Monday, January 29, 2001

ZooNews Digest 22nd - 29th January 2001 (Zoo News 139)

Dear Colleague,

Delayed this week. Very busy with other projects. Hampered too with
the change over to Yahoo. Just a little difficult finding my way
round the new format.

A word of caution. I was listening to a radio programme last week
about a very clever and tempting scam originating in Nigeria. Big
dollars for little input is always suspect. Two days later the actual
thing arrived in my in box...and very quickly went into the trash
can. Mine came from Ibe Festus, but many other names are being used.
Be wary of any lucrative sure fire offers sent to you.

If you are not a fan of junk mail don't add your name or e-mail
address to any "chain" protest letter, be it for the protection of
Rain Forest or stopping Whaling or however good the cause may seem.
These are mainly scams as well. So too is that "class project" from
some little school somewhere that is trying to see how many
countries/people they can reach. All these are harvesting addresses.
Read them, if you wish, and then bin them. Don't be tempted to reply
to any message which says that it will remove your name from "this
one time message". Any reply will confirm that your e-mail address is
live. Scam generates scam.

The year of the Snake has just dawned. A friend of mine has been
doing a lot of overtime waitressing in the local Chinese restaurant.
I hope that the year is a good one...for you...and for snakes too.
Reports suggest that they may well become a favoured culinary item
and hasten the extinction of some species. A frightening thought. I
am not really up on what come next but it could well be the year of
the rat!

Rhino at L.A. Zoo May Have Died of Tuberculosis

Zoos raided as German food scares grow Kreuzberg zoo

Woodland Park lion euthanized

Dentist cures severe case of tusk ache
(Münster Zoo),,2-74510,00.html

Animal kingdom up for sale
(Gatwick Zoo)

Zoo works on plans to borrow dolphins from other states
(Minnesota Zoo)

Zoo To Help Rabbits Multiply Like…Well…Rabbits
(Oregon Zoo)

Turtle harvest raises concerns; meeting here, scientists say Asian
varieties suffer most
(Fort Worth Zoo)

Wheeler Sees No Rush in Moving Zoo
(Hogle Zoo)

Wildlife faces human threat, and other monkey business

Zoo Celebrates Baby Elephant
(Woodland Park Zoo)

BSC students learn as work on Zoo House progresses
(Dakota Zoo)

Blank Park Zoo is expecting a couple of tall orders

Zoo to host special exhibit on Antarctica
(Milwaukee County Zoo)

Trapper may be hit with felony charges in squirrel monkey case

Rise in Number of Rare Mountain Gorillas

Bronx Zoo Is A Rescue Center, Too

Zookeeper Nails Task
(Bronx Zoo)

Mountain Gorilla Numbers Growing Despite Congo War

If you know a story I have missed this week do drop me a line with
the full web address and I will try and include it next week.

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Zambia, Zimbabwe.


MARCH 23-25, 2001
Hosted by the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Colorado Springs, Colorado
To be held at the DoubleTree Hotel 1-800-222-TREE
For complete up to date information and/or registration, please
see our website at -or- the January 2001 Communique.

Please submit your paper's title and your name
by January 31, 2001 to - all themes will be considered.
Paper session is on Sunday, March 25.

Who's coming;
AZA Board, Accreditation & Training
Institutional Collection Planning
Society for Ecological Restoration
California AZA
Marketing Committee
Antelope TAG, Pig TAG, Cattle TAG, Equid TAG
Bongo SSP, Okapi SSP, Giraffe SSP,
MesoAmerica CAP
Trends Workshop
Incubation Workshop - Herp & Avian
Roadside Zoo Taskforce
Butterfly Propagation
Small Exhibit Design...and more!

Hope we see you here too! - Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Don Wixom
Elephant Manager / Funeral Pre-Arrangement Counselor
Retired Zoo Director / Circus Unit Assistant of OABA

Obituary information:
Mr. Donald W. "Don" Wixom, 44, of Lake Wales, FL died Tuesday,
January 23, 2001 at his residence (Natural Causes). He was born
December 27, 1956 in Manhattan, Kansas and has been a resident of
Lake Wales since 1995 coming from Manhattan, KS. He was a pre-
arrangement counselor for Johnson Funeral Home, Elephant Manager for
the Elephant Company in Lake Wales, Circus Unit Assistant of OABA,
and retired Zoo Director for Sunset Zoological Park in Manhattan, KS.
He also served as Tour Director/Guest Lecturer for National
Wildlife Federation, a graduate and instructor of Kansas State Univ.,
past Executive Director of the Kansas Wildlife Conservatory
Association. Don hosted or was a guest of many cable television shows
which included, "Speaking of Animals", "Inside the Animal
World", "Zoo News", "Zoo Revue", Animal wrangler for Jim Fowler,
Mutual of Omaha's Wild kingdom, NBC's Tonight Show, Today Show, and
animal consultant/handler for Fame Television movie "Sarah, Plain and
Tall". He was on many radio spots including, "Beast of the
Month", "Open Line", and "Zoo Rock". He was a member of the Outdoor
Amusement Business Association, American Assoc. of Zoological Parks
and Aquariums, American Assoc. of Zoo Keepers, Animal Welfare
Institute, IUCN, CBSG, East African Wildlife Society, Past Pres. &
Life member of Friends of Sunset Zoo, International Assoc. of
Zooculturist, The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, Riley County Historical
Society, World Wildlife Fund, The Elephant & Rhino Foundation, Lake
Y Service Club. He was currently co-chairman of the L.E. Barnes
Circus project for the Lake Wales Y Service Club to take place March
12th & 13th, 2001 (The project will be dedicated in his memory). He
was of the catholic faith.

Visitation will be Monday, January 29, 2001 from 12:00 P.M. until
4:00 P.M. at the Johnson Funeral Home. Funeral services will be held
4:00 P.M., Monday, January 29, 2001 at the Johnson Funeral Home
chapel with Dr. John V. Glamann of the Lake Wales Lutheran Church
officiating. Graveside interment services will be 11:00 A.M.,
Tuesday, January 30, 2001 at Showman's Rest, Sunset Memorial Gardens
in Thonotosassa, FL.

As the devoted caretaker of Lydia the elephant, and a strong
background with the circus and zoo communities, Don was passionate
about the public being able to see and experience animals in zoos and
circuses. The Circus Rights Fund was created expressly for this
purpose. Contributions (in lieu of flowers) can be made to the OABA
Circus Rights Fund in memory of Don. Make your checks payable to OABA
Circus Fund and note Don Wixom Memorial in the memo. Send to: OABA,
1035 S. Semoran Blvd, Suite 1045 A, Winter Park, FL 32792

SURVIVORS INCLUDE: Longtime friends & employer, David & Carmen Tesch
of Lake Wales, FL, 3 Cousins, Linda Ahart of Eldon, MO, Lynn Barnhart
of Eldon, MO, Cassandra Peterson-Pierson of Hollywood, CA and
Lydia, his elephant companion.

Arrangements by: Informant:
Johnson Funeral Home Carmen & David Tesch
322 North Scenic Highway 3882 Lake Buffum Road East
Lake Wales, FL 33853 Fort Meade, FL 33841
863-676-1431 863-638-2512



The Universities Federation for Animal Welfare (UFAW) is inviting
applications for its prestigious Zoo Animal Welfare Awards.

The principal award is for a new or improved exhibit, which is judged
to best cater for the well-beng of the species in captivity. It must
also help the public to better appreciate the physical and
behavioural needs of the animals. A second smaller award is also
offered to recognise an inexpensive, simple and innovative idea or
piece of equipment which improves the welfare of the animals and
which could be easily replicated in existing housing elsewhere.

Entries may be exhibits for any species of animal kept in a licensed
zoo in the United Kingdom. The exhibit/piece of equipment must have
been built during the last two years and must also have been in use
for at least six months.

The 2000 UFAW Animal Welfare Award went to Bristol Zoo Gardens for
its `Seal and Penguin Coasts' exhibit.

Application forms and further details are available from UFAW:
Universities Federation for Animal Welfare, The Old School, Brewhouse
Hill, Wheathampstead, Herts. AL4 8AN. Tel 01582 831818
Fax 01582 831414. Registered Charity No: 207996. Website: Applications must arrive at the UFAW
offices no later than 14th March 2001

Request for Information from Peter Them

At the PARROT DATA FORUM I will conduct a discussion on
the topic :

" Why shall we - the international community of the new
millennium - allow the trade in wildcaughted parrots
and other birds to continue ... ? "

I kindly ask for input concerning the above topic, about
which I claim :

I find it deeply grotesque, that while the global aviculture
have a big and increasing problem to find purchasers of the
domestically bred offsprings ( and if nobody want these
young bred birds, the birds had to be put away ) - at the
same time it appear to be a huge worldwide trade in
wildcaughted parrots and other birds.

Why can we - the international community - bring ourself to
do such a thing ... ? - I am very surprised and concerned.

# Wild birds shall fly free in their native countries ... !

# Only domestically reared birds shall be on the market ... !

I find it disappointing and alarming that the trade in
wildcaughted parrots and other birds appear to continue.

I thought that kind of trade belonged to the former century !

Today, with all our new knowledge about conservation and
captive breeding, I see no need for trade in wildcaughted
parrots and other birds.

Our last year PARROT DATA FORUM discussion concerning
" Are there too many parrots in the aviculture ? " showed
clearly that with the fantastic increasing in captive-breeding
successes, the aviculture had become increasingly self-sufficient
- even including species which formerly seldom bred in captivity
- enough to supply the aviculture as well as the pet trade - and
therefore there is no need to take more parrots and other
birds from the wild ... !

# What is the basic argumentation to allow the trade in
wildcaughted parrot and birds to continue ... ?

# Since the trade in wildcaughted parrots and other birds
continue, there must be market for the wildcaughted parrots
and other birds ... ?

# Who buy the wildcaughted parrots and other birds, instead
of purchase domestically reared birds ... ?

# Why is there still a demand for wildcaughted parrots
and other bird ... ?

# What need is it the aviculture can not supply to the wildlife
trade and pet trade, since the trade in wildcaughted parrots
and other birds continue .... ?

# Do the wildlife trade know what the aviculture can supply ... ?

# Can the domestic breeding of birds ensure avaible stocks for the
trade in wildlife / pets - and by this way lessen and stop the
demand for wildcaughted parrots and other birds ?

# Can the wildlife trade / pet trade cooperate with the aviculture,
and by this way ensure the future bird trade only will in
domestically reared birds ... ?

# There is an increasing trend and interest in birding and
eco-tourisme. - Example, the former young backpackers are
now the new generation of business travellers, and many of
these former backpackers want in their leisure time among
other to go birding or/and on eco-trips. - But the destinations
they want to visit have to be intact fauna, flora and wildlife,
incl. parrots and other birds.

# In more and more "wild-bird-trade" countries more and more
trappers had been turned into bird guides and supplier to
the birding / ecotourisme. - And by this way the native
people have a new way of living, and had become protectors
and responsible to keep their territory in a condition which
will attract the birders and other ecotourists.

# Would it be possible to create a cooperation and effective forum
between, example: the Wildlife Trade & the Pet Industry and the
Aviculture & the Psittaculture and the Conservation & the Bird
Welfare, the Birding & the Ecotourism, so ideas and thoughts can
be exchanged and opinions discussed in a social, friendly and
global atmosphere - for the benefit of the parrots and other
birds in the wild, as well as the domestic bred birds in the
aviculture and the pet industry.

Fresh thinking could sweep away the mistakes of the past - and
ensure a positiv development of the parrot conservation and
welfare - in the aviculture as well as in the wild.

We must change our ways and thinking, and in good cooperation
between everyone in the ' bird community ' stand together to
ensure a great quality of life for the parrots and other birds.

Quality with care, every time, every where ... !

# If you have ideas, references, firsthand experiences, comments,
etc. on the above topic, please let me know ... !

# May I post your input on the PARROT DATA NEWS forum ?

To avoid to send do many seperate e-mails, all the responses
that come in will be transfer to a few but long e-mails with
the various responses in it.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks in advance. - Best wishes, Peter

Peter H. Them, PARROT DATA , e-mail:


Zoo Staff Personals Looking for work? Someone to travel with?
Somewhere to stay? Let me know and I will post it here.

Dear Colleagues,

One of the regular helpers at Southport Zoo has
secured a one month voluntary work placement over the
summer at Colchester Zoo in Essex (UK). He is looking
for accommodation for the duration of the placement
and is willing to pay £40 per week for a bed. He has
his own car and is willing to drive to work.

Are there any keepers in the Colchester area who would
be interested in putting him up in their spare room,
and earn a little extra cash for their trouble?

If anybody is interested please contact me by email at for further information.

All the best,

From: Paul Juniper, BSc GIBiol.
46 The Tithings,
Halton Brook,
Cheshire, WA7 2DT.

Senior Keeper, Southport Zoo and Conservation Trust.


Situations Vacant (Please mention you saw the advertisement in
ZooNews Digest should you apply for any of these posts, many thanks)
Do you have a vacancy to advertise? Please email me.


St. Maarten Zoological & Botanical Garden Foundation, St. Maarten
(Netherlands Antilles) are loking for a new Animal Curator/Manager.
Position requires experience/interest in broad based Mixed Species
Exhibits. Focus on animals of the Caribbean and South America. Salary
U.S.$ 1100/month gross, plus car, insurance, accommodation and

For further details contact Neil Grant at: tel/fax ++599-543-2030 or


Animal Keeper...The Birmingham Zoo is working to grow and diversify
its applicant pool for Animal Keeper positions. A degree in biology,
or related field is preferred. Potential applicants are needed for
future openings in the Primate, Carnivore, Hoofed Stock, Pachyderm,
Bird, and Reptile departments. Please send cover letter and resume
to: Marcia Riedmiller, Mammal Curator, The Birmingham Zoo, 2630
Cahaba Road, Birmingham, AL 35223. E-mail:

Resumes will be kept on file for one year. EOE

Banham Zoo & Suffolk Wildlife Park

Education & Activities Officer

We are currently looking to employ full time Education officers at
both Banham Zoo & Suffolk Wildlife Park.

The ideal candidate will be an enthusiastic and outgoing individual.
Previous zoological/biological and teaching experience would be an

Tasks include conducting animal encounters and animal feeding talks
and promoting our curriculum based education facilities.

Please apply in writing to Sarah Fairhurst, Head of Interpretation &
Education, Banham Zoo, The Grove, Banham, Norfolk, NR16 2HE.

The closing date for applications is the 2nd February 2001.


Keeper Vacancy at Whipsnade Wild Animal Park

There is a vacancy for an Elephant and Chimpanzee Keeper likely to
arise in the near future. Applications for the position are now being

This is an excellent opportunity to become involved in an exciting
development of the work of the Zoological Society of London with
elephants at Whipsnade. Applicants should have some experience with
elephants and/or chimpanzees, ideally with an academic qualification
of a degree, a Btech or HND in a relelvant subject.

The terms and conditions are dependant on experience and

Applications or for further information please contact the Curator at
Whipsnade Wild Animal Park, Dunstable, Beds, LU6 2LF. Fax no. 01582

The closing date is February 7th 2001

Research Assistant post available.

International Zoo Veterinary Group has a vacancy for an additional
person for their research department. Basic requirements are a BSc
(or equivalent) in Zoology, Marine Biology or similar subject, some
zoo experience and good computer/internet skills. Personal traits
should include ability to work in a small team, good presentation
skills and personal appearance, and a keen interest in conservation
and zoo education. Car ownership essential. Further advantages
would be a strong interest (biological rather than sentimental) in
marine mammals, and European language ability.

This is an office rather than a field job, but some travel will be
involved. The applicant should be prepared to move to West Yorkshire.

Applications with c.v. and photograph by e-mail to or by mail to International Zoo Veterinary Group,
Keighley Business Centre, South Street, Keighley, West Yorkshire BD21


Work Experience Placements (Animal Keeping / Research) at Chester Zoo
There are 12-month work experience placements available at Chester
Zoo, offering students the opportunity to gain practical experience
within a unique scientific/conservation environment. The placements
in animal keeping offer experience in animal husbandry and welfare by
assisting animal keeping staff on a particular section.
The placement in research offers the opportunity to gain knowledge of
various areas of zoo research by assisting the Research Officer.
Positions to start in September 2001.
For more information contact Jayne Quinn, Personnel Manager, Chester
Zoo, Caughall Road, Upton, Chester CH2 1LH, tel: 01244 650232,
closing date for applications is 28th Feb. 2001.




Sea Lion Trainer. Full time job. To start training of 1-3-1 Sea Lions
for next tourist season. Good conditions and salary. Apply in writing
with C.V. and recent passport photo to :

The Director. MONDE SAUVAGE SAFARI. Fange de Deigne 3. 4920 AYWAILLE




Requirements :-
Proven administration experience at a senior level, preferably gained
in business, diplomatic or scientific fields.

Experience in implementing and managing business plans.

Well developed liaison competence – good communication skills

Computer literacy.

Exposure to conservation issues

Willingness to travel is essential.

Willingness to settle in one of the following locations: Minneapolis
(USA), London (UK), Vienna (Austria) or Berne (Switzerland).


Facilitate an active relationship amongst all regions.

Co-ordinate all marketing activities.

Monitor and implement membership services and activities.

Lobby governents, international institutions and business.

Raise funds for the organisation.

Contact: Willie Labuschagne, President, World Association of Zoos
and Aquariums. P.O. Box 754, Pretoria, 0001, South Africa. Fax: +
2712 323-4540. E-mail: Closing date: 15th March 2001


Twycoss Zoo require an Experienced Primate Keeper. For further details
please telephone 01827 880250



The Department of Ornithology at the Bronx Zoo has a paid position
available for a behavioral enrichment intern, starting early in 2001.
The intern should have some background in animal behavior and research
methods. The intern will work with keepers to develop, construct and
implement effective enrichment objects and strategies, including
conducting research on the effect of enrichment items on birds in our
collection. Interested individuals should contact: John Rowden, PhD
Assistant Curator, Ornithology Wildlife Conservation Society 2300
Southern Boulevard Bronx, NY 10460 718-220-7153 Fax: 718-733-7300



Carnivores and rodents
Due to maternity, a full-time, permanent keeping position will be
available within our carnivore and rodent section. The position
involves acting in the absence of the Head Keeper, working with a
small team and will include cross-over with other sections. Minimum
2 - 3 years experience with small carnivores and rodents required.

An exciting opportunity for an invertebrate specialist/enthusiast has
also become available within our presentations section. A senior
keeper, minimum 2 - 3 years experience, is required to develop the
new invertebrate exhibit. Good working knowledge of zoos and animals
necessary as position will include cross-over with other sections.
Additional responsibilities include acting in the absence of the Head
Keeper and public animal encounters sessions.

Plus ?
Newly created seasonal cover keeper position, April 1st - 31st

The successful candidates will ideally have the C & G Animal
qualification. Benefits for all positions include a competitive wage
rate and alternate weekends off (no accommodation provided). For
further information, a job description and application form, please
phone Rebecca Burroughs on 01323 874106


Colchester Zoo are looking for a sincere and motivated individual
with an outgoing personality and a genuine interest in animal
management to commence as a Trainee Keeper. Good conditions and
renumeration are offered.
Interested parties should apply in writing enclosing a full CV and a
recent passport photo to The Directors, Colchester Zoo, Maldon Road,
Colchester, Essex CO3 SSL


For the most up to date links to sites advertising Zoo work go to:


Ecology and Conservation of Mini-antelope
Hosted by the Marwell Zimbabwe Trust
12th - 17th February 2001
For further info contact:

Zoo-Kunft 2001
am 16., 17. und 18. Februar 2001
Schloss Horst, Gelsenkirchen
Programm und Online Anmeldung
Programm und Anmeldung anfördern =

Environmental Management Symposium
Aalborg Zoo
1 - 4 March 2001
For further info e-mail:

9th Annual International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators
Orlando, Florida
1 - 4 March 2001
For further information e-mail:
Or visit:

International Congress on Testudo
7 – 10 March 2001
For further info contact:
Or visit

The Dallas Zoo presents a
to study endangered wildlife in Mexico
March 10-23, 2001
For further information please contact Wanda Weaver at (214) 670-6833
or e-mail Leanne at

3rd IMATA Regional Meeting Europe
(International Marine Animal Trainers Association)
Genova Aquarium
13th March 2001
For further information please contact:
Sabrina Labberte
+39.039.6612829 phone / fax email

Seminar on keeping otters in captivity
14th - 16th March 2001
German Otter Centre
For further details please contact Aktion Fischotterschutz, OTTER-
ZENTRUM,29386 Hankensbüttel, Germany, Fax +49-5832-980851, e-mail:

2001 Annual ASZK/ARAZPA Conference
"Zoos as Ecotourism Destinations"
26th - 30th March 2001
Western Plains Zoo
Dubbo, New South Wales
For further information
or visit:

Riddle's Second Elephant Ultrasound Workshop
28 March - 1st April 2001
For further info please e-mail:

Second European Zoo Nutrition Conference
6 - 9th April 2001
United Kingdom
For further information contact:
or visit:
or by post/fax to: Zoo Nutrition 2001,
Marwell Zoological Park, Owslebury, Winchester, Hampshire, SO21 1JH,
United Kingdom. Fax: (0) 1962 777511.

26th Conference -- Animal Transportation Association
29 Apr - 2 May 2001
Toronto, Canada

Annual Conference and General Meeting of the Federation of Zoological
Gardens of Great Britain and Ireland
London Zoo
United Kingdom
10th - 13th May 2001
For further info contact:

British Veterinary Zoological Society
"Zoo & Wildlife Care in the 21st Century"
Bristol Zoo Gardens
Clifton, Bristol
United Kingdom
12th - 13th May 2001
For registration details contact Derek Lyon MRCVS at 7, Bridgewater
Mews, Gresford Heath, Pandy, Wrexham LL12 8EQ. Email
TEL NO:- 01978 852866 FAX: 01978 852065
To present a paper, or discuss how you can contribute to this
meeting, please contact Sharon Redrobe MRCVS at Bristol Zoo Gardens,
Bristol BS8 3HA, Email, Fax 0870 133 8308,
Tel 0117 970 6176
See also the British Veterinary Zoological Society Website at

Thirteenth International Conference on Bear Management and Research
Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA
21 - 25 May 2001
For further info visit:

2001 International Conference on Exotics (ICE2001)
31 May - 3 June 2001
Lago Mar Resort
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
For further info contact:
or visit:

Attached to the above meeting on May 30th there be a wetlab on
Ultrasound Interpretation in Exotic Species. Contact: for further info.
And a TWO day exotic species endoscopy lab preceding the conference
program. For further info contact

3rd Regional Conference on Marketing in Zoos
Loro Parque
1 – 2 June 2001
For further info contact:

International Elephant and Rhino Research Symposium
Vienna Zoo Schoenbrunn
7 – 11 June 2001
For further info contact:
Or visit

Protea Keurbooms River Lodge near Plettenberg Bay
South Africa
19 - 22 JUNE 2001
For further info visit:

Riddle's Third Elephant Ultrasound Workshop
20 June - 24 June 2001
For further info please e-mail:

Endangered Species Conservation and Zoos
Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust Summer School
16 July - 3 August 2001
For further info contact:

The 8th International Waterfowl and Wetlands Symposium
Hyatt Regency, Washington
in Washington D. C.,
20 - 22 July 2001
For further info contact:
or visit: (after January 15, 2001).
or write to:
Brenda Carlson
Ducks Unlimited
One Waterfowl Way
Memphis, Tennessee 38120
(901) 758-3707
(A Latin American and Caribbean Waterfowl Conference Workshop will be
held on the day prior to the symposium

1st – 5th September 2001

European Zoo Educators Congress 2001
Marwell Zoological Park
6 - 10 September 2001
For further info contact:

Amazon Ungulate Workshop
Cartagena de Indias
10 - 14 September 2001
For further info visit:

Zoo Collectors Meeting
15 - 16 September 2001
London, UK
(Details when I have them)

Elasmobranch Husbandry Symposium
3 - 7th October 2001
For further info visit:

5th International Conference on Environmental Enrichment
Taronga Zoo
4 - 9 November 2001
For further info contact:
Or visit

First International Tapir Symposium
4th - 8th November 2001
San Jose
Costa Rica
For further info visit:

Committing to Conservation Conference
28th November - 2nd December 2001
Brevard Zoo
Melbourne, Florida
For further info contact:

Fourth World Congress of Herpetology
2 - 9 December 2001
Sri Lanka
Please pre-register at website:

23 International Ornithological Congress
11 - 17 August 2002
For further info contact:
or visit:
or write/phone/fax
Mr. LIU Feng, IOC2002/CICCST, 86 Xueyuan Nan Road, Beijing 100081,
Fax: (86-10) 6218 0142 Tel. (86-10) 6217 4952

Vth International Parrot Convention
19 – 22 September 2002
Puerto de la Cruz
Tenerife, Spain
For further info visit:

Help Wanted
Need assistance? You could try Zoo Biology, it is probably your best
bet for animal information. However ZooNews Digest reaches more like
minded people, more often than any other similar publication on the
So you could try here. Let me know and I will post it.


Zoo Biology
This group is restricted to zoo professionals and is not advertised
in the egroup directory.
To subscribe send a blank e-mail to:
Leave the subject and message area blank. For those of you unfamiliar
with E-mail groups they work like this. You subscribe. You can then
post questions, answer questions, make observations, inform or just
read the e-mail. This will arrive with some regularity (depending on
the flow of information). By Zoo Biology I mean anything relating to
zoo management. Hediger described this as "the science which embraced
everything which was biologically relevant to the management of the
zoological garden." The more that join up the more effective a
management tool it will become. Go on, give it a try, and subscribe.
Remember no-one will pressurize you to contribute....but you may want
to help, and there is certainly much to learn. The useful archive
section increases each day.
There is a members only chat site attached to Zoo Biology. This
appears to work quite well. There are 913+ Zoo Biology subscribers to
More join each week. Do be prepared to get a lot of messages. If
there are more messages than you can manage...don't forget your
delete button. It take less than a second.

Useful/Interesting Links:

The following is an excellent site, particularly if you are
researching a particular animal or zoo related subject. The excellent
search engine
makes the work so much easier. Give it a try, I know you will find it

The relaunched Zoopresseschau website is worth a visit. Take
advantage of translation links on the website.


ZooNews Digest is an independent publication, not allied or attached
to any zoological collection. Many thanks.

Kind Regards,

Wishing you a wonderful week,

Peter Dickinson,

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