Sunday, November 1, 1998

Zoo News Digest 1st November 1998 (Zoo News 23)

Dear Colleagues,

By now I have hopefully eliminated all cases of double mailings. If you
are still having a problem please let me know.

During the past week current newspaper articles of zoo nature have been
pointed out to me. I have been able to say that I posted that story three
weeks ago on ZooNews. I suppose it largely depends where in the world the
story originates but it many cases you will get it first from here.

A wet and miserable week complicated by high winds. Still I don`t think we
appreciate the good days so much without the bad ones. I have five grey
seal pups in at the moment, happily three are now self feeding. The
Mycobacterium marinum infection in my thumb has just about cleared up
(though I have been put on a second month of antibiotics), so I can just
about force feed the other two without too much problem. I am keeping my
fingers crossed that because of the weather we don`t get a rush of new

Roz and I were at a Halloween wedding of an ex zoo keeper yesterday. It
was held in an old castle on the slopes of Snowdonia. A civil ceremony
followed by a quieter “Celtic” one afterwards. The setting was superb and
heavy in atmosphere. The reception later in the day allowed us the
opportunity to catch up with zoo news from staff from other parts. Quite a
month for socialising.

550 pound fish too big for tank
(Monterey Bay Aquarium)

Zoo death
(Woodland Park Zoo)

Brief Illness Claims 2 Dolphins at Zoo
(Oklahoma City Zoo)

A monkey's pumpkin
(Tulsa Zoo)\inets

Crisis for death row chimps
(Penscynor Wildlife Park)
You will need a password to get into the Times site
The Times, London ---

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