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ZooNews Digest 24th - 26th May 2009 (Zoo News 596)

ZooNews Digest 24th - 26th May 2009 (Zoo News 596)



Peter Dickinson

Dear Colleagues,

Many thanks for your emails and links of interest. Always an interesting story out there. The one about the Bristol Lion is an odd one but not that unusual. I have lost count over the years of similar that I have followed up. Lions? Yes a few. Never did see one but I did see the very clear soup plate sized pug marks which I followed on foot for an hour or two. Others I recollect where I did actually find something. A very large Indian Python in a wood in Snowdonia National Park. Then there was the 'Dragon' on the slopes of Snowdon itself. That turned out to be a large monitor lizard which had been living wild for months. But a lion in Bristol?....No way! Though I daresay some ardent cryptozoologist is searching as we speak.

I am now more aware of the facts about the Elephant in Edmonton and am satisfied with what I have learned. I just wish the protesting writers would do a bit of research and fact finding instead of the usual green blooded, cabbage headed, blinkered PETA way of going about things.

Gibbon Journal No. 5 has just been published. I urge you to take a look (see link below). The paper on the longevity of Gibbons makes a fascinating read.

Regular readers of ZooNews Digest will note I have been more than happy over the years to include contents listings of various zoo related terrestrial journals if they are sent to me. I don't appear to have had anything from ABWAK and some others in years. Living out here I really have no way of knowing if it is still going strong...and I am not alone.

No new hubpages this week. Involved in other projects.

Visit my webpages at: http://hubpages.com/profile/Peter+Dickinson

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This Weeks Books of Interest to the Zoo Professional http://moourl.com/6rk1w

On with the links:

Bama's Journey

Alfred Bama works at the Limbe Wildlife Centre, a sanctuary for young primates and great apes orphaned by the illegal bush-meat trade. He has hand-reared nearly all of the apes from infancy. It is both a deep and touching relationship with the gorillas perceiving him as a father and part of their group.Bama's dedication to the gorillas is about to lead him on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that will take him from the gorilla sanctuary in Cameroon to a zoo in Northern England.As he experiences the life and the riches of the Western world for the first time he realises that in fact the real wealth is still in Africa, exactly where he left it.'Possible extinction'"Great Apes as well as other endangered species in Cameroon are facing possible extinction as a result of rapid deforestation and bush-meat hunting," Nicky Chalk, the film's director explains. "Out here bush-meat, including gorillas and chimpanzees, is a popular delicacy but over-hunting in recent years means that there are very few of these animals remaining in their natural habitat."Knowing all of this can make you feel very pessimistic about the future of wildlife in this country which is why meeting Bama was so wonderfully reassuring. He is passionate about his gorillas and his country and he gave me hope that it is still possible to save them."Nicky followed Bama on his adventure and


Foot and mouth outbreaks ‘resolved’

Almost 200 gazelle have died or been destroyed this year in two outbreaks of foot and mouth disease, officials have said.Seventy animals died of the disease in the outbreaks in the Al Awir and Deira areas of Dubai, while another 125 were destroyed as a precaution against the disease spreading, according to a report submitted last week to the World Organisation for Animal Health by the Ministry of Environment and Water.The first and largest outbreak was detected on a farm for breeding oryx and gazelle near Al Maktoum bridge in Deira


Mataika heads Shangri-La’s marine programme

SHANGRI-LA’S Fijian Resort & Spa has appointed, Ms Mereoni Mataika (pictured), as its Marine Programme Manager. Ms Mataika began work at the Resort recently and is spearheading the development of a marine conservation centre at Yanuca, home to Shangri-La’s Fijian Resort and Spa. Ms Mataika previously worked as project officer at Partners in Community Development Fiji (PCDF), a Fiji-based non government organisation that has worked closely with the Resort on marine conservation for ten years. She has also worked with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Pacific regional office and as an international intern with EarthCorps in the United States. She holds a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree from Auckland University of Technology (AUT) via the Fiji Institute of Technology (FIT), a Diploma of Environmental Science and Certificate of Industrial Laboratory Technology. Ms Mataika will also assist in revitalising a range of programmes related to the Coral Gardens Living Reefs Programme and general marine conservation initiated six years ago by PCDF with Shangri-La’s Fijian Resort and Spa. We envisage our Resort to become a model for climate


Cops hunt for Bristol's prowling lion

POLICE were scrambled to hunt for a LION by three terrified health workers convinced they saw one of the beasts on the prowl in BRISTOL. Two of the NHS Direct admin staff saw a mystery big cat lying under a tree near their office beside the M5 motorway at 7pm on Tuesday. It disappeared into undergrowth – but minutes later a third colleague spotted a "huge


Big beasts take sides in zoos' panda war

Documents reveals how two royals and Boris Johnson have raced to woo China for a pair of the iconic animalsFrom The Sunday TimesMay 24, 2009
Big beasts take sides in zoos' panda warDocuments reveals how two royals and Boris Johnson have raced to woo China for a pair of the iconic animalsBoris Johnson dropped plans to lodge a formal request for the pandas while he was in Beijing, allowing Edinburgh to win A GENERATION ago, President Richard Nixon and Ted Heath each returned from China with two fluffy black-and-white creatures, as Beijing signalled its desire to engage with the West. Now senior royals and top politicians have been involved in a new round of panda diplomacy. Their goal - to win prestige for rival English and Scottish zoos by bringing back the first breeding pair of pandas for 15 years. The team supporting the Edinburgh bid was composed of heavyweights: Prince Andrew and Princess Anne, with David Miliband, the foreign secretary, providing political support. London zoo pinned its hopes on the city’s mayor, Boris Johnson, and the lure of the 2012 Olympics, to secure a cut-price deal. The rival dealings with the Chinese authorities have been laid bare in documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act (FoI) which detail the battle among three


Students help zoo's black rhino project
Potter Park needs $1M to expand, renovate exhibit

Donley Elementary third-grader Emily Fortino said she wants to help Potter Park Zoo save the world's black rhinoceroses.She and her East Lansing classmates are collecting soda cans and bottles this month to raise money for the Lansing zoo's upcoming renovation and expansion of its black rhino exhibit, which zoo officials have said could cost as much as $1 million.Other schools in the Lansing area are helping out, too. Local students who participated in the Big Zoo Lesson - a weeklong immersion activity at the zoo - are organizing fundraisers to help the zoo pay for its rhino project, said Dennis Laidler, the zoo's


Treasuring the Javan Rhino

In a tranquil forest on the westernmost tip of Java, the sound of lapping water in a moss-green river is accompanied by an occasional breeze whispering through the foliage of nipa palms as kaleidoscopic butterflies flit across the riverbed.Further down the river, past overhanging branches on which pythons slither and civets spring, across boggy terrain and two coral-bedded creeks, is a mud hole frequented by Javan rhinos. Measuring about 20 square meters, the mud wallow is a resting place for these rare mammals in Ujung Kulon National Park. The Javan rhino was listed as critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources in 1996 and is now the rarest rhino in the world. Once found throughout much of Asia, the main population of Javan rhinos now live deep in


At the Zoo

Caretakers push 39-year-old Asian elephant Boyu as they attempt to wake it up in a zoo in Kiev May 23, 2009. Boyu had to be given anaesthesia before it had its nails cut.


Oklahoma City Zoo’s rhino getting used to new digs

One of the few captive rhinos in the United States arrived this week to live at the Oklahoma City Zoo. Niki, a 2½-year-old female, arrived Thursday from the Bronx Zoo in New York, said Laura Bottaro, mammal curator at the Oklahoma City Zoo. Niki was brought here to mate with Chandra, a 24-year-old male, as part of a nationwide program called a species survival plan, Bottaro said. They likely won’t mate for a while."We’ll give her another


Porcupine, python strut catwalk for Russian zoo

Leggy models shared the catwalk with a porcupine, a python and a yak on Sunday at a fashion show to raise public awareness of animal welfare and Saint Petersburg's zoo.About a dozen animals in all -- some on leashes, others in the models' arms -- strutted their stuff for the zoo, one of the oldest in Europe but hard-pressed for funds."Casting the models was not easy," Tatiana Fedorishenko, the zoo's deputy director, told AFP, referring to the human kind. "The animals in the show are tame, but the models have to be without fear, and comfortable with them.""It was hard," confided one of the models, Natasha


Vandals with dogs hunt zoo animals

AT LEAST 10 animals have been hunted and killed by dogs in illegal overnight raids at the East London Zoo over the last month. On Thursday night, two fallow dear were killed while another was left injured. The carcasses of the two dead animals were left by the “hunters”.Two weeks ago, a herd of bushbuck was attacked. Eight were killed and their carcasses also left behind. Friends of the East London Zoo’s chairperson, Cedric Harrop described the killings as “cruel and malicious”. He said the people responsible for the acts knew the zoo set-up and how to avoid security.“These are very highly organised people and what they are doing is sheer mindless vandalism because they just leave the animals there for us to find,” he said.Harrop said a R2500 reward


Memphis zookeeper OK after tiger bites him in leg

A spokesman for the Memphis Zoo says a zookeeper is in stable condition after being bitten in the leg by a Bengal tiger.Spokesman Drew Smith tells WMC-TV that the 3-year-old tiger bit the man in the lower calf on Sunday morning. The attack came before visitors were in the park in a secure area off-limits to the public.Smith says the tiger, named Kumari, was sedated after the attack and zoo officials are investigating. Smith says zoo officials don't know whether something provoked the tiger, but added that wild animals "don't necessar


World’s rarest deer still roam Negros

FOR THIS group of British and Filipino environmentalists, there’s nothing more beautiful than the sight of droppings of the world’s rarest deer.It’s proof that the Visayan spotted deer (Cervus alfredi), endemic to the Philippines but in danger of extinction, still roam in the wild.A statement from the British Embassy said the Negros Interior Biodiversity Expedition (Nibe) “has found evidence of two groups of the Visayan Spotted Deer alive and well” in the North Negros Natural Park (NNNP).Fresh deer droppings, deer tracks and “significant evidence of feeding activity” were documented by the Nibe in its three-week scientific exploration last April in the park.The NNNP is considered a biodiversity hotspot which means the area has a high level of endemic species.“The team members did not actually [see] any of the rare Visayan spotted deer, but they found footprints and droppings which prove


Lion Man's job in the balance

The "Lion Man", Craig Busch, will discover whether he can reclaim his old job at Northland's Zion Wildlife Park this week.Busch, who created worldwide fame for the Whangarei wildlife park in the television series The Lion Man, has a meeting with the Employment Relations Authority tomorrow, where he is applying to be reinstated.He was sacked for alleged serious misconduct in November last year. A Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry investigation found 40 of his big cats in insanitary and crowded conditions


Calgary Zoo's new curator brings unique perspective to job

You may have heard of Steve Irwin, but you likely don't yet know about Tim Sinclair-Smith.There are parallels in the lives of Irwin, best known as The Crocodile Hunter, and Sinclair-Smith, the Calgary Zoo's newcurator of Eurasian and behavioural husbandry.Both were born in Australia and lived in the state of Queensland. Irwin's father was a wildlife expert and his mother a wildlife rehabilitator, while Sinclair-Smith's dad was a zookeeper and his mom trained marine mammals.Both grew up with crocodiles and became field-trained wildlife experts, passionate about conservation. They


500 trees relocated in Al Ain Zoo

More than 500 trees have been relocated at Al Ain Wildlife Park (Zoo), with a future plan of their re-introduction as an integral part of the new landscape emerging at the


So that's how you cut an elephant's toenails

He might have preferred shocking pink, or a gold that would have twinkled in the sunlight as he lumbered along. But since Boy the elephant was asleep during his pedicure he had no choice in the colour of varnish smeared on his nails - and ended up with boring dark blue. His beauty treatment at Kiev Zoo, in the Ukraine, was a truly jumbo task


Month after hippo death, Byculla zoo wakes up

Seems like the Byculla zoo authority has learnt a lesson the hard way, after suffering the loss of Shakti. The hippopotamus had died on April 24. A month after the hippo’s premature death due to kidney failure, the zoo authorities are taking action to provide better living conditions for the animals in their enclosures. “This is an ongoing process. We are trying to ensure that a good living environment is available for the animals till the makeover kicks off. We are currently improvising the monkey cages after which we will move on to the bears, lions and birds enclosures,” a zoo veterinarian said. At the monkey cage, work was on to set up new tree branches and swings on Monday. Th BMC has engaged


Mt. Lion Killed After Escape At Great Bend Zoo

The Mountain Lion exhibit at the Great Bend Zoo sits empty 24-hours after its lone resident escaped and had to be put down."It's always difficult when you have to put an animal down," said Zoo director Mike Cargill on Monday afternoon.Cargill was at work about 7:30 Sunday night when the zoo's only Mountain Lion -- a 150 pound, 14-year-old female -- escaped from her enclosure during feeding time. Guests were still in the park, which wasn't supposed to close for another 30 minutes.Cargill says tourists were never in danger."She was never out of our sight," Cargill said. Staff quickly moved the few zoo-goers in the area to safety.The cat was cornered along a fence about 40 feet from the entrance to her own exhibit. She traced the fence to the edge of the zoo's Timber Wolf exhibit, became frightened, and ran back towards the Grizzly Bears. She eventually crouched in some bushes next to the Bobcat exhibit.Cargill said the cat was never more than 150 feet from her own enclosure.A resident of the zoo for the last six years, the Mt. Lion had a tendency to be aggressive., according to Cargill. While the zoo's first goal was to recapture the animal with the use of tranquilizers


New Elephant Exhibit Opens at Zoo

Crowds turned out over the weekend for the opening of the San Diego Zoo’s new elephant exhibit. KPBS reporter Katie Orr was there and spoke with some visitors.Just an hour after it opened people were already lining the fences of the Elephant Odyssey exhibit watching the massive animals explore their new home. The exhibit cover 7 ½ acres and contains more than 35 different kinds of animals. But the stars are the pachyderms. They can wander up and down rolling hills or take a dip in a pool. Zoo visitor Kathy Anderson says the new exhibit is much better than the elephants’ old enclosure.“I think it’s wonderful. I think it was worth waiting 20 months for, it was 20 months I think. And I think the gestation of an elephant is 22 month, I think. So it was


Paper protection not enough for Vietnam's marine turtles

Marine turtles are vanishing from Viet Nam's waters and illegal trade is largely to blame says a new study by TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring network.An assessment of the marine turtle trade in Viet Nam, launched to mark World Turtle Day found that large marine turtles are now virtually absent from Viet Nam's waters except for Green Turtles around the Con Dao Islands National Park.A government-owned souvenir shop found selling illegal turtle products was a potent symbol of how a national ban on turtle products enacted in 2002 has been undermined by a lack of enforcement.Traders in all Viet Nam's coastal localities reported that catches of local marine turtles, especially Hawksbill Turtles, were becoming rare, and even the few caught were smaller than in previous years."Without effective enforcement of the laws, the future for marine turtles in Vietnamese waters looks very bleak." says Tom Osborn, Acting Director of TRAFFIC's Greater Mekong Programme.A 2002 TRAFFIC study found that trade in marine turtles had extended into a large-scale wholesale export market and a Ministry of Fisheries report estimated the combined take across the entire Vietnamese coastline at 4,000 marine turtles annually.Shortly after these surveys, the Viet Nam Government prohibited the exploitation


Vietnam’s commercial wildlife farms threaten Asia’s species

Commercial wildlife farms are not alleviating pressure on wild populations as claimed by proponents, but exacerbating the problem according to a new report by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and Vietnam’s Forest Protection Department. Such farms, which rear snakes, turtles, crocodiles, tigers, monkeys, and other—often rare—species, are meant to provide customers throughout Southeast Asia with legally produced ‘wild’ meats and other products. While


Poaching of endangered primates continues in Khanh Hoa

The Institute of Tropical Biology under the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology confirmed this Saturday after the dead animals were sent for examination by Khanh Hoa authorities. On May 11, forest wardens in Khanh Hoa’s Ninh Hoa District staked out at a stretch of the National Highway 1A, acting on tip-offs from local residents.They spotted a motorbike owner carrying a big bag and gave chase. The latter fled, leaving the bike and bag behind.The wardens found five disemboweled animals weighing between six to 10.5 kilograms each.The dead animals were then sent


Ape rescue forest to be logged

AN INDONESIAN paper company is planning to log an area of unprotected jungle which is being used as a reintroduction site for about 100 critically endangered orangutans, activists said on Monday. A coalition of environmental groups said a joint venture between Asia Pulp & Paper and Sinar Mas Group had received a licence to clear the largest portion of natural


A Link I missed:

Zookeeper Offers Live Tiger as Payment in Virginity Auction

As heavily reported elsewhere, a 22-year-old going by “Natalie Dylan” is auctioning off her virginity through the legal Bunny Ranch brothel in Carson City, Nevada. Well, the auction has reached $3.8 million, but one offer seems more peculiar: a zookeeper has offered a live tiger.This raises quite a few questions: What zoo does this guy work at? Would it be legal to exchange said tiger for sex? How long will it be until PETA


Did we ever find out who the Keeper was?



The Gibbon Journal No. 5 has just been published and is on-line. The whole issue of the journal can be freely donwloaded from the website of the Gibbon Conservation Alliance http://www.gibbonconservation.org/

The Gibbon Conservation Alliance, a non-profit organistion dedicated to gibbon conservation and research on gibbon biology. In addition, we work to increase the presence of gibbons in the media and to provide information on gibbons, the threats to their survival and the relevance of gibbon conservation.

Papers in Gibbon Journal No. 5:

- Status of the western black crested gibbon (Nomascus concolor) in the Nam Ha National Protected Area, Lao PDR.

- Gabriella's gibbon.

- The northern white-cheeked gibbon (Nomascus leucogenys) is on the edge of extinction in China.

- Door slamming: Tool-use by a captive white-handed gibbon (Hylobates lar).

- Hormonal correlates of the ovarian cycle in the yellow-cheeked crested gibbon (Nomascus gabriellae), and a review of ovarian cycles in gibbons (Hylobatidae).

- Longevity in gibbons (Hylobatidae).

- Hoolock gibbon and biodiversity survey and training in southern Rakhine Yoma, Myanmar.

- Crested gibbons in southeastern Yunnan, China: Status and conservation.

- Comparing the role of androgens in paternal care between gibbon species.


Thomas Geissmann

Dr Thomas Geissmann Anthropological Institute University Zurich-Irchel
Winterthurerstrasse 190CH - 8057 Zurich Switzerland
Phone: +41-44-635 54 13or: +41-44-635 54 11Fax: +41-44-635 68 04E-mail: thomas.geissmann@aim.uzh.ch

Websites: http://www.gibbons.de/
and: www.gibbons.de/art.html

Please support the Gibbon Conservation Alliance: http://www.gibbonconservation.org/



Could you give this link (see below) to members that want to help with the protest with the this article?

Ape rescue forest to be logged

AN INDONESIAN paper company is planning to log an area of unprotected jungle which is being used as a reintroduction site for about 100 critically endangered orangutans, activists said on Monday. A coalition of environmental groups said a joint venture between Asia Pulp & Paper and Sinar Mas Group had received a licence to clear the largest portion of natural forest remaining outside Bukit Tigapuluh national park on Sumatra. The area is home to about 100 great apes that are part of the only successful reintroduction programme for Sumatran orangutans, the sub-species most at risk of extinction, the coalition said in a statement. It is also a crucial habitat for the last remaining Sumatran tigers and elephants left in the wild, it said. 'It took scientists decades to discover how to successfully reintroduce critically endangered orangutans from captivity into the wild,' said Peter Pratje of the

Sign Protest Petition at http://www.orangutan.org.au/

You can also voice your concern to APP customers in your country.


Leif Cocks
President, Australian Orangutan Project


ZooLex May 2009

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Hello ZooLex Friend, We have worked for your enjoyment!



Monkey Islands is part of the Amazonia theme area at GaiaPark KerkradeZoo in the Netherlands. It consist of three islands: the capuchins and spidermonkeys each inhabit one island, whereas woolly monkeys andwhite-fronted marmosets share another island. The theme of GaiaParkKerkrade Zoo is the theory of Gaia about the complexity of ecologicalinterdependencies between all elements of the planet earth.

Richard van Sluis and Maite Eikelenboom were students at van HallLarenstein University in the Netherlands. Part of their thesis projectwere exhibit presentations for the ZooLex Gallery. We would like tothank their supervisor, Dr. Tine Griede, and the director of GaiaParkKerkrade Zoo, Wim Verberkmoes, for this great initiative and hope thatother zoos will follow this example.



We would like to welcome and introduce Enquan Zhang, Director of Conservation Education Centre at Beijing Zoo in China, as ZooLexeditor, translator and Chinese correspondent:

When you know somebody who would like to receive ZooLex newsletters in Chinese, please offer to contact Enquan Zhang at reptilecurator@yahoo.com.cn or reply to this newsletter.

he ZooLex newsletter is currently distributed in English, French,German, Russian, Spanish and Chinese to several thousands of readers worldwide, most of whom are working at or for zoological institutions.



Thanks to Eduardo Diaz Garcia we are able to present the Spanishtranslations of the privously published presentation of the pygmy hippoexhibit at GaiaPark Kerkrade Zoo:


We keep working on ZooLex ...

The ZooLex Zoo Design Organization is a non-profit organization registered in Austria (ZVR-Zahl 933849053). ZooLex runs a professional zoo design website and distributes this newsletter.

More information and contact: http://www.zoolex.org/about.html


Some Nice Photos


Auction for Orangutans


More on Orangutans



Hello everyone,

1. Our new JRA website http://www.johnreganassociates.com/ will be on line within the next few days. This will carry all sorts of free resources for you to download, and it will now link directly to our two blogs “Zoofunding” and “Whatcouldzoosbe”. So please go ahead and help yourselves.

2. We are very pleased that after quite a lot of “to-ing and fro-ing”, we have finally managed to secure Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu as key note speaker for an event at one of our core clients, Marwell Wildlife this September. This of course will help enormously in the £6 million funding package towards which we are making very good progress on Marwell’s behalf. All those figures in position to make a difference to the site’s future will certainly sit up and take notice of the charity’s ability to draw the attention of such a globally admired figure.

3, The European Commission’s ENTRP funding programme for the developing world will open soon ( 80% for projects up to €3 million). I am afraid this stands for “thematic programme for environment and sustainable management of natural resources including energy”..! For those of you interested in finding money for many different sorts of projects in the developing world, this could be quite an opportunity – especially if you have a biodiversity project in South East Asia. All kind of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ and little fiddly ‘euro-bits’ within the programme, as you might expect. These are too complicated to put in an email and some of the info we have has not yet been made official, but if anyone want to chat through the match between their ambition and ENRTP over the phone, then please just email John (Regan). …and, just to be clear, there will be no charge for this.

4. You may remember that we contacted many sites a while back in connection with KPMG to make sure you were not missing a major VAT reclaim. A number of sites put in claims to be reimbursed for VAT under the precedents created by “the Fleming proposition” and the test case of “Compass Contract Services”. I understand that Customs seem to have accepted the principle and have actually paid out in certain instances within the banking sector. Although matters will take some time as HMRC have received some 15,000 to 18,000 claims, I am told prospects for settlements look fairly good, that some of the zoos who claimed might expect payments within a six month period from the claim at end of March and that the amounts involved are generally “well worth having”.

5. We recently interviewed Lena Linden, the director of Nordens Ark zoo, Sweden on her famous success in attracting external investment to her site. I shall send this to you all shortly.
In a little while I shall also be able to share the text of my interview with Sir Nick Scheele. Nick was the Chairman of Jaguar Cars with whom I negotiated the $3 million Jaguar sponsorship for Chester Zoo a few years back. He later rose to finally be President of Ford Worldwide and, after retirement, now sits on the Twycross Zoo Advisory Board.Nick will be able to provide the near unique perspective of the sponsor rather than ‘sponsored’ as to the story behind the UK zoo community’s biggest sponsorship ever.


Bristol and Paignton were kind enough to provide some feedback to my last email. Please do let me know if this kind of material is of interest to you, so I can send more of the same. Conversely, if this is just clogging up your in box, let me know and I can remove you from the list

Hope to see some of you at next week’s BIAZA conference at Edinburgh



John Regan

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Endangered Species Recovery

20th July – 7th August 2009

A short-course for anyone with an active interest in animal conservation and a desire to learn how species can be saved. Lectures will be given by world class conservationists. Practical activities and behind the scenes experiences in Durrell’s animal collection will provide participants with first-hand exposure to the realities of endangered species recovery. On completion participants will be equipped with a fuller appreciation of the complexities of animal conservation and an ability to develop their personal or professional interests in the field.
For further information please visit http://www.durrell.org/ (get involved menu, select training)Or contact Catherine Burrows at: catherine.burrows@durrell.org


Volunteering Opportunity

Elephantstay at the Royal Elephant Kraal Village, Ayutthaya Thailand
Please check http://www.elephantstay.com/ for additional information.


Announcing the ASZK Des Spittall Scholarship for Keeper Research

Named in honour of the late Des Spittall, a life member of ASZK, the ASZK committee has launched the Des Spittall Scholarship for keeper research. This is open to people who have been a financial member of ASZK for 12 months or more. This is an annual scholarship up to the value of $2,000. Applications close 31st October 2009Please forward ‘Des Spittall Scholarship for Keeper Research’ application to ASZK President no later than 31st of October each year at email eo@aszk.org.au



The Zoo Biology Group is concerned with all disciplines involved inthe running of a Zoological Garden. Captive breeding, husbandry,cage design and construction, diets, enrichment, man management,record keeping, etc etc



For Current Zoo Vacancies Take a Look at:




Conference of the Association of Latin American Zoological Parks
May 25 - 29 2009
Panama City, Panama
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The 9th International Conference on Environmental Enrichment.
31st May – 5th June 2009.
Torquay, Devon, UK
Please go to http://www.reec.info/
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"First African Symposium on Zoological Medicine"
July 18th and 19th 2009.
Johannesburg Zoo, South Africa.
Financial assistance available for vets from other African countries.
For more details contact Teresa Slacke on vetadmin@jhbzoo.org.za

The 7th Annual Turtle Survival Alliance Symposium on Chelonian Conservation and Biology
August 5th - 8th, 2009
St Louis, Missouri
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Professional Training Seminars at Shedd Aquarium
Animal Training Seminar with Ken Ramirez
Environmental Quality Seminar with Allen LaPointe
August 24 –28, 2009
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adults@sheddaquarium.org for more information

Zoo Atlanta, USA

AZA 2009 Annual Conference
September 12-17, 2009
Oregon Zoo

26th EAZA Annual Conference
14 - 20 September 2009
Copenhagen Zoo, Denmark.

3rd International Congress on Zoo Keeping and the 36th American Association of Zoo Keepers National Conference
September 24th - 29th 2009 The Puget Sound Chapter of AAZK and WoodlandPark Zoo
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CBSG (Conservation Breeding Specialist Group)
1-4 October 2009
St. Louis, MO, USA (right before the WAZA Meeting)
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64th WAZA Annual Conference
4 - 8 October 2009
St. Louis Zoo at the Renaissance Grand Hotel, St. Louis (MO), USA.
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Second Okapi Workshop
11 14 October 2009
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2009 ZRA Annual Conference : Overview
October 21-25, 2009
Zoo Boise , Boise , Idaho
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The Bear Care Group announces the second international bear care conference 'Advancing Bear Care '09.

The 6th European Zoo Nutrition Conference
Barcelona, 28-31 January 2010
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20th International Zoo Educators' (IZE) Biennial Conference
19 - 23 October 2010 Disney's Animal Kingdom, Florida, USA.
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International meeting of collectors of zoo literature and memorabilia
Internationales Treffen der Sammler zoohistorischer Literatur
Rencontre internationale des collectionneurs de documents en rapport avec les zoos
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7th International Penguin Conference
DATE: August 30 to September 3, 2010
LOCATION: Boston Massachusetts, USA
HOSTED BY: The New England Aquarium

AZA 2010 Annual Conference
September 11-16
Houston Zoo, Houston , TX

AZA 2011 Annual Conference
September 12-17
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