Saturday, July 18, 1998

Zoo News Digest 18th July 1998 (Zoo News 07)

Dear Colleague,

There follows the latest ZooNews for the past week. Thank you for your
continued kind comments. I have had a couple of queries as to why they
were included on the mailing list. The answer is just because I thought
you might be interested. I was checking these sites to satisfy my own
curiosity and thought others might like to benefit from the fruits of my

Animal Planet Rescue Coming to Turtle Back Zoo

Does Bronx Zoo Mistreat Animals?

Little Rock Zoo Employees Suspended

Another Masai giraffe dies of mystery illness at Kansas City Zoo,local/30da3c85.716,.html

Monkey business at the zoo

Congo's oldest Crocodiles

Insurance cover sought for animals in zoos

Zoo uses ingenuity to help animals beat beastly heat

Aging animals get TLC from vets at the zoo

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Date: 1998/07/15
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In article , "Vince
Latreille" wrote: > >thr 016 >bear-attack > bear kills
4-year-old girl in zoo >bandar abbas, hormuzgan prov., july 11, irna -- a
4-year-old girl >was killed as a bear attacked her at shahid dabaghian zoo
here on >thursday. > samira ahmadi and her brother went out on thursday
to visit the >zoo. when both were passing by the cage of the bear at noon,
the bear >suddenly attacked the girl through the food slot and pulled her
>inside and tore her apart the eyes of onlookers. > with tearful eyes,
her brother dariush ahmadi 16, told irna "i >cried out for help and also
informed the zoo guards who came and >punched the bear to resque my
sister, but all efforts were in >vain," he regretted. > managing
director of bandar abbas fire fighting squad said that >resque workers
were rushed to the spot at once to help the girl. they >managed to pull
the battered body of the girl out of the cage by >using water hose. >sd/jh
>end >::irna 11/07/98 13:09

Giraffe born at Zoo

Circus tigers wait for help

JUMBO BOA A FRIGHT TO BEHOLD,1575,SAV-9807150208,00.html

Cool critters Zoo animals get help beating the heat

A happy couple

Keeping an eye on Jumbo

Revival of whale hunt in Canadian Arctic sparks bitter debate

Panther journeys from Big Cypress to Orlando .

Experts optimistic about wolves

Chimp attacks Mexican janitor, nearly bites off ear

Zoo is criticized for Israel event

Wyandot looks to spread its water wings

Injured Bronx Zoo Cheetah Gets Custom Ruff Wear Booties

They thrive in open zoos.

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