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