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ZooNews Digest 5th - 11th June 2009 (Zoo News 600)

ZooNews Digest 5th - 11th June 2009 (Zoo News 600)

Peter Dickinson

Dear Colleagues,

Last week I pointed out the absolute stupidity of the practice of removing infant Orangutans from their mothers by Taman Safari in Indonesia. Actually, because I can I will repeat it....IT IS STUPID, it is bad management and has no place in the modern zoo.

But folks they are not alone. Look at link number two this week. Again an absolutely crazy daft mad stupid commercially greedy and hang any thought of the animals involved practice. Again this is not unique. Can anyone remind me of what is going on with Orangutan babies in Sabah, Malaysia?

White Tigers figure quite prominently in some of this weeks stories. Abilene has welcomed the animal palmed off by Busch Gardens. I really cannot see the point in keeping an animal that makes no useful contribution to conservation. White Tiger Breeding is Not Conservation
Whereas I am sure it is a lovely animal, the zoo world really has an important message to drive home.
Now Aschersleben Zoo has 'rescued' a white tiger cub? Already they are trying to put a nutty Knut type moniker on the story. Stupid. The cub should have been euthanased.
There are two 'real' tiger stories out there this week. Seoul Zoo has officially registered their Tigers in the International Studbook. Big deal you may think...but it is all the more important because breeding will be managed...and of course there is NO studbook for White Tigers...nor will there ever be.

Before you move on...a little light entertainment:

Way back in 1972 I was offered the opportunity to go to the Faroe Islands to 'rescue' a couple of Pilot Whales for Oceanarium exhibition.

As things stood romance and job prospects were in the way and so a close friend of mine went instead. I recieved a detailed but horrifying account of things on his return. He and his colleagues thought all they need to do was jump and lie across a whale to claim it. After a very long wait for the whales to arrive they jumped. Around them the living whale was cut to pieces by children who stuffed pieces of living whale into their mouths.....I won't go on. long ago and yet this barbaric practice continues. How can we in the West condemn any country about what they are doing to their sea mammals whilst this is taking place on our own doorstep? The so called 'civilised' West...the European Union.

I include some links below. I am not a party to any of them and so not vetted in detail and would ask you not to part with cash unless you think it really is going to help: Watch...if you dare

Before you condemn completely watch this may get half an understanding.

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I truly believe it will be worth your while. This Weeks Books of Interest to the Zoo Professional


On with links:

Peoria Zoo Ready For Africa Opening

It’s taken close to a decade to get to this point, but the Peoria Zoo’s new Africa exhibit officially opens on Saturday, and it’s been creating quite the buzz.“We've been getting nothing but compliments,” says Dawn Petefish, curator of collections for the Peoria Zoo. “I don't think people expected it to be quite as large as it is, with as many species as we have.”At seven acres, the new exhibit doubles the size of the zoo and provides many opportunities to see everything from rhinos and

Orangutan hospital draws flak

A MALAYSIAN orangutan sanctuary where baby apes wear nappies, sleep in cots and are cared for by nurses dressed in masks and starched uniforms has drawn the wrath of environmentalists. At Orangutan Island in Malaysia's north, tourists snap photos as they file past large windows looking onto a facility billed as the world's only rehabilitation and preservation facility for the endangered primates. Behind the glass, adorable baby orangutans like two-month-old Tuah lie swaddled in nursery sheets and cling to baby rattles. 'He is separated from the mother because his hands got entangled in the mother's hair and was unable to breastfeed,' says the facility's chief veterinarian D. Sabapathy. Tuah lies calmly in his cot with his eyes wide open and hands across his chest, hooked up to cables monitoring his heart beat and oxygen levels, ignoring the passing parade. But the care lavished on the animals, which are fed every two hours by a staff of seven nurses on duty round the clock, is lost on environmentalists who say this is no way to treat wild animals facing the threat of extinction. Managers of the 35-acre island, which is part of a resort hotel development, say they aim to return the animals to their natural jungle habitat, but so far none have been released. 'It is ridiculous to have orangutans in nappies and hand-raised in a nursery. How are they going to reintroduce the primates back in the wild,' said senior wildlife veterinarian Roy Sirimanne. Mr Sirimanne, who has worked in zoos in Southeast Asia and the Middle East over the past four decades, said baby orangutans need to be with their mothers to learn survival skills. 'Keeping the orangutans in captivity on an island is not a conservation programme. It amounts to desecration (of the species) as it is nearly impossible to reintroduce them back to the forest.' Experts say there are about 50,000

Product Description
In this book, James Murphy follows the changes in zoo and aquarium communities by looking at the development and expansion of the discipline, the evolution of ideas which led to greater conservation awareness and activity, vignettes of interesting historical moments, and pioneers in zoo herpetology. Portraits of a selected number of zoos and aquariums throughout the world are presented to show the chronology of herpetological discovery, people who worked at those places, and the breadth of the programs that were put in place.

Newborn and cranky, baby rhino conceived through artificial insemination debuts at Madrid zoo

Rare baby rhino debuted at Madrid’s zooOnly a month old and already in a bad mood, a baby white rhino conceived through artificial insemination is delighting keepers at a Spanish zoo.The male rhino was born in late April and unveiled this week, and is only the third in the world to be conceived with that technique, zoo veterinarian Enrique Saez said Thursday. The other two were in Budapest, Hungary, over the past two years.The animal weighed about 140 pounds (65 kilograms) at birth and now tips the scales at 220 pounds (100 kilograms). Its mother, named Marina, gave birth after a 509-day pregnancy.Artificial insemination is rarely attempted on rhinos because

Planning a tour of European Zoos? You NEED this book.

Further ibex from Czech zoo to be released in Alps

Four young Alpine ibexes, raised in the Chomutov zoopark were transported to the zoo in Innsbruck, Austria, last week in order to be later released in the wild in the Alps, zoopark spokeswoman Martina Pelcova told CTK Thursday.The first similar "ibex consignment," three male and three female ibexes, was delivered from Chomutov to Austria two years ago."The ibexes are part of the reintroduction programme that is to support their return to the wild and the preservation of their wild population," said Pelcova.Apart from ibexes, the Chomutov zoopark has been participating in the reintroduction of wisent, another endangered species.The first couple of wisents from Chomutov were

New bird found in Koshi Tappu

Ornithologists have found yet another species of bird in Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve area in Sunsari. The new bird has been identified as Daurian Redstart (Phoenicurus auroreus). According to a press statement issued by Bird Conservation Nepal (BCN), ornithologists Tika Giri and Barry McCarthy found the bird for the first time in the country in one of the islands of Koshi River on December 25, 2008. Since then Giri has seen this bird at least three times again. Giri has recorded around 750 bird species in the country -- more than any other ornithologists´ total for this country -- so far.The bird forms part of a large bird family known

Encyclopedia of the World's Zoos (Hardcover)

If you have been thinking of buying this three volume set and have been waiting for the price to come down...well it isn't. It is going up. If you have not even considered the purchase...then you should. This is more than an encyclopedia of is much more than that. It is a valuable working reference. It should be on the bookshelf of every zoo and animal management college wherever.

I parted with all my books along with my house and all my possessions when I hit the road to travel. I have very few regrets but parting with my set of Encyclopedia of the World's Zoos is definitely one of them. Okay I know they went to a good home but for for a rock bottom bargain price. Buy yours now while you can.

White tiger at Abilene Zoo

A white Bengal tiger named Havar is ready to greet visitors at the Abilene Zoo.The 325-pound male tiger, which was donated to the zoo by Busch Gardens Tampa Bay in Florida, arrived earlier this week. Havar is approximately 8 years old.The Abilene Zoo is located in Nelson Park

Who's who in the zoo Head curator Paul Hamilton shows off some of the sea life on display at Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. (Video)

Bird traders complain of receiving cold shoulder from govt

The Birds and Animals Business Association (BABA) has complained that the government continues to neglect the matter of the preservation of their businesses, while a letter has also been written to President Asif Ali Zardari to appeal for help in this regard, The News has learnt.BABA comprises breeders, local buyers and sellers, exporters and importers, carpenters engaged in making wooden crates, boxes, packers (skilled and unskilled labour), transporters, forwarding agents and (bird) feed sellers. Officials from the association alleged that the discouraging attitude of certain government officials and unnecessary propaganda has resulted in their businesses being ruined. “We have been repeatedly requesting the ministries and departments concerned to consider our request through various letters and reminders, but we have been unable to get a response from their side,” said the letter written to the president, which bears the signatures of BABA President Abdul Raheem and General Secretary Syed Airaj Ahmed. According to the letter, the export business of exotic birds was a source of foreign revenue till a few years ago, while thousands benefited from the employment

Wildlife Conservation Society supports world's first study of egg-laying mammal

A Wildlife Conservation Society research intern working in the wilds of Papua New Guinea has successfully completed what many other field biologists considered "mission impossible"—the first study of a rare egg-laying mammal called the long-beaked echidna. The WCS-supported study—which consisted of thousands of hours of grueling field work in Papua New Guinea's Crater Mountain Wildlife Management Area—took Muse D. Opiang, now of the Papua New Guinea Institute of Biological Research,,26f631/srt,0/?v=161&i=5962&SW=&PSW=&POS=0&CID=3

Zoo officials blame rubber ball for lion's death

A 10-year-old lion at the southern Nevada zoo has been euthanized after falling ill in the span of just a few days. Zoo director Pat Dingle says he believes the lion's illness was a result of eating a rubber football. The half-eaten ball was discovered last week in the lions exhibit. The animal, named Midas, was housed in an exhibit that borders a thrift store run by Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada. Dingle says store employees have a history of tossing

Black Rhino Translocated from Czech Republic to Tanzania

On Friday last week, Tony Fitzjohn, the Field Director of the George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust - who has been working with the Government of Tanzania for 20 years in Mkomazi National Park - took delivery of three black rhino from the Dvur Kralove Zoo, Czech Republic.The three rhino had earlier been crated at Dvur Kralove Zoo in Czech Republic and then carefully transported on a 1,000 km road trip to Amsterdam.They were accompanied by Dr. Pete Morkel (probably the best rhino vet in the world), ex Head Rhino Keeper of Port Lympne Berry White and the Dvur Kralove rhino keeper Honza were with them.The animals then rested for the day at Schipol Airport in a privately set-aside hangar.They were loaded that night and flew through the night to Kilimanjaro International Airport. The Martin Air agent advised us that the aircraft

Handbook of Mammals of the World, Vol 1 - Carnivores (Hardcover)

Conservation team fear tigers under further threat

SOUTH Cumbrian animal conservationists fear that the rare breed of tigers they protect are now under even greater threat – with human lives also at risk.Paper manufacturers have got permission to clear an area of natural forest in Indonesia, which caused dismay at South Lakes Wild Animal Park, which funds the Sumatran Tiger Conservation Programme.Visitors to the Dalton zoo last year alone helped raise £100,000 to help protect the endangered species.However, a joint venture company of Asia Pulp & Paper/Sinar Mas Group recently got a licence to clear the largest portion of natural forest remaining outside the Bukit Tigapuluh National Park.David Gill, zoo owner and chairman of The Sumatran Tiger Trust, says the national park is vital for an estimated 100 of the last 400 critically endangered Sumatran tigers left in the wild.Mr Gill said: “Sumatran tigers are on the brink of extinction and Bukit Tigapuluh is one of the most important habitats remaining for them. Tigers already struggle to survive and

Racine zoo monkey celebrates record birthday

A monkey at the Racine Zoo is believed to be the oldest of her species in the world. Julie, a patas monkey, was born in May 1982 and has lived at the zoo her entire life. Jay Christie, president and CEO of the zoo, says zoo officials have concluded that she's the oldest in the world. He says it's unlikely that a patas monkey would reach age 27 in the wild. The zoo celebrated Julie's birthday last month by giving her a layer cake made of mashed primate biscuits layered with bananas and grapes and frosted,0,3201176.story

New manager: park will be open again in three months

Zoo troubleshooter Tim Husband has been hired to sort out the Zion Wildlife Gardens in Whangarei, where a keeper was killed by a tiger last month.He has a three-month contract to iron out safety concerns and get the place reopened for customers to see its 40 big cats.After keeper Dalu Mncube's death on May 27, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry closed the wildlife park until it was satisfied the place was well managed and the animals' welfare was not compromised.The Department of Labour has also served Zion management with two improvement notices; one requiring the park to meet MAF standards for fencing and the other concerning measures to protect staff where segregation from animals is not possible.Mr Husband was raised in Whangarei. He and wife Wendy have operated a New South Wales-based Zooworks business, doing consultancy work in Australian and Asian zoos.He has a reputation as a hard-headed administrator."I don't muck around. I was called the aggressive

Chimp chomps Berlin zoo director's finger

Director was feeding walnuts to a male chimpanzee named Pedro
Doctors say the Berlin Zoo's director will likely lose the finger a chimpanzee nearly bit off as he tried to feed it.Director Bernhard Blaszkiewitz was feeding walnuts to a male chimpanzee named Pedro on Monday when it bit his right index finger almost completely off.Doctors say Blaszkiewitz underwent an eight-hour operation to reattach it, but it became infected. Surgeon Andreas

Baby tiger born prematurely, taken in by zoo director

Germany's Aschersleben Zoo is home to more than 100 animal species, but the flavour of the month is a two month-old white tiger cub. The cub has been making its debut appearance at the zoo this week. The cuddly animal which owes its striped white fur to a genetic condition was already compared to Germany's famous ice bear Knut. The director of Aschersleben zoo, Dietmar Reisky kept his new star secret for the first eight weeks, due to the low chance of survival. The tiger's mother gave birth prematurely to four tiger babies on April 5th, with each weighing 800 grams.That's less than half of the usual weight of a ne

Seoul Zoo Tigers Can Now Mate Worldwide

The tigers at Seoul Zoo have been listed on an international studbook. Seoul Zoo in Gwacheon, Gyeonggi Province on Monday said it has registered 52 tigers on the international tiger studbook, a worldwide breeding register recognized by the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums and managed by Leipzig Zoo in Germany. Currently, 24 tigers live at Seoul Zoo. WAZA asks zoos around the world to register 148 species of wild animals which are in danger of extinction on the register supervised by the Committee for Inter-regional Conservation Coordination. Seoul Zoo became a full member of WAZA in 2000 and joined the International Species Information

Traveling? Take some of the worries away. Uses in a zoo situation? There are times I could have used one.

Anthony Browne: gorillas in his midst

The award-winning author and illustrator is the new Children’s Laureate — and his mission is to champion picture story-booksAuthors of children’s books can usually be relied on to promote their work with enthusiasm, but Anthony Browne is more game — some might say reckless — than most when it comes to getting his message across to young readers. His best known book is a modern classic, Gorilla, and primates crop up often in his work. Years ago, not long after two keepers had been killed by a tigress owned by the late John Aspinall at Howlett’s Wild Animal Park, a TV producer thought that it would be a good idea for Browne to talk about his books while sitting inside a gorilla enclosure. As he entered the cage Aspinall threw in some rose petals, which gorillas apparently regard as a treat. This seemed to excite them and one sank its teeth into Browne’s leg. “It was the most horrendous pain I have ever felt in my life.” The beast was kicked away and the cameras rolled. “I had jeans on and they were fairly tight and holding my muscle in place. I didn’t know what to do. I was terrified of the gorillas and I was

Check temperatures from a distance. Monitor your terrariums and tanks in an instance from the outside. Invaluable tool for keepers in a variety of settings. A 'must' for curators, reptile keepers and zoo inspectors.

African Safari picks zoo director

African Safari Wildlife Park, the Midwest's only drive-through safari, has named Everett Harris zoo director.Harris has more than 35 years of experience in the zoo community. Harris graduated from Indiana University, and started his career as a zoo keeper at the Indianapolis Zoo. He has managed several institutions, including Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek, Mich.; Hattiesburg Zoo, in Hattiesburg, Miss.; and most recently, Louisiana Purchase Zoo, in Monroe, La.African Safari, a 100-acre preserve

Perak's ambition to upgrade wildlife scene

The Perak Government wants to transform the wildlife centre here — currently the habitat of pheasants, deer and a few seladang — into a world-class conservation centre. Perak Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir said recently that he would discuss the possibility of enlarging the area with the Department of Environment.He said: “It's now used for breeding, but I see that there is great potential, because only 50 acres (20ha) of the 2,900ha of the forest reserve has been developed." On average, the centre recorded less than 200 visitors every month, with only 2,180 people visiting last year.National Parks and Wildlife Department state director Shabrina Shariff said yesterday it would take up to five years to upgrade the centre,

In the modern zoo with its walkie-talkies, mobile phones and similar people tend to forget the simple whistle. A whistle, to me, will always remain an absolutely essential part of a Zoo Keepers equipment. There are days that yours, and others lives could depend on it.

Chinese renege on promise of three rare monkeys for L.A. Zoo

After hiring a feng shui expert and spending more than $7.4 million on a special exhibit, Los Angeles will not be getting three rare golden monkeys from China promised in a 2002 trip led by former Mayor James Hahn, officials said Wednesday. "It was a decision by the Chinese government and we're disappointed," said Councilman Tom LaBonge, whose district includes the Greater Los Angeles Zoo. "But, it is not a waste. We have a beautiful facility and we will put other animals on display there." The agreement to bring in the golden monkeys, identifiable by their blue faces and long flowing blond hair, was developed by Hahn during his trip to China. He went to China hoping to win a panda exhibit for the zoo, but came back with what was seen as a consolation



The Zoo Biology Group is concerned with all disciplines involved inthe running of a Zoological Garden. Captive breeding, husbandry,cage design and construction, diets, enrichment, man management,record keeping, etc etc


October 20-23, 2009
Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
For Registration please forward before Sept 1st 2009 to Charlie GrayAfrican Lion Safari, RR#1, Cambridge, Ontario N1R5S2, CanadaFAX: (001) 519- 623-9542Email:


To anyone concerned with California Condors and their conservation -- A pending proposal to develop a portion of California's massive Tejon Ranch is under public comment now. Several major conservation organizations, including the California Audubon Society, the Sierra Club, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and others have publicly celebrated the proposal, which protects in perpetuity approximately 90% of the property. A mitigation plan negotiated with the ranch owners by a panel of condor experts, including Pete Bloom, Lloyd Kiff and Robert Risebrough, has achieved additional benefits for condors on the remaining 10% of the ranch where development has been proposed. This includes altering development plans to preclude development on some significant foraging areas, the provision of new feeding stations to provide clean food for condors as long as the feeding stations are needed (or for fifty years, whichever comes first), the hiring of a full-time condor biologist on site to protect the interests of the local condors, the provision of $250,000 of satellite transmitters for condor tracking, enhanced measures by the ranch to ensure that no lead ammunition is used by hunters on the ranch, and other provisions that the condor panel believe more than offset the loss of a small percentage of the total condor habitat, including some designated "critical habitat" that will be altered by this development. Anyone can read the 70+ page mitigation plan and comment on it by visiting the website of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service office in Ventura, CA. You can Google that information and reach a link to the draft environmental impact assessment. Or the following link may work (I am not sure if it will, but I did copy it from the subject line of my browser): There has been some opposition to this plan by some condor biologists, which I would like to comment on in the near future. Right now I encourage interested parties to carefully review the plan itself as I am doing now. Stan MooreSan Geronimo, CA


Pictured: The orangutans who overcame their fear of water (and crocodiles) to swim in search of food
According to the laws of nature, apes and water don't mix. But no one seems to have told these orangutans. Splashing gleefully in a muddy river, they have obviously overcome their natural fear of getting wet. And their deeply-held suspicion that crocodiles are lurking somewhere in the water.
Instead, they dived in at the deep end, paddled back and forth from the shore


ZooLex June 2009
Hello ZooLex Friend,We have worked for your enjoyment!
The white rhinoceros exhibit at Allwetterzoo Münster in Germany was expanded for more flexibility in combining or separating neighbouring enclosures. The new arangement provides more individual exercise and retreat opportunities for the animals and allows easier breeding:
The German original text is here:
Thanks to Eduardo Diaz Garcia we are able to present Spanish translations of previously published presentations of exhibits at Zoo Münster.
El sendero de los lemures:
El sendero de los colobos:
When you open a new exhibit at your facility, please consider a presentation of this exhibit in the ZooLex Gallery.The best time for publishing is when the design brief, animal and plantlist, illustrative plan and press releases are still at hand. The ZooLex template makes it easy to prepare a presentation:
You can choose one of the languages offered. We will take care of thetranslation into English.
Publishing in ZooLex is for free. Submissions to the ZooLex Gallery can bedone by zoo staff, someone from the design team or a volunteer. We publish only in agreement with the institution hosting the exhibit to be presented.


Les zoos dans le monde


Life Net Newsletter


Be ready...see what the green blooded cabbage headed are up to.

International Day of Action for Elephants in Zoos (IDAEZ)
June 20, 2009


Celebrating Plants and the Planet:

Humans have never known a time before flowers, and yet flowers can still delight and surprise us. (Can't say the same for iPods, let alone 8-tracks.)

June links at (NEWS/Botanical News) highlight some unexpected floral news.

· Scientists have long noticed that the petals of some flowers have special cells shaped like little cones. They have only now recognized their function: Velcro for bees.
· If floral fragrance is to attract pollinators, then why would a wind-pollinated plant like grapes have a fragrance? Maybe there's more to this cologne.
· Orchids are the stars of "Weird Pollination Tricks." Now a previously unknown species has been discovered hedging its pollination bets with two strategies to attract two pollinators.
· What is the true worth of wildlife corridors? New studies show they can do more than help species get around. (This is more about seed dispersal than flowers, so I cheated.)
· Eight years ago wild maize species of northern Mexico were reported as having been pollinated by bioengineered crops and a controversy over such crops ensued. New studies aren't controversial, just tragic.

Now let's talk poop. The on-line video game from the Minnesota Zoo, promoting their summer African savanna exhibit is an instant classic. Stop what you are doing and go to . You'll thank me for it (all complaints go to Lee Ehmke though).

Please share these stories with associates, staff, docents and -- most importantly -- visitors! Remember, over a hundred other stories can be found in the archive section of the website.



Endangered Species Recovery
20th July – 7th August 2009
A short-course for anyone with an active interest in animal conservation and a desire to learn how species can be saved. Lectures will be given by world class conservationists. Practical activities and behind the scenes experiences in Durrell’s animal collection will provide participants with first-hand exposure to the realities of endangered species recovery. On completion participants will be equipped with a fuller appreciation of the complexities of animal conservation and an ability to develop their personal or professional interests in the field.
For further information please visit (get involved menu, select training)Or contact Catherine Burrows at:


Volunteering Opportunity
Elephantstay at the Royal Elephant Kraal Village, Ayutthaya Thailand
Please check for additional information.


Announcing the ASZK Des Spittall Scholarship for Keeper Research

Named in honour of the late Des Spittall, a life member of ASZK, the ASZK committee has launched the Des Spittall Scholarship for keeper research. This is open to people who have been a financial member of ASZK for 12 months or more. This is an annual scholarship up to the value of $2,000. Applications close 31st October 2009
Please forward ‘Des Spittall Scholarship for Keeper Research’ application to ASZK President no later than 31st of October each year at email



"First African Symposium on Zoological Medicine"
July 18th and 19th 2009.
Johannesburg Zoo, South Africa.
Financial assistance available for vets from other African countries.
For more details contact Teresa Slacke on

The 7th Annual Turtle Survival Alliance Symposium on Chelonian Conservation and Biology
August 5th - 8th, 2009
St Louis, Missouri
For details on membership, registration, program and events, please visit our website at

Professional Training Seminars at Shedd Aquarium
Animal Training Seminar with Ken Ramirez
Environmental Quality Seminar with Allen LaPointe
August 24 –28, 2009
Please contact the adult programs coordinator at for more information

Zoo Atlanta, USA

AZA 2009 Annual Conference
September 12-17, 2009
Oregon Zoo

26th EAZA Annual Conference
14 - 20 September 2009
Copenhagen Zoo, Denmark.

3rd International Congress on Zoo Keeping and the 36th American Association of Zoo Keepers National Conference
September 24th - 29th 2009 The Puget Sound Chapter of AAZK and WoodlandPark Zoo
See these websites for further information:

CBSG (Conservation Breeding Specialist Group)
1-4 October 2009
St. Louis, MO, USA (right before the WAZA Meeting)
For further information:

64th WAZA Annual Conference
4 - 8 October 2009
St. Louis Zoo at the Renaissance Grand Hotel, St. Louis (MO), USA.
For more information, please visit

Second Okapi Workshop
11 14 October 2009
Antwerp Zoo
For further details go to:

2009 ZRA Annual Conference : Overview
October 21-25, 2009
Zoo Boise , Boise , Idaho
If you have questions about the 2009 ZRA Annual Conference Program, please contact the Program Chairman, Pam Krentz, Registrar for Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, at (216) 635-3361 or by email at

The Bear Care Group announces the second international bear care conference 'Advancing Bear Care '09.

The 6th European Zoo Nutrition Conference
Barcelona, 28-31 January 2010
Please send comments or suggestions for topics/speakers directly to me ( Further announcements and information will be posted online via the nutrition area of the EAZA website (

20th International Zoo Educators' (IZE) Biennial Conference
19 - 23 October 2010 Disney's Animal Kingdom, Florida, USA.
For more information, please visit

International meeting of collectors of zoo literature and memorabilia
Internationales Treffen der Sammler zoohistorischer Literatur
Rencontre internationale des collectionneurs de documents en rapport avec les zoos
See here for more details:

7th International Penguin Conference
DATE: August 30 to September 3, 2010
LOCATION: Boston Massachusetts, USA
HOSTED BY: The New England Aquarium

AZA 2010 Annual Conference
September 11-16
Houston Zoo, Houston , TX

AZA 2011 Annual Conference
September 12-17
Zoo Atlanta , Atlanta , GA

AZA 2012 Annual Conference
September 8-13
Phoenix Zoo, Phoenix , AZ

AZA 2013 Annual Conference
September 7-12
Kansas City Zoo, Kansas City , MO


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