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ZooNews Digest 4th October - 10th October 1999 (Zoo News 72)

ZooNews Digest 4th October - 10th October 1999 (Zoo News 72)

Dear Colleagues,

Spent the early part of the week in the Chesterfield area trying to find
somewhere for Adam to live during his four year farriery apprenticeship. I
think we had some success. Probably be a week or two before we are fully
sorted. We returned via Leeds and took advantage of a spare hour to visit
Lotherton Hall Bird Garden. My last visit here was a couple of years ago
so there were some changes. The first major one was the cost. The
collection remains free entry, but now one has to pay £2.00 for the car
park. An annual ticket will cost you £5.00, so if you live locally,
remarkable value for money. As it is I still think it was well worth the
£2.00 and more. I must admit I was a little disappointed as the collection
seemed to have lost some of its lustre, was more sparse than previous and
about a third was closed to visitors due to building work. Perhaps the one
is a result of the other. I did not see anyone to speak to. I was able to
get a peek at the massive Andean Condor aviary currently under
construction. Truly a remarkable effort. I hope it pays off. The condor
pair here have laid fertile eggs in the past, but incubation has always
failed. I was delighted to see a pair of ground hornbills, amongst my
favourite birds and a new addition to this interesting collection. I have
had a couple of emails from Shelley, now settled in at Thompson Park
Conservancy and Zoo. She really seems to be loving every minute of it. I
do like it when these things work out. My personal thanks to Thompson Park
and especially to Sue Sabik. Olivia was working on zoo history as part of
her archaeology project. Amongst the places she contacted was the “email a
docent” service at Philadelphia Zoo. The reply she recieved was extremely
prompt, and within a week she had recieved a deal of useful information. I
would like to say thanks on Olivias behalf to Philadelphia and especially
Sharon Kieserman. The bad weather at the beginning of the week caused the
arrival of our first grey seal pup of the season. It had some rather nasty
injuries to its neck, lower jaw and flippers which have responded well to
antibiotics. Right now I am force feeding it two to three times daily and
see an improvement every time.

Two arrests at Wildlife Park
(Paradise Wildlife Park - Broxbourne)

Spate of zoo deaths jolts officials
(Sacramento Zoo)

E. coli linked to zoo at fair
(Western Fair petting zoo-London)

Students encouraged to try to improve Mesker zoo as a community project

Neighbors relieved after man agrees to get rid of leopard
(comment by John Ball Park Zoo)

Animal lovers step out for funds
(Belfast zoo)

East Pasco gets wild neighbors
(Busch Gardens animal outpost).

Wetland going in at zoo
(Dakota Zoo)

Enron may unload PGE, but it's still on the hook for one elephant
(Oregon Zoo)

Cagey' veterans in the spotlight
(Tennoji Zoo/Oji Zoo/Inokashira Shizen-Bunka-En)

China May Release Giant Pandas Into The Wild
(Beijing Zoo)

British Birds Dying of Brain-Eating Disease
(Marwell Zoo)

(Marwell Zoo)

Boys' mischief results in drowning
(Lincoln Park Zoo),1575,ART-35694,00.html

Texas vet takes over as director at SeaLife Center
(Alaska SeaLife Center/El Paso Zoo)

Woman finds 9-foot python in Waco parking lot
(comment byCameron Park Zoo).

Anatomy of an Outbreak
(Bronx Zoo)

Teens charged in theft of lemur
(Touring petting zoo)

Missing lemur hanging out in Scandia treehouse

Gorilla Twins Named
(Oklahoma Zoo)

BMC plans to set up new zoo without cages
(Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation/Jijamata Udyan zoo)

MITZI PERDUE: Saving the crocodile
(Bronx Zoo),2107,500041595-500067581-500122332-0


Bit & Pieces

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Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bali, Belgium, Belize, Bermuda, Brazil,
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United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

International operator is seeking person/s interested in being involved in
a wildlife production, based primarily in South Africa. The opportunity
exists to be involved in future productions in Botswana, Zambia, Kenya and
Tanzania. Areas to be covered are 1. research / data collation and 2.
field work. Applicants should have a background in guiding, hunting or
science, or a keen interest in African Wildlife, including nature
conservation. You must be comfortable with "going bush" and travel is
involved. Roles are to be tailored to suit appropriate applicants and
interests in business opportunities are welcome. Interested persons should
direct enquiries or forward a brief letter/CV (1-2 pages) to the
Director, Wildlife Production, Please include an
indication of what level of involvement you are interested in and any time
constrictions (if applicable).



Due to the reduction of their jungle habitats to cater to an increasing
human population, some of the wild elephants in Sri Lanka are hard put to
find sufficient food and water, especially during the dry season. These
elephants, as they have been used to for generations, wander into what was
their home range and come into conflict with the humans, who are now
occupying these lands. These human-elephant conflicts take a great toll on
both the humans and the elephants. Regular reports are received that there
are injured elephants found in various parts of the island. The cadre of
veterinary surgeons in the Department of Wildlife Conservation cannot cope
with all these cases, most of which seem to come during the dry time of
the year when elephant depredations are at its highest. As a result there
is sometimes a delay of a few days before a veterinarian can get to the
injured elephant. This delay may mean the difference between life and
death. In order to ensure that these elephants get the treatment that they
need well in time, the Biodiversity and Elephant Conservation Trust
(BECT), an NGO, intends conducting a training course for veterinary
surgeons of the Department of animal Production and Health, who up to now
have not treated elephants. This training will enable them to treat
injured elephants at least temporarily till more expert services are
available. This early action may indeed save the lives of at least some of
these elephants. On an average over 125 wild elephants are killed each
year in Sri Lanka, a number we can ill afford to lose. Both the Director
of Wildlife Conservation and the Director of the Department of Animal
Production and Health have welcomed the move by BECT. Expert and
experienced veterinarians from India and Thailand will be brought in as
trainers to supplement the expertise of the Sri Lankan 'elephant'
veterinarians. The training course, to be held towards the end of the
year, will cost US $ 7,500. Any financial assistance towards this program,
however small, will be most welcome. Donations should please be sent to
the Biodiversity & Elephant Conservation Trust, 615/32 Rajagiriya Gardens,
Nawala Road, Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka or our Bank which is: Hatton National
Bank, Main Branch, R.A. de Mel Mawatha, Colombo 2, Sri Lanka. Account No.
12605019 Thank you Jayantha Jayewardene Managing Trustee Biodiversity &
Elephant Conservation Trust Jayantha Jayewardene


Dr Colin Groves, Australia's foremost primatologist, will deliver the ANZ
Zoo Month lecture at Taronga Zoo on 14 October 1999 on African Wildlife
and whether more species are yet to be discovered. African wildlife,
including primates, is the theme of ANZ Zoo Month at Taronga and Western
Plains Zoos. Dr Groves will discuss the tremendous variation of Africa's
animals across particular species' ranges. Dr Groves said: "Everyone knows
about elephants, rhinos and zebras but are hardly aware of the
little-known but spectacular forest species of Africa such as the Red
River Hog, rainforest antelope , diminutive elephants and buffaloes."
"There are rumours in Africa of other species still waiting to be
discovered. Are there pygmy elephants or pygmy gorills and how about the
mysterious Mokele-mbembe?" Dr Groves lectures at the Australian National
University and is acknowledged as Australia's leading authority on
primates including the great ape species at Taronga . The free lecture
will be delivered in the ANZ Conservation Theatre at 7.30 pm. The
300-seat theatre was designed as a place where conservation information
could be shared by conservation workers and the community. Dr Groves
said: "I am pleased to deliver this lecture during Zoo month as it also
celebrates Taronga Zoo's 83rd year of caring for wildlife."
"My lecture will cover the incredible diversity of Africa's wildlife to
help people understand the value of conservation in that country." The
Zoological Parks Board of NSW is active with chimpanzee, gorilla and
Black Rhinoceros conservation programs. Taronga Zoo also recently bred
the rare Bongo, a forest-dwelling antelope, and welcomed three African
Lion Cubs to the Zoo. Dr Groves will also speak at Taronga Zoo later this
year during the Australian Primate Society's national conference in the
December. Bookings for Dr Groves lecture are essential and reservations
can be made through by telephoning Taronga Zoo Public Relations between
9.00 and 10.30 am on weekdays. CONTACT: Mark Williams Senior PR Officer
PH: 02 9978 4606 e-mail:


International Zoo News for September has just come out.

Feature articles include :
Breeding Management of African Elephants: Aprogressive Project
By Harald Schwammer

The Pygmy Hippopotamus in Rome Zoological Garden
By Spartaco Gippoliti and Alfiero Leoni

The Role of Animal Presentations in Zoo Education
By Luke Gates and John Ellis

Stages of a Zoo Visit
By Sue Dale Tunnicliffe

A Wonderful Frog from Vietnam:
Biology, Management and Breeding
By Evgeny Ryboltovsky

Breeding Toco Toucans in the Netherlands
By Maarten de Ruiter

as well as all the usual news and letters.
To subscribe costs £37.50 or US$75.00
For more details please write to IZN, 80 Cleveland Road, Chichester, West
Sussex, PO19 2HF, UK

**** ARAZPA/ASZK Conference Proceedings Getting the Message Across -
Communication for Conservation

The 1999 ARAZPA/ASZK Conference stretched the boundries of a zoo
conference by including botanical and cultural display and interpretation
on an equal footing with the more typical zoological topics. This
reflects a worldwide trend towards holistic approaches to environmental
display, interpretation and conservation.

These proceedings cover the diversity of challenges facing zoos, botanic
gardens, museums and bioparks as they widen their horizons and engage the
community on many levels and contains many success stories and exciting
innovations. Topics include: Getting the Message Across – Communication
for Conservation Display and Design Animal Husbandry In Situ Conservation
Programs Veterinary Programs Research Mapping and Record Keeping
Management Issues Workshop Reports

This is an essential reference for all those working in the field of
environmental displays, interpretation or conservation.

Hard Copy of Proceedings CD ROM Copy of Proceedings
(325pages) (free to Conference delegates)

Within Australia - $50 (inc postage and handling) Within Australia - $14
(inc postage and handling)

Outside Australia - $65 (inc postage and handling) Outside Australia -
$18 (inc postage and handling)

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Please make cheques payable to "The RTM"

Send your order to : Andrew Mann

Alice Springs Desert Park
PO Box 1046
Alice Springs NT

**** All bird trainers take note!!!

February 18-21, 2000 The Eighth Annual Conference of the International
Association of Avian Trainers and Educators will be hosted by the Memphis
Zoo. For more information, call Kate Friedman at (901) 725-3400 ext. 3800
or e-mail at


BRAZIL, August / September 2000

This is a 3 weeks expedition to look for the parrots and other of the
1,715 bird species in Brazil.

The mission of this tailor made bird expedition is to explore the unique
birdlife in Brazil, discovering what the birds - particular the Parrots -
do and why they do it - , and in that way learn about the Parrots
welfare and behaviour enrichment. But, of course, we will also explore
many of the other of the 1,715 bird species in Brazil, as well as mammals
and other wildlife, fauna and flora, landscapes and culture. We will
locate some of the best Brazilian parrot sites and have the opportunity to
study the wild parrots - and of course many other bird species - at close
hand. On its way, the parrot expedition explores problems, tendencies and
phenomena with significance for the parrots and the other 1,715 bird
species in Brazil. The vision of the parrot expedition is to acquire
knowledge which can be use to improve the welfare and the behavior
enrichment for the parrots - and other birds - in the aviculture.
Therefore we will first of all experience the parrots fantastic
fascinating and diversified world - and explore the rich and fascinating
subject : Watching how the parrots behave. And in that way gain an insight
into the wild parrots everyday life and their habitats - and the wild
parrots physical, social and cognitive environment. Such as the parrots
selection of food and the feeding behavior, display and section of
activities, communication and social arrangements, mating and caring for
nests, eggs and young, dangers and surviving harsh condition Brazil is
unlike any place on earth, and is country of wild beauty, breathtaking
landscapes, fascinating flora and fauna. Brazil is a huge country, and
during three weeks we cover an area almost the size of Europe. Indeed, we
are on the go most of the time and participants need to be in good health
to this type of travelling. Most of the birding we will do early in the
morning and late in afternoon. We are a group of leisure birders and
aviculturists, who had created this birding expedition in cooperation -
among others - with brazilian birders and aviculturists. We will be
travelling together, but in the field we will spilt up in subgroups to
ensure all individuel experiences. You are welcome to join our parrot
expedition team ... ! I expect the itinerary will be avaible about
January 2000. For further information please do not hesistate to contact
undersigned. Best wishes, Peter H. Them r.t.: Peter H. Them, Parrot Data,
Emmerich Alle 4, 2791 Dragoer, DK-Denmark Europe

phn. +45 32 53 40 81









This one-day seminar will be held at the University of Southampton in
November as part of the formal link now established between the
University and Marwell. Marwell and the University have worked together
on an informal basis for over three years with undergraduates enjoying
lectures at Marwell and conducting supervised projects usually involving
behavioural studies of particular species.
A regular two-yearly seminar jointly organised by Marwell and the
University will be held.
The first took place in 1997 on the theme "Conservation and Compromise"
and was well attended. The theme for this year's seminar is "Introductions
and Re-introductions" which will address some of the practical problems
of restoring endangered species to the wild.
Many species are on the verge of extinction or extinct in the wild. 21st
century expertise can
to remedy the situation. The seminar will bring together experts in both
native, exotic and
species. Consideration will be given to the practical and ethical fields
of conservation as we endeavour to halt the decline of species. The eight
speaker topics are:

The Economics of Conservation
Prof. Nigel Leader-Williams

Generalisation of Habitat Management
Tim Woodfine
Marine Introductions
Dr Alex Rogers

Genetically Manipulated Crops in the Context of
Wildlife Conservation
Prof. Alan Gray

The Mink Menace - a reappraisal
Dr Nigel Dunstone

Red Kite and White-tailed Eagle
Dr Andrew Douse

Beaver Reintroductions
Dr Mairi Cooper

Desert Antelope - The Role of Zoos
Simon Wakefield
Adult: £5 Student £2 - Details and booking from Marwell Zoological Park
on 01962 777407.

**** AAZK would like to announce that after 1 October their new address

AAZK, Inc.
3601 S.W. 29th Street, Suite 133,
Topeka, Kansas 66614 U.S.A.

(This address is also for Animal Keepers' Forum)

The phone/fax number remains the same: (785) 273-1980. The 800 numbers
are also still valid as follows: 1-800-242-4519 (U.S.) and 1-800-468-1966
(Canada). They unfortunately do not have an 800# for overseas.
**** New Enrichment Publication The AAZK Enrichment Notebook, 2nd Edition,
was designed to be user friendly and to provide the kind of information
needed to build a comprehensive enrichment program. The AAZK Enrichment
Notebook, 2nd Edition, is a tabbed, 3-inch binder with 213 pages (many of
them duplexed) of enrichment information (plus an index) which includes an
overview of enrichment, a resources and suppliers list, links to
enrichment information, sample enrichment forms in use at various
institutions, guidelines for enriching various taxa (reptiles, birds,
primates, carnivores, ungulates and bats), risk assessment and safety
issues, a browse plant list, a toxic plant list, cookbook recipes, an
enrichment idea catalog that includes all entries from the original AAZK
Enrichment Notebook plus new submissions, and institutional contacts.

The AAZK Enrichment Committee will be working on a bibliography and a tab
has been provided for this future project. A Table of Contents and Index
make it easier to access the information. You may purchase the entire
binder or just the notebook "guts" to update a previously purchased AAZK
Enrichment Notebook. The AAZK Enrichment Notebook was designed to be a
"living document" with ample space for future AAZK Enrichment Committee
projects and/or other information gathered by you or your institution.
Cost is:

Complete Notebook Guts Only

AAZK Member $45.00 (US) $25.00 (US)
Non-Member $60.00 (US) $40.00 (US)

Overseas shipping and handling should add $15.00 (US) Allow 6 weeks for
delivery by surface post.


AFA Call for Papers 2000

The American Federation of Aviculture (AFA) is soliciting proposals for
papers to be presented at the AFA Convention 2000, one of the foremost
convention on aviculture in the United States. AFA Convention 2000 will be
one of the highlights of the year. The Convention theme will be
"Aviculture,Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow." Convention 2000 will offer a
diverse program of educational presentations and sessions that focus on
aviculture experiences, techniques, regulatory and business issues and
industry changes and challenges of significant impact. A showcase of
avicultural interested exhibitors will demonstrate the latest in products,
techniques, and services.


1. Submit an abstract of no more than 200 words (1 page, single spaced) by
November 1, 1999. Presentations are chosen on the strength of the
submitted abstract. The successful abstract will be substantive, clear,
concise, and stick to experience, facts, and or technical data. It will
focus on avicultural practices or applications that have greatest
practical merit for the audience. Sales pitches will not be accepted.
Abstracts should include a presentation title, author's name, title,
company, complete street address,phone, fax and or e-mail.

Species Specific Experiences, Breeding, Husbandry
Business Aspects of Aviculture
General Aviary Management
Specific Avicultural Techniques
Avicultural Services
Species management as it pertains to
Stud books
History of Aviculture

· Afford you the opportunity to address an international audience of
aviculturists, and others interested in aviculture and birds in general. ·
Publish your presentations in convention proceedings book. · Offer you one
full complimentary convention registration.

· A hard copy AND a disk version of your presentation
· A complete visual presentation
· A brief bio and photograph for introductory purposes
· Give your presentation at the AFA Convention 2000 August 2 - 6th,
2000, Los Angeles, CA.Questions may be addressed to Roland or Ilana
Cristo, . AFA will make every effort to secure
sponsorship for international speakers.

To submit a Paper, contact:

AFA Business Office
PO Box 56218
Phoenix, AZ 85079
(602) 484-0931
fax (602) 484 - 0109

**** Back to School Made Easy!: Funds Available to Attend AZA
Professional Training Schools

Now it is easier than ever to attend the AZA Professional Training
Schools. The Board of Regents provides several awards for zoo and
aquarium personnel to cover the costs of attending the courses. We
strongly encourage the applications for the diversity advancement and
international conservation awards and would welcome your assistance in
seeking qualified candidates. For application information, please contact
Susan Mamakos at the AZA Office at (303) 562-0777 x238. Please note that
you must be enrolled in the course to be eligible for these awards.

Diversity Advancement Award: To support participation in the AZA schools
by ethnic minorities, a $500 award may be given to a qualified applicant.
Full time employees in AZA accredited zoos and aquariums qualify;
preference will be given to AZA members.

International Conservation Training Award: This award promotes
professional training for our foreign zoological colleagues. Preference
will be given to candidates who are currently involved in cooperative
efforts with AZA member institutions or participating in TAGs, CAPs, or
SSPs. Tuition, accommodations, transportation (up to $500) and meals are
provided for the recipient to attend any AZA school. Employees of any zoo
or aquarium outside the United States and Canada may apply.

Dinamation's Applied Biology School Award: To support students committed
to improving their knowledge of applied biology, a $500 cash award may be
given to a qualified applicant for this school. Qualifications include
AZA membership and full-time employment in a zoo or aquarium.

Robert O. Wagner Professional Development Award: To encourage the
development of zoo professionals, this award may be applied toward any AZA
school. Tuition, accommodations, transportation, meals and a $200 stipend
are provided to the recipient. AZA members employed full time in a zoo or
aquarium qualify.

Bruce Carr
Director, Conservation Education
8403 Colesville Road-Suite 710
Silver Spring, MD 20910-3314
Phone (301) 562-0777 x251
Fax (301) 562-0888

**** AAZK's newest publication, Resources for Crisis Management in Zoos
and Other Animal Care Facilities, is now available. This reference work is
an anthology of articles by 56 authors, from zoo keepers and veterinarians
to zoo directors and public relations specialists.

The 424-page volume brings together information and resources for planning
a crisis management program or for augmenting an existing program.

The book's chapters are arranged by the following subject topics:
Factors That Influence Crisis Management in a Zoological Setting
Developing An Emergency Preparedness Plan
Emergency Response and Crisis Management Teams
Public Relations and the Crisis Situation
Animal Restraint and Animal Identification Techniques
Dealing with A Crisis Situation (Zoological Crisis, Natural Disasters, and
Manmade Disasters) Injury and Death at the Zoo Taxon-Specific Crisis
Management Protocols.

It also includes an extensive appendix and a listing of suppliers and
equipment vendors.

Other materials covered include:
Zoonotic Disease: Risk Appreciation and Biosafety
Meterological Aspects of Disaster Planning
The Weapons Response to a Zoological Crisis Situation
The Process of Exhibit Design and Construction: How It Affects Crisis

The book includes the results of a North American Crisis Management Survey
as well as case studies showing how zoos reacted in various crisis
situations and what was learned from their experiences.

The cost is $45.00 for AAZK members and $60.00 for nonmembers with an
additional $10 postage for orders outside the continental United States.
Call Susan Chan at 1-800-242-4519, or send in your order *after October 1*
to: AAZK Inc., 3601 S.W. 29th Street, Suite 133, Topeka, KS 66614.


Primate Training and Enrichment Workshop

The workshop will begin at 9:00 am on Wednesday, November 17, 1999 and
will end with a banquet/party on the evening of Saturday, November 20,
1999. A registration fee of $550.00 per participant, includes all workshop
materials, all meals, motel accommodations for five nights (Tues. - Sat.,
double occupancy), and shuttle service between the Austin airport, the
motel, and the DVS. Registration will be limited to 30 participants. A
second workshop, to accommodate anticipated over enrollment, is
tentatively scheduled for February 16-19, 2000. Workshop instructors
include: Mollie Bloomsmith, Ph.D. Zoo Atlanta . Yerkes Reg. Prim. Res.
Ctr. , Steve Schapiro, Ph.D. UTMDACC, Gail Laule, M.A. Active
Environments, Adam Stone, B.S., LATg Active Environments, Reserve a
spot for you and/or your colleagues right away. Space is limited and we
have a long list of interested facilities and people. For additional
information contact: Steve Schapiro Department of Veterinary Sciences
UTMDACC Rt. 2, Box 151-B I Bastrop, TX 78602 512-321-3991 512-332-5208

**** The October 1999 edition of Ratel is just out. Articles in this issue
include : The Management and Husbandry of Geoffroy’s Marmoset, Keas in
Captivity, Enrichment of Chrysocyon brachiurus, a profile of the Wild Dog
Foundation and two articles on Edinburgh Zoos Magic Forest. To learn more
of Ratel, or to subscribe, go to :


Zoo Staff Personals

Looking for work? Someone to travel with? Somewhere to stay? Let me know
and I will post it here.

**** Situations Vacant (please mention you saw the advertisement in
ZooNews Digest should you apply for any of these posts, many thanks) Do
you have a vacancy to advertise? Please email me.

£14,373 - £15,852 p.a. include. plus weekend enhancement, 6 - month
maternity cover Brent Lodge Park Animal Centre, Ealing, London. A Zoo
Federation Member

Brent Lodge Park Animal Centre is a small collection made up of birds,
primates, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, exotic and domestic
animals. We also have a small collection of birds and domestic animals
within Walpole Park, Central Ealing. Similar to Senior Keepers, Animal
Centre Assistants will be involved in all aspects of animal husbandry
including nutrition, hygiene, administering health care and day-to-day
maintenance. In addition they will be involved in organising events as
part of our award winning events programme and creating and leading school
activities and visits. High quality customer service is a major priority.
Following the extensive refurbishment of staff offices, animal hospital
and working areas, perhaps the key challenge will be to assist the Animal
Centre Manager in totally resurrecting the Centre. This will include
redesigning the enclosures, aviaries and paddocks and creating low-cost
displays and information. There will also be the chance to have an input
into the species within the collection. Candidates should have significant
experience of working with animal collections in zoos and a City and
Guilds qualification in Animal Management/NVQ in Animal Care or
equivalent. Candidates will be expected to work weekends, evenings and
Bank Holidays on a rota basis and have a full, clean driving license.
Applications are available from Ealing Recruitment Link, Ground Floor,
Perceval House, 14-16 Uxbridge Road, London W5 2HL. Tel 0181 840 1995.
Minicom 0181 758 8191 for deaf or hard of hearing callers only. Please
quote ref.: 106EG. Closing date 22 Oct. 1999 Interviews 4 Nov. 1999. No
CV’s please.


The North of England Zoological Society. (Chester)
Elephant Keeper vacancy.

Chester Zoo is one of the leading zoological collections in Europe with a
successful elephant breeding programme established and plans to develop a
national elephant breeding centre for the UK. We have a vacancy for a
keeper to work with the elephant team, to be fully involved in the welfare
and development of the herd and work with presenters and education staff
to provide an informed and exciting public experience. We are looking for
someone with genuine interest in exotic animal conservation, some
experience of working with elephants and holds or is working towards the
City and Guilds diploma in Zoo Animal Management. Application is by letter
with current CV to Mrs Jayne Quinn, Chester Zoo, Caughall Rd. Upton,
Chester. CH2 1LH. Enquiries 01244 650232 Closing date 26 October 1999


Rainforest Cafe, London
Seeking FT/PT Assistant Curators. This person will help care for our
Macaws, Cockatoos, Marina Aquaria and spend 50% of their day conducting
our guest ed progs. £5+/hour. Exp desired but not essential. Fax or post
CV to: FAO Curator @ 0171 434 3222 - 20 Shaftesbury Ave. W1V 7DB


Chief Executive
World Class Zoo Group
Victoria, Australia

Attractive Remuneration/Relocation Package

Melbourne's three world-class Zoos seek a Chief Executive Officer with
proven leadership skills, the vision and the energy to take the Zoos into
the next century as leaders in the community.

The Zoos, all cultural icons in Victoria are committed, within the
conservation and research arena, to providing outstanding educational and
entertainment experiences for their combined 1.5 million visitors, and the
vast wider audience now available through technology and media. With the
future in mind, the Zoos are embracing and integrating innovative
technologies and multimedia applications, completing exciting new
experience developments, initiating new broad based education programs,
and imaginatively building new funding relationships.

The CEO will be responsible for building and delivering the new vision for
the future of the Zoos, as well as managing and improving the existing
day-to-day operations and programs. Reporting to a progressive Board, the
CEO will manage a US$18/Aus$27 million business and nearly 300 staff. The
ideal candidate will be renowned for an outstanding track record of
achievement, a personal hallmark of innovative leadership, and strong
communication skills - all within a competitive and commercial

The Position

Bringingvision, leadership and energetic management to development of the
existing business, and the creation of new programs, projects and
ventures. Successfullymanaging a multi-campus operating structure offering
differentiated products to a wide range of audiences while maintaining the
highest standards of animal husbandry and veterinary care. Developingthe
financially sound operation using existing and new fund raising
initiatives. Motivating,attracting, retaining, and training quality staff
to support future developments at the Zoos.

The Requirements

Provenleadership experience and achievement in senior executive positions.
Expertisein developing and implementing new programs in complex
organisations. Passion,commitment and an affinity with the objectives of
conservation, the preservation of endangered wildlife and habitats, and
research. Demonstratedinitiative and innovation in delivering new exhibits
and programs, linking education and entertainment with technology and
multimedia applications to deliver superior experiences for the audience.
Exceptionalinterpersonal skills including ability to negotiate and
communicate effectively, internally and externally, within a high profile

For a detailed specification, please contact William Mulholland or Karen
Burnham on 61 03 9654 4588.
Please respond by 15 October quoting reference
M824/01 in the subject line via email: or by fax 61
3 9650 9161, written applications to Korn Ferry International, Level 51,
101 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000 AUSTRALIA


Summary of duties: This position is responsible for administering and
technical support for ISIS in-house operations including maintenance of
our contact management system (TeleMagic). Secondary duties would be
related to the production of the ISIS Specimen Reference CD-ROM, the
Studbook Library CD-ROM, the ISIS Web Site, and providing testing to the
programming staff on an as needed basis. This position requires a high
level of problem solving ability relating to network and computer
systems. This position also requires a high level of independence,
motivation, and proactive thinking with respect to planning for future
needs, and managing the information system. Suggested qualifications:
·Personable, service-oriented, works well with others.

·Bachelor's degree from an accredited four (4) year college or

·One (1) year's experience of maintaining a computer network system.

·Familiar with zoos and aquariums, ISIS systems, products, and software,
1 year of animal record-keeping experience.

Ableto manage several projects simultaneously.

This position is located within the ISIS headquarters, on the grounds of
the Minnesota Zoological Garden in Apple Valley MN, USA. Training,
travel, and individual development is encouraged. Salary is competitive,
and an excellent benefits package is included. Applicants should submit a
letter of intent, resume, salary history, and the names of three
references to: Ms. Kim Hastings, Operations Coordinator, ISIS, 12101
Johnny Cake Ridge Road, Apple Valley, MN USA 55124- 8151

Fax: +612 432 2757 e-mail:

ISIS International Species Information System Voice: 612.431.9337, Fax:


Senior Keeper - Aquarium - Bristol Zoo Gardens

Applications are invited for the above position. Applicants should be
educated to at least GCSE level, including English and a biological
science, and have a good background in practical fish husbandry. The
successful applicant will display knowledge of the issues relating to the
conservation and educational roles of zoos. An understanding of the
protocols used in the zoo community to select and manage species
populations for the benefit of the species and conservation in general is
also advantageous. The ability to relate both to people and to animals is
essential. As well as excellent husbandry skills the ability to use a
computer, give public talks when required and to produce concise, accurate
reports are essential. Applications including full CV to: D.A. Bolton,
General Curator, Bristol Zoo Gardens, Clifton, Bristol BS8 3 HA. E-mail: Fax: 0117 9730253, by 12th October.


Howletts Wild Animal Park, Bekesbourne, Kent require a Gorilla Keeper (No
2 in the section). Must be English speaking. 44 hour week.. Accommodation
available. Salary commensurate with age and experience. Please contact
Peter Litchfield, Animal Manager tel: 1303 264647 or e-mail:


Elephant/Chimpanzee Keeper Vacancy

There is a vacancy for a Qualified or Trainee Keeper at Whipsnade Wild
Animal Park to work on the Activities Region with the elephants and
chimpanzees. The position is for one of five staff that work on the
section. Whipsnade has a hands-on management strategy but there is good
experience on the section for handling the young bull in protected
contact. Plans are underway to develop a new facility for the bull.
Applicants ahould have some experience with either elephants or
chimpanzees. Salary will be related to qualifications and experience.
Applications should be in writing to The Curator, Whipsnade Wild Animal
Park, Dunstable LU6 2LF. Closing date: October 11th 1999.

**** Twycross Zoo require a Primate Keeper. Some experience is preferred.
Accommodation is available. Please contact : Twycross Zoo, Atherstone,
Warwickshire, CV9 3PX Tel : 01827 880 250

**** Zoo Dresden has a vacancy for a hoofstock keeper. The zoo is
undergoing a rapid development and a complete reconstruction. We are
looking for a animal keeper. Knowledge of German language is desirable,
but not imperative. Salary commensurates according to age and experience.
Contact: Director Dr. Luecker, Zoo Dresden, fax: ++49 351 4718625 or

**** Position Vacancy - Pittsburgh Zoo Position: ANIMAL KEEPER Department:
Elephant/Unqulate Department Position Status: Collective Bargaining Unit

Prior Animal Keeper experience preferred. Must have a valid PA drivers
license, and a negative TB test.

Working Conditions:
Heavy lifting up to 80 pounds, repetitive movement, bending, lifting,
walking and standing extended periods of time. The ability to work in all
weather conditions. Must be available to work all shifts, weekends and

Supervisor: Lee Nesler-General Curator/Curator of Mammals

Contact: Send Resumes to the Human Resources Department
One Wild Place
Pittsburgh, Pa
Lee Nesler, General
Pittsburgh Zoo
One Wild Place
Pittsburgh, PA 15026

**** Vice President of Biological Programs: The Minnesota Zoo is currently
seeking a dynamic and passionate individual to lead the Biological
Programs division of the Minnesota Zoo. The VP of Biological Programs
will be responsible for the daily operation of animal management, animal
health and conservation programming. With a division budget of
approximately four million dollars and 75 employees, this position
provides vision and direction to, and is an advocate for the development,
care and presentation of the living collection. This position reports to
the Deputy Director/Chief Operating Officer. The successful candidate must
have excellent interpersonal and organizational skills, appropriate
education, a minimum of five years experience directing animal management
or animal health programs and direct experience supervising staff and
programs at a zoo. Salary range $58,000 - $83,000. Posting will remain
open until a successful candidate is found. Please send resume and cover
letter to: Connie J. Braziel, Acting Director and Chief Operating Officer
Minnesota Zoo 13000 Zoo Boulevard Apple Valley, MN 55124 FAX (612)


For the most up to date links to sites advertising Zoo work go to:



ABWAK is planning a 'Sustainability workshop' to be held at Blackpool Zoo
on Tuesday 12 October 1999. Topics will cover ways in which zoos can be
pro-active in recycling, environmentally friendly products, use of the
correct suppliers, educating our visitors and generally how zoos can use
state of the art techniques in environmental management. This event is
being co-ordinated by ABWAK Council member Nan Swannie, Education Officer
at Blackpool Zoo. Nan can be contacted on 01253 765027 or by fax on 01253

AZA Nutrition Advisory Group
3rd Conference
14-17 October 1999
Columbus, OH, USA.
If interested please contact Mike Maslanka, MS
Nutritionist & Commissary Supervisor
Memphis Zoo
2000 Galloway Ave
Memphis, TN 38112
ph: 901-725-3400, ext 3361
fax: 901-725-9305
or email : Mike Maslanka

CBSG Annual Meeting
15 - 17 October 1999
Warmbaths, South Africa
For further details contact : or

World Zoo Organisation Annual Conference
18 - 21 October 1999
Pretoria, South Africa
For further details contact :
Sarita Cronje, National Zoo, P.O.Box 754, Pretoria 0001, South Africa.
(Fax 27-12-323-4540)

ChimpanZoo Conference:
"Approaching a More Human Public Ethic Toward Captive Chimpanzees Through
ChimpanZoo" 19-23 October - 1999 Sunset Zoological Park, Manhattan, KS.
For Conference information consult the ChimpanZoo at:
http://u.arizona.ed/~vlandau/HOME.HTM or write to: ChimpanZoo Geronimo
Bldg #308, 800 E. University Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85721; Phone at (520)
-621-4785, FAX (520)-621-2230 or email to:
ChimpanZoo is a sponsored program of the Jane Goodall Institute.

Research and Captive Propagation in Birds
21st October – 23rd October 1999 at Antwerp Zoo
Deadline for submission of talks and posters is 30 June 1999; The
deadline for the abstracts is 15 July 1999. For more information please
contact PD Dr. U. Gansloßer FAX (+49-911-97 95 800 or Dr. C.
Mettke-Hofmann +49-8152-373 133 , e-mail (

International Conference: "Biology of Insectivorous Mammals"
25-28 October 1999
Kemerovo, Russia
Tel: (3842) 230166, 230746.

29th North American Symposium on Bat Research
October 27-30 1999
Maddison Wisconsin USA
Tom Griffiths
Dept of Biology, Illinois Weslean University, Bloomington IL 61702
Ph 309-536-3230
fax 309-536-3411

Introduction/Re-Introductions Seminar
6th November 1999
The Boldrewood Conference Centre, University of Southampton
This is a one day seminar organised jointly by Marwell Preservation Trust
and the University of Southampton. Chaired by Chris Packham it will
address some of practical problems of restoring endangered species to the
wild. There are several speakers talking on a range of topics which
include Beaver, Desert Antelope, Red Kite, White-Tailed Eagle amongst
others. For further details and booking contact : Marwell Zoological Park,
Winchester, Hampshire, SO21 1JH or telephone 01962 777407

Histology and Histopathology Workshop
6th and 7th of November 1999
Greendale Laboratories Limited, Surrey, UK.
The two tutors will be Professor Fredric Frye, DVM from the U.S.A. and
Professor John E Cooper FRCVS, from the U.K. and East Africa. The cost of
the Workshop will be £260 (Plus VAT); this will include luncheon and
refreshments. Information on local hotels is available upon request.
Contact Greendale Laboratories,Knaphill, Woking, Surrey GU21 2EW, UK -
`phone 44-(0)1483-797707,fax 797552 or email --

Marine Ornamentals 99 Conference
Kona, Hawaii
16th - 19th November 1999
Plans are now well underway and there are only a few weeks left in which
to take advantage of the early registration discount. And for those of you
that might want to present a paper - either orally or as a poster - the
deadline for abstracts (July 31) is rapidly approaching. The meeting is
designed to bring together in one venue those interested in the
Collecting, Culture and Conservation of marine ornamental species
including fishes, corals, live rock, as well as those that are worrying
about the regulatory regime in which these species are traded, transported
and marketed. Thus there is an opportunity for everyone from researchers,
to businessmen, to hobbyists to participate and contribute to the meeting.
For details of the meeting, registration forms, etc. See

British and Irish Zoo Educators Conference (BIZE)
Fota Wildlife Park, Co. Cork, Ireland
18-21 November 1999
The conference organiser is Lynda McSweeney
tel 00353 21 812 678 or fax 00353 21 812 744

Zoo and Exotic Animal Anaesthesia and Surgery
20-21 November 1999 at the Meeting Rooms, Zoological Society of London.
This 2 days meeting will concentrate on the modern approach and advances
within the field of anaesthesia and surgery in birds, reptiles, small
mammals, zoo animals, fish, etc etc etc. For registration details please
contact Derek Lyon ( Brackenwood, 67 Wynnstay Lane,
Marford, Wrexham LL12 8LH, UK. Fax: 44 (0)1978 852065 Anyone wishing to
present a paper should contact Steve Divers ( Exotic
Animal Centre, 12 Fitzilian Avenue, Harold Wood, Romford, Essex RM3 0QS,
UK. Fax: 44 (0)1708 344318. You don't have to be an academic high
roller, super specialist or all round action packed super hero. Student
papers, reviews, new techniques and procedures, as well as original
research are all very welcome.

Nov. 30 - Dec2 1999
Co-sponsored by The San Diego Zoo and SOS Care will be held at the
Imperial Palace Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada. For further details contact : FAX: (760) 749 1324 ADDRESS: SOS Care, 15453 Woods
Valley Rd, Valley Center, CA 92082 USA

18th Annual Australasian Primate Society Conference
3 - 5 December 1999
Taronga Zoo, Sydney, Australia.
Theme: "Primate Conservation: The Role of Australasia in In-situ Programs.
Guest Speaker: Dr Russell Mitermeier
Contact: Maria Finnigan

The 13th Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals,
organised by the Society for Marine Mammalogy, will be held from 29
November to 3 December 1999 in Kihei, Hawaiian Islands. The deadline for
abstracts is 1 June and for workshop proposals 1 March. For further
information contact Gene Nitta, Conference Chair, at
+1-808-973-2987> or Paul Nachtigall, Scientific Program Chair, at, +1-808-247-5297>, or visit

Committing to Conservation Conference
*Making a Difference*
The San Diego Zoo
December 9-12, 1999
For further details or if you are interested in presenting a paper or
poster which supports one
of the conference themes, please mail, fax or e-mail a draft of your
300-word (or less) abstract to: Valerie Thompson, Conference Co-Chair,
P.O. Box 120551, San Diego, CA 92112-0551. Fax: (619) 232- 4117; e-mail: Paper and Poster abstracts and accompanying
information are due by September 15, 1999.

"Zoo-Kunft 2000"
18 - 20 February 2000
Allwetterzoo Münster
The main theme will be "The Human (and) Apes in zoos and the wild".
Speakers are not yet fixed. Registration and further information (when
available) is at the web site at :

Third International Asian Hornbill Workshop
The Third International Asian Hornbill Workshop will be held in April/May
2000 in Singapore, with a post-workshop excursion to the Budo & Hala-Bala
Research Site, south Thailand. If you are interested in attending, please
write to either: Ms Ng Bee Choo, c/o Nature's Niche, Bukit Timah Nature
Reserve Visitor Centre, 177 Hindhede Drive, Singapore 589333. Tel, +65
4636571, fax +65 4636572, e.mail or Dr Pilai
Poonswad, Hornbill Project Thailand, c/o Department of Microbiology,
Faculty of Science, Mahidol Unversity, Rama 6 Road, Bangkok 10400,
Thailand. Fax +66 26445411, e.mail

“Genetic Resources for the New Century.”
May 8-12, 2000
San Diego Wild Animal Park
For more information, contact conference organizers, Oliver Ryder, Ph.D., or Kurt Benirschke, M.D.

“The Apes: Challenges for the 21st Century”
May 10 -13 2000
Hilton, Lisle/Naperville
This unique conference will focus on the apes of the world and will bring
together researchers, zoological park personnel, and field biologists to
share and disseminate the most current information on husbandry,
conservation, and emergent issues pertaining to captive and wild
populations of apes. This conference will serve as a starting point for
defining the challenges likely to face apes in the twenty-first century.
Keynote speakers include Dr. David Chivers for lesser apes, Dr. Carel van
Schaik for orangutans, Dr. Gay Reinartz for bonobos, Dr. Claudia
Olejniczak for gorillas and Dr. Toshisada Nishida for chimpanzees. Our
plenary speaker is Dr. Russell Mittermeier, president of Conservation
International. The conference will include several days of presentations
as well as an icebreaker, round table discussions, and a day at Brookfield
Zoo including a silent auction, a raffle and a banquet. Immediately
following the conference Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago will host the North
American Ape Taxon Advisory Group meetings. The Brookfield Zoo Conference
Planning Committee invites you to present papers, posters, or videos
pertaining to husbandry, medicine, nutrition, behavior, taxonomy,
reproduction, fieldwork, or conservation matters. Deadline for abstract
submission is February 15, 2000. For information on registration and
submission of abstracts contact the Brookfield Zoo Ape Conference Planning
Committee at (708) 485-0263 ext 604, FAX (708) 485-3140 or e-mail

Fourth International Penguin Conference
Coquimbo, Chile
September 4 - 8 2000
For Further info :

Panda 2000 International Conference
An international conference on the giant panda will be held in San Diego,
California (USA) October 16-19, 2000. The Zoological Society of San Diego
and the World Wildlife Fund are co- hosts. A program consisting primarily
of work-shops, panel discussions and poster sessions is planned. Topics
in conservation, education, training, research, health, reproduction, and
captive management will be co covered. Persons interested in attending
this meeting are encouraged to contact the Local Arrangements Chair:
Helena Fitch-Snyder, Zool. Soc. of San Diego, PO Box 120551, San Diego, CA
92112. Phone: (619) 557-3954, FAX: (619) 557-3959; E-mail

5th International Aquarium Congress
Organised by the Oceanographic Institute of Oceanography
20 - 25th November 2000
For further information email:
or write to : Secretariat of the 5th IAC 2000, Oceanographic Institute,
Av.St.Martin, MC 98000 Monaco Tel.: +377-93-25.36.00, Fax :

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Zoo Biology

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Howletts & Port Lympne

Bird Resources


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